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Elle Macpherson is a bit of a celebrity in the world of beauty. Despite her advancing years, she still has a body that would make many twenty-year-old women jealous. So how does she do it? According to Elle, it’s all about treating your personal diary like your business diary. Scheduling a 45-minute program on the cross trainer is just as important and promoting her products or turning up to a meeting. In other words, it’s a priority. She says that if she doesn’t take “me time” then she finds that it’s often impossible to fit it all in.

Of course, organizing her personal life like it’s business isn’t the only way that she stays so young and beautiful and age 53. Here’s what else she does.

Burnout Workout Tank Top

Want To Lose Weight? Try Running

Macpherson doesn’t believe in people going out and running until they are on the verge of collapse. She says that it’s possible to get fit running just 20 minutes a day. She says that she doesn’t run for the whole time. Instead, she splits her workouts into one minute on, one minute off. By the time you get to the sixth interval, you can feel pretty puffed out, but because of the recovery periods, it’s not as intense or as boring as regular running. This kind of high-intensity training is ideal for anybody wanting to get fit fast.

Become A Believer In Maintenance

To Macpherson, maintenance means easy does it all year round. Instead of focusing on losing weight in January and hitting the gym hard, Macpherson maintains her regimen to some extent, all year round. She makes sure she drinks plenty of water, eats fruits and vegetables and treats herself to a square of dark chocolate every once in awhile. Macpherson always manages to find time for three meals a day. Her favorite foods include goats cheese, beetroot, quinoa, kale, barley and pine nuts.

Avoid Exercise Boredom

One of the reasons people learn about plastic surgery options is because they don’t want to face weeks of boring exercise. But Macpherson says that going out and grabbing some exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be dull. She doesn’t bother going to the gym. When she takes her exercise, she prefers being out in nature, experiencing the natural world like humans are supposed to. In practice, that means going out and doing sports like paddle boarding, road biking, and swimming. She says that she always wears sunscreen while she’s out in the elements to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

She Keeps Up Her Routine On Holiday

Holidays have a habit of destroying all your most carefully laid beauty plans. But Macpherson has a clever solution. She says that when she goes to the beach, she spends her time wading through the sea at thigh-high level as this provides the most resistance. This helps avoid having to walk up and down the beach in a bikini. She also likes to do lunges on the beach to strengthen up her calves and thighs.

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There are many ways to impress prospective employers at a job interview, but it’s first impressions that make the biggest impact. When you first walk in the door, you want to look the part for the job you’re interviewing for. The right outfit will be a notch more professional than how you usually dress, but it won’t be as glamorous as what you would wear to stand out at a party

Set of 5 pens

Additionally, wearing the right outfit can boost your confidence, which you will need in abundance when you’re sitting in a big office and answering questions about your capabilities. Here are a few suggestions to create the look of a successful businesswoman.


You have the option of either a trouser or skirt suit, whichever you feel most comfortable wearing. The general rule with the hemlines of a skirt is that there should be no more than four fingers above the knee, but opt for a knee-length skirt just to be safe.

Dress in neutral colors, such as navy blue, brown, or a light grey in the summer. Of course, you can never go wrong with a clean black suit. Your blouse should also be fairly modest, and it can be a crisp white, or a pale pastel color.

Alternatively, you can opt for a professional dress, but make sure it fits comfortably and it isn’t showing too much cleavage. If it pinches too much at the waist, you won’t feel comfortable and this will affect your performance.


Most suits come with a matching jacket, which you must make sure fits you properly. You won’t be able to sit comfortably in an interview if it’s too tight at the back. However, if you’ve opted to wear a smart dress that doesn’t have a matching jacket, you should be sure to wear one anyway, as it does look more professional.


You probably have an image in your head of a successful businesswoman carrying various iconic handbags as she goes about her business. While it is true that the right handbag is essential for carrying important documents (in this case, your resume and portfolio), an interview is not the best time to show off the crown jewel of your handbag collection. Opt for a simple black handbag that is big enough to carry your essential documents without creasing them. If you have one, your best option is a briefcase.


An interview is also not the best time to show off how well you can walk in 9-inch heels. Keep your shoes fairly basic, and no more than 3-inches high. You’ll make a better impression on your interviewer if you don’t stumble your way into their office or wince in pain because your shoes are too tight.


Avoid hair accessories, and keep your jewellery to a minimum; maybe a simple necklace, a watch, and a ring. You should also aim for a professional-looking hairstyle, but nothing too complicated, such as a bun, ponytail, or natural waves.

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You know the type site- they pop up on your Facebook with too-good-to-be-true prices promising the trendiest pieces + free shipping. I have, unfortunately, fallen victim to sizing that makes no sense and quality deficiencies that you can’t see online, but I’ve learned my lesson. Read the reviews, check and double check the sizing chart, and don’t spend a ton of money if you’re unsure. Sarah did a great review of one such site when she had some great luck with StyleWe, so i figured I’d let you in on my new summer lifesaver: Cupshe.

I’ve ordered inexpensive bathing suits before and ended up with ill-fitting, unlined messes. This is not the case with Cupshe. I have a difficult time finding bathing suites that fit me anyway, usually having the best luck at (surprise!) Target. But the Cupshe Melodic Blues One-piece Swimsuit caught my eye and I knew I had to at least try it. AND GUESS WHAT! Even though it’s white and I’m a funky shape, it fits like a dream! The off-the-shoulder makes it sexy but I still feel covered enough to be confident. I’m a solid medium. Just for fun, I also got the Cupshe Cute Succulent Plants Floral Bikini Set because I lurve the design on the top. Again, perfect. I don’t think I’ve been the same size on the top and bottom since 8th grade, but the medium worked so nicely! 10/10 recommend this site. Make sure to check the size chart, because I thought I would be a large. And your suit(s) may take a bit to come in, but I promise the wait is totally worth it for the quality/ price (all under $30!)

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Among the many and inspiring fashions for the spring/summer season, it is impossible not to have spotted the super bright trends that are taking over the catwalks like a rainbow on a dull day. Color is everywhere, and everything can become a bold and bright accessory to mark your love for colors. Because, if we are honest, it is difficult not to love colors. Of course, a full-on bright fashion trend is not for everyone – it’s tricky to feel confident enough to pull out some of the catwalk’s looks – but it doesn’t mean that you should be happy in a world of neutrals and dull colors. After all, 50 Shades of Gray was never a reference for the fashion that women love to wear every day. We, ladies, are not boring, and therefore we should totally embrace this bright wave of positivity that is spreading through the fashion world. Thankfully, fashion is a wonderful thing: You can use smart accents, accessories and beauty styles as well as clothes to create your own sense of fashion. In short, if you’re not one to wear a bright yellow dress, that’s fine. Maybe a bright belt will do the trick just as nicely. Let’s have a look at how you can best let the colors into your world.

Friends Over Pho Midi Skirt

So Much Choice

For a start, they are more colors that we have words for them. In truth, there is even such a thing as a shade of paint called dead salmon, so you can imagine that designers have come up with more colors than we can name. Therefore, it can be a little overwhelming at first to pick the most suitable color for your personality – unless you already have favorite colors, of course. As silly as it might sound, sometimes all you need is to identify with the energy of a color scheme to know what’s right for you. Sounds complicated? Imagine that each color is associated with a personality trait, such as vermilion for people who are warm, helpful and welcoming, for example. Your choice of colors often says something about you, even if it only unconsciously. So it can be helpful to find out what people think of different color schemes so that you’re not sending the wrong message.

Colorful Accessory That Goes With Nothing And Everything

The easiest and quirkiest way to embrace the bright fashion is to pick a fashion accessory that is out of the ordinary. For example, you can have a look at colorful jewelry, such as the custom-made bracelet from the Kendra Scott color bar. This could be your bright fashion accent. When you pick a colorful accessory, it’s likely that it will not always be fully coordinated with the rest of your clothes. But it is exactly what the bold, colorful fashion trend is about. So be brave and don’t be afraid of clashing. If you are naturally shy, pick a small accessory, such as a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a belt. If you are feeling more confident, go bold and look for a bright and joyful handbag or a pair of bright pink or green shoes.

Simple Colorful Everyday Item

Not everyone likes the idea of changing their style to embrace a new fashion trend, however appealing it might be. But you don’t need to change your wardrobe to go bright. If you are a gadget lover, you can find plenty of brightly colored high-tech gear online – check first for discounted prices online via, though – from a step-counter to an activity-tracker for fitness enthusiasts, or maybe the latest smartphone model in blue, red, or gold if you’re not into fitness. You can bring colors to your world without breaking the bank with bright and playful covers for your IT gadgets. In short, just because you want to roll on with the color fashion, it doesn’t mean that you should be buying a brand new wardrobe. You can use colorful everyday items that are not part of your outfit too. After all, fashion is what you make of it.

That One Piece Of Clothing You Need

It may seem tricky to bring bright fashion into the workplace if you want to introduce colorful clothes, but you can be playful while staying decent. The easiest way to add a touch of color without going against the dress code is to pick one colorful item, let’s say a skirt, and to combine it with a formal blouse. Or if you want to brighten up your wardrobe in a simple and effective way, you can have a look for one colorful cardigan or a bright pair of shoes. Thus you can stick to a formal business outfit, such as the classic little black dress, and avoid any negative comment from the management or the HR department.

A Bold Hairstyle To Brighten Up The Day

If you are lucky enough to add a bright pop of color to your everyday lifestyle without fearing from being reprimanded by your boss, do seize the opportunity to dye your hair. Current trends are varying from a playful dip and dye hairstyle in delightful green, blue, pink and purple tones, to a full-on rainbow head, such as seen on The effect goes from edgy to funky, and it’s up to you – and your hairdresser – what you pick. Although there are a few things to remember: Purple shades are better suited for dark hair, while pink, mermaid, and orange are better for blondes. However, with a bit of magic and a lot of careful treatment, you can get away with almost any color on your head.

Why Do You Need Colors?

Finally, it’s worth asking ourselves why colors are so important in the current fashion trend. In reality, colors have always been important, because they affect the brain and the mind in different ways.  For example, blue is naturally associated with space and calm, while red is a passionate color that indicates love and affection. People react emotionally to colors, and their presence can lift your mood significantly. In short, while you may not need to ditch the classic black dress, but you should add a touch of sentiment to it.

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Whether you’re thinking of visiting Florence soon, or you’d just like to learn more about this incredible city, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have 11 fun facts about Florence, so you can decide if this is somewhere you’d like to visit for yourself. Take a look at them and see what you could discover if you planned a visit. Enjoy!

Photograph of the Duomo in Florence

Nearly A Third Of The World’s Art Treasures Are Located In Florence

If you’re interested in art, Florence is the place to be. It’s not only a piece of art in itself according to UNESCO, it also has a third of the world’s art treasures here. The Uffizi Gallery, for instance, has the largest collection of Renaissance art. There are so many more art museums in Florence it would take longer than a month to visit them all! If you’re there for the art, try to make sure you book an extended trip! You can enjoy beautiful sites, as well as art in the many museums and galleries here. Don’t forget your camera.

Florence Was The First City In Europe With Paved Streets

It was in 1339 when Florence became the first city in the whole of Europe to have paved streets. Maybe this means all roads lead to Florence!

The People Of Florence Are Called Florentines

You should call the people of Florence ‘Florentines’, or ‘Fiorentino’ if you’re practicing your Italian. Florentines actually have their own unique dialect. This dialect is the parent dialects for modern Italian!

Pinnochio Is From Florence

You must know of Pinocchio, even if you’ve only ever heard of the Disney film. Pinnochio is actually a Florentine! The original book was published between 1881 and 1883 by a Florentine named Carlo Lorenzini. This pretty much makes Pinocchio a Florentine too.

Florence Nightingale Is A Florentine

Florence Nightingale is named after the place she was born. She was born in Florence on May 12th 1820. A famous nurse who helped nurse soldiers from the Crimean war back to health, she was the founder of modern nursing, making people see that clean hospitals and trained nurses helped people to get better. She died in 1910 after electricity, cars, and planes were invented.

The Emblem Of Florence Is A Red Lily

This flower is derived from the Florentine iris; a white flower that can be commonly found in the local area. See if you can find one on your travels!

Florence Is Traditionally Divided Into Four

Florence is traditionally quartered and named after the most important churches in the area. The Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and the quarter of Santa Croce are on the right hand bank of the Arno river. The only quarter south of the river is the Santo Spirito church. That’s a funny way to quarter a city, but it works for them! If you wanted to see these for yourself and learn more, there are lots of Florence tours you could look into booking.

The Piano Was Invented In Florence

The piano actually came to be in Florence. The instrument was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofor. It was originally known as the Piano Forte, and evolved from the harpsichord around 1700-1720. If you play the piano or anything similar, you may have Florence to thank.

Tuscan Bread Is Made Without Salt

The story behind this is very interesting. The bread has been this way since the 12th century, due to a historical rivalry with Pisa. Pisa blocked shipments of salt to Florence to force them to surrender, but Florence just decided to make their bread without any salt. They still do to this day! The bread is still lovely though, so don’t be afraid to eat it!The

Food Is Almost As Important As Their Art

The Florentines consider food to be almost as important as the art in the city. Here you can sample the best wine, cheese, and steak you’ve ever had. Just beware that the steak is almost rare! Locals are very passionate about food, so you can guarantee to strike up a conversation or get into their good books by bringing it up. Bear in mind that Florence is in Italy, so pizza, pasta, seafood, and ice cream all make delicious choices too.

Florence Used To Be The Capital Of Italy

Florence was actually named the capital of Italy back in 1865. It was named so thanks to it’s incredible art and architecture, as well as it being the birthplace of the Italian renaissance. However, it later switched due to the symbolism of Rome as the head of the Roman empire. The ancient city was also more central than Florence. After just six years, in 1871, the government officially moved to Rome. Although only brief, Florence’s time as the capital had some benefits. The population grew tenfold, and the city continued to grow well into the 20th century. If it wasn’t for this brief stint, who knows where Florence would be now?

There are so many more amazing things to learn and see, so make sure you plan a visit soon. You can learn just about anything there is to learn by taking a tour with a reputable guide, or even by buying a guidebook and going on your own walking tour. Many of the things you can see here are beautiful and free, so don’t worry about spending a fortune.

Have you traveled to Florence in the past? Leave your own thoughts and tips below!

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