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Last week, I brought you some fun gear for the bride/ Feyoncè. This week, I want to talk about the girls who keep it all going- the bridesmaids. I have been a bridesmaid 4 times, a flower girl once, heavily involved with a 5th wedding, and a guest at… I don’t even want to try to count. I’ve seen a lot of really cute gift ideas for the ladies who have spent so much time, and honestly, money, to make their bride’s day the best it can be. The fun thing is that every wedding I’ve been to, the gifts have been different, so I have a lot of ideas for my own ‘maids. Let’s break it down:


I was my friend TJ’s date for his girl friend’s wedding a few years ago. The bride had actually custom designed the dresses. They were champagne and emerald, a combo that I never would have even thought of but it worked! Then she got all the girls a set of earrings that were the same emerald color in the dress, but different for each girl. I thought that was the cutest idea! When I was MOH, my bestie gave us all Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Stud Earrings, mine were rose gold, the other girls got silver or gold. That was super meaningful to me because we were there to help her “tie the knot”. Another wedding, we were given earrings that were all the same that the bride asked us to wear for the wedding. My only suggestion is that if you are to give jewelry for the ladies to specifically wear that day, communicate that clearly. It’s OK to do that. It’s your day.


Getting ready for a wedding is part ritual, part chaos, part slumber party. I think it’s such a nice touch to give the gift of comfort for the ladies because it also takes a hella long time to get ready. I’m talking ALL DAY. I actually wear my robes from my brides, and I really wear my pj pants from my Raleigh wedding. There are several options here. Robes seem to be the tradition, and the three I have are all different. I have a waffle-y one that’s monogrammed that feels like a day at the spa. I curl up with it on weekends, especially in the winter. It’s monogrammed. I have a thinner cotton one that’s great for the summer- that bride got our robes custom made so they would have pockets. This was great because we were running around the Ritz Bal Harbor like chickens with our heads cut off. Then I have a silky, sexy thing with my initial on it. Again, more of a summer robe and made for some cute pictures. My last bride got us pj pants from Old Navy, had them monogrammed, and added an oversized t for easy removal after hair and makeup. I like either the idea of a pj set or coordinating button down shirts, myself.

the carolove bridesmaids gifts


It’s always nice to give/ get an unexpected surprise. The wedding I was involved with, but not in, the bride gave all her ‘maids a selfie stick! This made for some really adorable pictures at the wedding. The couple had also set up a DIY photo booth, and they went nicely with that. I’m also a fan of customized cups or glasses for sipping (read: not chugging) champs while getting ready. Other cute little items I’ve received include nail polish, scented candles, and flip flops. Think grown up goodie bag which brings me to…


You have to put all these gifts somewhere, right? Not saying you have to get your bridesmaids a monogrammed tote like my bestie MOH did, but it was definitely and really nice touch AND I used it for my other weddings to carry gear for the bride and the other bridesmaids. A cute gift bag is  another option- maybe in the colors of your wedding. The one thing I would steer away from here, and maybe with the other gifts as well, are pieces that actually say bridesmaid on them. I feel funny using the one tote I have like that, and chances are somewhere along the line your girls received something that does indicate that they are, in fact, part of your bridal party. Let the gifts you give them that day reflect a thank you for all the work they’ve done leading up to your big day- and that everyone’s almost done with all the hard parts!



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2 Responses to Bridesmaid gifts

  1. Great ideas! I put together a “Be My Bridesmaid” box with champagne, nail polish, bath salts, chocolates, etc. and the day before my wedding I treated my bridesmaids to high tea and surprised them with a fur stole (my wedding was in November), earrings, personalized wood hanger, and a rose gold clutch!

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    • Caroline says:

      OH! Rose gold clutch! Right up my alley. My mom wants to treat my girls to a luncheon.

      I got them all a silly trucker hat (I’m known for my own collection) to ask them, and I’m still deciding on what to gift them for the wedding.