5 Steps To More Luscious Legs

Most of us would like a perfect pair of legs. Whilst some of us are blessed with more naturally beautiful thighs and calves than others, there are steps that we can all take to make our legs more luscious. Here are just few tips for achieving a killer pair of legs.

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Kick your lazy habits

Whether your legs are too plump or too skinny, regular exercise will help to get them in shape. Most physical activities are good for the legs from running to cycling to swimming. There are then specific exercises such as squats and lunges that can help tone them up further. The key is spend less time lazing around on a sofa. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of evening TV – you can still do many exercises in your living room (you could even buy an exercise bike or a treadmill). Walking/cycling more and using the car less can also help, whilst sites such as http://www.healthline.com have some great ‘deskercise’ workouts for those with sedentary office jobs.

Run a razor over those legs

Razors are still one of the healthiest ways to lose the leg hair. Hair removal creams may cause skin irritation, whilst waxing regularly causes ingrown hairs. Whilst using a razor-shaving has to be done more regularly, it’s the best option for your skin. Of course, a good razor will limit those nips and cuts and will result in a smoother shave. Comparison sites like http://www.bestproducts.com/ can help you find the best razor.

Stamp out cellulite

For many women, finding cellulite on their legs is a disaster. Fortunately, as sites such as http://www.cellulite.com/ prove, there are many ways to get rid of the orange peel look such as exercising, exfoliating and using special creams to reduce its appearance. A more drastic option is surgery, but this should only be for those with serious cellulite as such treatment can be costly.

Dash dry skin with moisturizer

Dry skin can occur for a variety of reasons. As we get older, our skin will naturally begin to dry out, as it stops producing as much ‘sebum’ – our skin’s natural moisturizing oil. Using a moisturizer as a substitute can help provide our skin with the oils it needs. Legs tend to get particularly dry on the knees and shins. You can never start moisturizing too early, as well as stopping your skin from being as dry it will delay wrinkles, leaving you with smoother legs for longer.

Tread carefully in the sun

Soaking up the sun can help achieve a sexy tan, but the UV rays won’t be doing any good for our legs in the long run. The sun is the leading cause of wrinkles, particularly when we let our skin burn. Putting on sun lotion can prevent burning, whilst after-sun can limit the damaging effect of sunburn. Another way of achieving those bronzed legs could of course be to slap on some fake tan. Yes, it’s not as cool as the real thing, but it’s far healthier for the skin.


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One Response to 5 Steps To More Luscious Legs

  1. Natalie says:

    Nothing looks better with a great pair of shoes! Good ideas for keeping those legs looking tip-top 🙂