Beauty And The Feast: Eating Well While Looking Good

Nobody has to starve themselves to look pretty, or live on a diet of nuts. The majority of the world feels saddened by the concept of size zero models, of course, but that doesn’t mean people are grasping the dangers of fad diets or more serious medical conditions. You don’t have to entirely cut out all ‘fun’ food to look and feel good.

A healthy diet is about consistent balance; rather than fluctuating between excessive eating and non-existent eating, a continuous diet packed full of both healthy food and the occasional sweet treat is actually much better for you than not only over-eating, but under-eating. Your overall diet is the only important element to your health. Everything in moderation.

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It’s healthier to eat some “bad” food

Maintaining good health is a difficult thing, because we have physical and mental aspects to consider. Both affect our body, but both take great effort to keep working in harmony. Eating a diet solely comprising of salad, nuts and blueberries isn’t unhealthy in terms of the food itself, of course. Still, eating such food and only such food may not be fulfilling for you.

If this style of diet is perfect for you, and you’re genuinely excited to come home and fill up a place with lettuce, then go ahead and stick to it! But, if you’re craving the odd curry or pizza on occasion, then allow yourself that treat. Your mind is important too, and if you want to feel a little more energetic or happier about life, then cave in to temptation now and then; allow yourself something delicious. You won’t look worse because of it, as you’ll have a consistent diet.

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Eat a variety of things, but in moderation

Sugary food is fine in small doses, but it’s when you overeat such foods that you start to notice the effects on your body. Eating well means eating a variety of things well. Also, enjoying good food whether it’s healthy or unhealthy is all about how you treat your body outside of eating.

For example, you can eat that extra slice of cake if you think about the effect it’ll have on your teeth. Brushing them soon after eating something a little naughty, whatever the time of day, is a good idea; though sometimes you may be in the wrong place for that. Still, it’s important to keep a watchful eye over your body. Your dental health is of vital importance not only in terms of your teeth looking pearly and white, but also for your long-term health. A good diet is only as good as the way you preserve your body through exercise and hygiene. Agencies such as SDG Dental could help you figure out whether you’re looking after yourself.

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This word likely gives you headaches if you’ve done research into healthy eating and looking good before. How can one eat a fun diet when there are so many different vitamins and minerals we have to ensure our food contains each day? Well, the answer is that this is why your diet should be more exciting. A varied diet is necessary to give your body all the sustenance it needs. It’s okay to make some mistakes whilst you figure out what works for you.

As long as you consume a lot of fresh food to balance out the occasional processed item, you’ll do just fine, but it is important to you include lots of fruit, vegetable and protein sources in your diet (whether that’s meat or Quorn). Your physical health and appearance will flourish from such a change. It’s amazing that so many of us are deficient in vitamin D, as I was until quite recently. We may not be or have been deficient to a hugely damaging extent, but to an extent that is at least somewhat noticeable. Fatigue, and muscle pain may be indications that you’re missing out on this key vitamin in your diet. It could be affecting not only your appearance, but your health.


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