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I’m so glad that somewhere after college I finally decided to take care of my skin properly- rather than baking and drying it out, I made a conscious decision to look after myself inside and out. SPF is my friend, so is moisture, hydration, and even having the right diet.

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Say No To Sunbathing

While everyone loves to feel the warm rays of sunshine on their bare skin, they tend to forget just how intense UVA and B rays can be, and how too much exposure can permanently damage your skin. Try to stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, between 10am and 2pm, pop on a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head slip on a lovely kaftan and don’t forget your sunglasses. It’s important to limit exposure to avoid uneven skin tones, dark patches and the risk of melanoma or skin cancer.

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Hydration Is Key

Experts state that everyone should be drinking at least eight large glasses of water a day, more if you’re undertaking any physical activity or exercising. While youthful skin tends to be tanned, blemish-free and firm as we get older it can lose that springiness. Lack of hydration can cause your skin to become dry, papery and prone to wrinkles and liver spots.

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Eat A Balanced Diet

Our minds and bodies benefit hugely from having the right vitamins, minerals, and nutritional content. By eating a variety of fruit and vegetables and balancing your carbohydrate, protein and fiber intake, you’re giving yourself the best chance of keeping your immune system healthy. As well as reducing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. People that lead healthy, active lifestyles live longer and are also far less likely to suffer from depression.

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Try Anti-Ageing Creams

There are a plethora of luxuriously packaged and celebrity endorsed anti-ageing products. Drugstore and supermarket shelves are jam packed with creams, potions and serums all claiming to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and relieve tired eyes. Pentapeptides help skin cells to produce more collagen which contributes to firming up skin. Why not try a dragon’s blood serum? This exotic sounding formula uses a range of luxurious botanicals to infuse mature skin with anti-ageing properties.

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Soothe Dry Skin

If you suffer from exceptionally dry skin, you may want to consult your doctor who’ll then refer you to a dermatologist. In the meantime, there are things women can do to improve their skin such as swapping face wash for enriched moisturizers specifically for dry skin.


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