Dressing like a stylist

You can’t pinpoint a stylist’s style. They may follow a fashion trend every so often, but most of the time, they come up with their own unique outfits and look ideas. One thing is for sure though; they always look amazing! Here’s your guide to dressing like a stylist so you can make sure all of your outfits are on point!

Women’s Hinge Texture Stitch Open Cardigan

Experiment With Textures

One thing you’ll notice about pretty much every stylist, is that their outfits are full of amazing textures. This stops them from looking samey and boring, especially if they are wearing an outfit predominantly of one color. For example, an all black outfit could look boring if no texture is used. Experiment with all kinds of different materials and textures in your outfits to keep them looking interesting and full of style.

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Practice Layering Your Outfits

Layering your outfits is another key to keeping it interesting. The great thing about layering, is that it’s great for transitional weather when you’re not sure what you should be wearing. You can easily add layers or take them away as the weather changes. It can take a little practice to get this right, but you will get the hang of it in no time. When layering, it’s a good idea to experiment with hem lengths and things like that too.

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Always Accessorize

You should never dress without considering what accessories you’re going to wear. Accessories help to enhance your outfit. Make sure you have a selection of accessories to choose from, from evening bags to necklaces. You can then choose accessories that make your outfit pop.

Gemma cap-toe flats

The Trick To Making Any Outfit Look Great

Did you know that there’s a little trick to making any outfit look great? You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a plain dress, but this trick will always work. Choose a smart pair of shoes, a luxurious looking bag, and a pair of nice sunglasses. They can be any style and color of course, but black will go with anything. Try it and you won’t believe what a difference it can make to your outfits!

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Belt Up

The right belt can make an outfit look more pulled together. It can make even the plainest of outfits look amazing, and give you a bit of shape to boot. Skinny belts and thick belts work; it’s all down to what you prefer and suits your shape best.

Tan Leopard & Plaid Contrast Button-Up

Never Mix More Than 2 Prints Or 2 Clashing Colors

Stylists seem to be amazing at mixing prints and clashing colors. But there’s a rule if you want to start doing this. You shouldn’t mix more than 2 prints at once, or more than 2 clashing colors. By sticking to the rule of 2, you’ll be able to rock just about any look with ease!
Dressing like a stylist might take some practice, and you might even need to reassess your wardrobe to incorporate some better pieces, and get rid of those you don’t wear. However, it shouldn’t be long before your outfits are worthy of their own Instagram account!


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