The CaroLøve Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:58:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 5 Things He NEEDS To Know Before Buying The Ring Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:58:47 +0000 Continue reading ]]> You could be happily ticking along in life and not know that the man you love is planning your engagement. It’s such an exciting time for him, as he’s planning to ask you to spend every minute of the rest of your life as his wife, and that alone is a huge decision to make. Alongside that one, though, is the pressure on him to choose the perfect proposal and the perfect ring to go with it!

8mm Heart Shape Morganite ring

There’s a great divide between women: those who want him to choose the ring and those who want to be there during the ring choice. If he understands what you want before he goes shopping, there’s a greater chance you will fall in love with the ring. However, the engagement shouldn’t just be about the ring – we all know that – but somehow having a beautiful Tacori ring that he has chosen, knowing the things you love the most can make you love him all the more! So, how can you help him to choose the ‘right’ ring for you, without actually having him ask you?

  1. Style. There are literally hundreds of different styles of engagement ring out there and engagement rings are made up of two parts: the setting of the ring and the diamond. The setting refers to the design, and you can read more in depth about the differing ring designs here. You can tell him about the style of the ring you would love if and when the big day comes, but if not, he will need to do some research as to what he prefers. Jewelry stores are often fantastic when it comes to helping with cuts and styles so he will have great advice.
  2. Cut. Diamonds, should he choose them, are cut in so many different ways. This chart here can tell you the different varieties of diamond cut. However, if you’re not the traditional type, you may have other stones or styles instead of the standard rock chosen for you. That’s where personality comes into it!
  3. Fit. Most men do the ‘cotton’ trick at nighttime to size up your finger so that they can buy the right sized ring. However, others take a guess and have a receipt ready to resize. It is always better for him to buy too big and size down than too small, remind him of that!
  4. Budget. Okay, so we’re aware an engagement is not just about the ring, but the budget is important. It doesn’t matter how much he spends as long as the ring is something beautiful and meaningful for you.
  5. Metal. Rings are also about the metals – some women are allergic to certain types and this is something he definitely has to be aware of before he buys you a ring!

Next, comes the proposal and that takes some planning on his part so you won’t be able to influence that too much. When you get that question and he’s on one knee, take a mental snapshot as it’s something you’ll want to remember forever.

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Saturday Shopping: SUGARFIX By BaubleBar Sat, 19 Aug 2017 10:00:10 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Target is bae and has been bae since my mom and sister came home from a weekend shopping trip like 15 year ago with wild stories of a store with an escalator just for carts. When I was in college, my mom gave me a Target card because they had everything I could need and they were also far superior to Walmart. Cheese? They got it. Sundress? Check! Storage ottoman? YOU BETCHA! And now you can add discount BaubleBar to the mix with SUGARFIX, the sweetest jewelry collab, only at Target.

I checked out SUGARFIX the last time I was in a Target and was overall very pleased with the quality. The chunky statement necklaces were a little lighter than the original BaubleBar brand, but I can’t even say that’s a bad thing. The price is nice- think about half of what you’d expect to spend with BaubleBar- and a lot of it is on clearance PLUS 20% off clearance with the code SAVE20. ALSO- you can earn cashback shopping SUGARFIX by BaubleBar with ebates!

Beaded Tassel Drop Earrings||Crystal Stud Earring Set of Two – Clear||Tassel Earrings with Crystal

Crystal Statement Necklace||Crystal Statement Necklace – Lt Gray/Pink||Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace

Geometric Gem Drop Earrings||Amazon Bib Necklace – Dark Silver||Tricolor Geometric Drop Earrings – Yellow

]]> 0 TGIF Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:00:13 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Happy Friday! Week two down at the new job and I finally am starting to feel settled. Wedding plans have been coming along nicely and my Etsy card is filling up as I find fun details for our special day. I keep dreaming that it’s the big day but nothing is done yet and honestly, between Kendall’s eagerness to plan, my awesome mom, my team of ‘maids, and the fact that I’ve been planning this day forever~ I’ll be fiiiiine.

I also wanted to say thank you again for the amazing support I got on my post about siblings who have lost siblings. I have amazing people in my life who have shown nothing but openness and understanding. Thank you, thank you, for checking out my little slice of the world and letting me totally show my soul.

Climbing Earrings

Lately on The CaroLøve:

There have been some GREAT blog posts from other amazing ladies this week:

Dana talked engagement and why it matters. This is great for both bloggers and people trying to understand bloggers.

Alissa described my. exact. issues. with clothes. It’s hard to be short and curvy and have a big bust and find clothes that fit. It feels like most of the time that clothes are both too big and too small at the same time. It’s great that for this post she’s wearing almost the red version of my engagement dress.

I don’t consider myself a bridezilla- in fact on of my bridesmaids’ mom thanked me for naht being that. Am I super excited and in total plan mode and maybe a little obnoxious? Absolutely. But there is one thing that will make me rage. Shell’s post says it all: DO {CLAP} NOT {CLAP} WEAR {CLAP} WHITE {CLAP} to a wedding that is not yours. Do not wear white adjacent colors to a wedding that is not yours (unless the brides makes you wear an ivory gown as her bridesmaid). If you have to ask if the dress is appropriate, DON’T WEAR IT. I’m saying this to anyone who is coming to my own wedding: my Auntie Steph + Tiffy will kick you TF out. I have been in/ involved in so many weddings and that day is my day. End rant. Love you. ‘Zilla moment over.

I’m on of those crazy people who is holding my breath waiting for fall. Groopdealz already has a great selection for Halloween!

J. Crew Factory is having an extra 50% off clearance sale. But it’s in stores only– so get to one!

TJ Maxx has a new online department: lingerie!

Mini Bags are back (or did they ever go away?) and Henri Bendel has some of the cutest lil thangs I’ve ever seen!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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You can’t see me Thu, 17 Aug 2017 10:00:23 +0000 Continue reading ]]> I cannot start today’s post without first thanking everyone for the support on my post yesterday. It meant the world to me how receptive and understanding folks were to my thoughts on a subject that is on my mind each and every day. It actually opened the door to a couple conversations that I think needed to be had as well. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

Ok- so back to the regularly scheduled programming.

I have described the town where I grew up as equal parts Lilly Pulitzer and camo. I have a Realtree camo hat with a pink monogram. A little bit country, a little bit preppy. Now engaged to an Army man, I actually asked Kendall what he thought of camo clothes, because I would never want to offend him by turning what he works for into some fashion that he finds frivolous.

“I don’t like it.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“It’s green.” (green is his least favorite color)

He also thought it was RULL dumb when Forever 21 was selling what were essentially recently retired PT (physical training) t shirts for $40. (He said he’d sell you his for $20. He also said they’re like $7 for a pack of them so he’s price gouging you too). But I look good in green and he doesn’t mind me wearing camo and I still like it so there you go.

Olive Green Drop Shoulder Camo Sweater||Oversized Camo Parka Jacket CAMOUFLAGE||Camo Print Sweatsuit

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Backpack||FV RELAY Women’s Camo Loose Fit Short Sleeve Crew-Neck Swing||Groove Women’s Genius Fashion Sneaker

Hybrid Juniors’ Embroidered Camo Printed Cutout T-Shirt||‘Cause She’s Gone Camo Jacket – Camo||Women’s Jag Jeans Ryan Camo Skinny Pants

Democracy Camo Floral Jacket||Decree Womens Camo Stud Bracelet Watch||Express Camo Silky Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt

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Left behind Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:00:07 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

I’ve been considering writing this post for a while now, and I finally got a stretch of time where it is just me, my laptop, and a whole complicated mess of thoughts that I need to get out. As I’m writing, I’m already tearing up and sick to my stomach. I hope that this post helps whoever reads it, in some way.

I have lived an extremely privileged and blessed life, but I, like all humans, have experienced some heartbreak- breakups, disappointments, letdowns. I have never gone through the pain of losing a child and I can’t even imagine how that feels. But I can tell you that so far, losing my sister is the most gut-wrenching, permanent terrible pain I have ever felt. It stays with me every single day, but certain times it hurts more. Holidays are hard, birthdays are hard, and occasionally something extra hard comes along.

A few weeks ago, my hometown lost another bright, shining child and it stirred up a storm in me that had been relatively calm. I say child, but Carter was my age. He was smart, athletic, and loved by so many, as was evident at his service. I said this on Instagram, but I’m not going to pretend that we had stayed in touch or that we were ever very close to begin with, but we did grow up in the same little school in the same little community. For my birthday in 5th grade, he and one of our classmates choreographed a dance to the Thong Song as my present. (Weirdly enough, Sisqo re-released it the same week that Carter died, and the morning after his service, the original was on the radio.) His big sister was my best friend’s sister’s best friend, his little sister was always around for birthday parties of mutual friends. His mom basically took charge of Candace’s funeral. Our families were intertwined, as were many from St. John’s/ Olney.

My heart breaks for his whole family and everyone who loved him, but my thoughts have constantly been on his sisters. They now have the scars that will heal, but never go away. It’s like we’re part of a terrible club where nobody wants membership. Honestly, I wanted to write this post  to let people who aren’t part of the club to know how to treat us.

We’re fragile, sometimes, but not broken. Losing a sibling is a thing that happened to us, but not who we are. I actually had someone introduce me as, “the one who’s sister died” to her husband and I was floored and hurt.

Let us talk about it, but don’t force us. It took me a long time to be able to talk about my sister. I actually told a lot of my sorority sisters at first that I was an only child, with no further explanation but then felt so guilty about it after. Now, I have no problem talking about my sister. Even my best friend in the whole world has started asking me more questions about her. I love it. But it took me a long time to get there.

We need to cry sometimes. Little things, or big things, may sting in a way that not even we understand. Unfortunately, I’ve been to four funerals for “children” (anyone in my age group or younger) since college. Each one has been hard in different ways, each one has left cracks. So have weddings, or friends’ fights with their own siblings. It doesn’t matter if it’s logical, it’s still there.

We all handle it differently. I went to school literally the day after my sister died. Granted, I was fourteen so my classmates were also fourteen, but someone actually told me that I was lying about my sister’s death because how could I possibly be in school? I will never forget the slap in the face that was- was I a bad sister for not sitting at home and crying? Support us by letting us do what we need to do to support ourselves.

This might just be me, but I never know how to react when people tell me they’re sorry when they find out that my sister died. I usually pretend like I didn’t hear that because how do you answer? “It’s ok”? Because it’s not ok. If I’ve ever acted weird in a similar conversation, I apologize. I just don’t know what makes sense sometimes and I navigate it the best I can.

Think of it this way- if you have a bottle of perfume and lose the cap, there isn’t less perfume in the bottle and it doesn’t smell any less sweet, but the bottle looks different and it’s not quite as complete. It’s still functional, but different. Above all, remember that we’re still ourselves, just missing a piece that we had before.

The biggest takeaway should be this: we’re human, we hurt, and our feelings may not make sense to even us. Just stick with us while we try to figure it out.


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Wild + free Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:00:15 +0000 Continue reading ]]> A couple weeks ago, Kendall + I had a serious discussion about adventuring. With his work schedule,  it’s harder to plan weekend romps and day trips, so we decided we need to at least explore this great city that we live in more. My old roommate was having a birthday get together, so we decided to take the morning for us and just walked around the DuPont/ Logan Circle area.We grabbed sushi at one of the few places that is open between 2 and 5, and Kendall asked if he could take some pictures for my blog since he’s noticed that I haven’t been doing many outfit posts. (He’s such a great insta-husband-to-be.)

So, I actually got this top thinking it was a dress. I put it on, and Kendall was visibly confused. I stuck my white jeans on under it, and it definitely looked better. This is one of those outfits I think my mom will hate- it features skulls, ripped jeans, and a cold shoulder. But I think it’s fun! It makes for a great weekend outfit especially if I’m stuffing my tum full of sushi, cupcakes, and drinkies from Orange Anchor, like I did that day.

I’m so into the western skull motif kind of out of nowhere- see my other western-inspired picks below my outfit details!

Outfit details:

Get Me Moving Tunic Top: Southern Fried Chics||Jegging crop: American Eagle Outfitters||Purse: Coach Outlet||Sandals: Forever 21||black cat scallop activity tracker||Stella & Dot Stack: Melody Bracelet; Wishing Bracelet – Bisous

Western picks:


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A space of my own Mon, 14 Aug 2017 10:00:47 +0000 Continue reading ]]> While Kendall + I absolutely adore our Glover Park apartment (aka Pride Rock), we often talk about what it’ll be like to have our own home. We’ve done a pretty good job of compromising on decor here- our bedroom is grey, blue, and black; living room is navy, grey, and orange- nothing too girly in either space- but I think we would each love a space that is purely our individual style. I grew up with pink, pink, pink everything, and left that with my college dorm room opting for combos of the colors above instead at my room at my parents’ house and my first apartment.

However, I’m kinda digging the idea of a perfect pink sugary office space for me to expand on my girl boss dreams. Right now my “office” is my spot on the couch, and I’m happy with that for the time being, but a girl can daydream. There will be pink. There will be gold. There will be rose gold. Light, airy, feminine, maybe with a hint of western/ Native American motif.  If you had a space that you could decorate, just for you, what would it look like?

Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Hairpin Desk with Drawer||American Atelier Zephyr Clear Chair||HomePop Faux Fur Square Ottoman – Pink||Jaipur Antique Collector Rug||Animal Skull in Blush + Gold Glitter||Daily Planner Notebook||Pink and Gold Dream Catcher||Anthropologie Rose Gold Table Lamp||kate spade new york Tackle Box||Pink Eyelashes Gold Coffee Mug


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Tips For A Natural Glow Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:36:03 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The reality of life is that no two people are the same, and some women are blessed with better genetics than others. However, natural beauty is somewhat of a myth. Or, at the very least, even the most gifted women have to work on their looks.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe to make you look like Jennifer Aniston. Still, following the right formula will maximize appearances to provide the natural glow that you deserve.

Here are the tricks utilized by women who boasts that seemingly natural glow. Embrace them today, and you should see noticeable impacts in no time.

moon phase t-shirt

Eat & Drink Well

Nutrition is at the heart of everything we do in our lives, not least when it comes to our appearances. As well as heavily influencing our body size and shape, it can have a crucial impact on various aspects of our natural beauty.

Staying hydrated is a responsibility that nobody can afford to overlook, and you should look for at least two litres per day. Meanwhile, eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients can aid the appearance and health of skin, teeth, and nails.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the occasional pizza or going out for a night on the town. Generally speaking, though, sticking to a balanced diet is vital.

Exercise Regularly

Like healthy eating, getting regular exercise is something that none of us can afford to ignore. It’s a crucial component of living a healthy lifestyle and plays an integral role to aiding your looks.

A mixture of cardio and strength training will reduce fat and tone muscles. Whether you have a thin and athletic body type or a curvier shape doesn’t matter. Taking control of your body by keeping it fit and healthy will make every outfit you wear look twice as good.

Regular exercise also helps to clear pores and leaves you with the energy levels needed for that confident and natural glow.

Employ Good Skincare Tips

When a woman looks her best, the fact that she has visibly clear skin is normally one of the main reasons. While some girls are luckier than others when it comes to tones and wrinkles, protecting it is a necessity for everyone.

Hydrated skin always looks healthier. Meanwhile, using a pure hyaluronic acid serum can prevent fine lines from surfacing. Those treatments will keep skin looking fantastic for the long-term as well as the immediate future. This is why they play a central role for those women with that natural glow.

Meanwhile, women with great skin tend to wash morning and night to fight off dead cells and damaged particles.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the main cause of many image-related problems. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to remove it completely. Nonetheless, making a conscious effort to minimize it can have a telling impact on your looks.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the most important factor. Meanwhile, building a bathroom that allows you to shut off from the world can make a telling difference too. Soothing music and a few scented candles will set the perfect atmosphere.

Vacations are another perfect opportunity, not least because it’s a chance to soak up some sun. If budgets don’t allow for this, however, you can still enjoy staycations and short breaks. It’ll improve your quality of life and appearances in one fell swoop.

Get Hair Regularly Styled

Many women fall into the trap of seeing hairstyles as an afterthought. In truth, though, it’s one of the most important factors of your entire look. It can shape your entire face, which is why finding the right style and color is essential.

However, there’s also an equal need to maintain the hair on a daily basis. Finding the right hair care products is a crucial factor in any woman’s beauty rituals. When the hair has a healthy glow, it extends to the whole face and beyond.

Extensions and other options are available. Either way, great looking hair goes a long way to achieving that goal.

Wear The Right Clothes

Possessing a beautiful natural canvas makes it a lot easier to look and feel your best. Having said that, the importance of outfit choices should not be underestimated for a second.

Finding your style isn’t easy, but it’s important to remember that your current choices might not be the best. Most crucially, though, you need to consider the sizes. Beauty has no size but wearing ill-fitting outfits will instantly reduce your attraction. In turn, it will harm natural features too.

Clothing should enhance natural beauty rather than detract from it. Any woman that has successfully mastered this task will look her best day after day. Whether you boast the same charm as your favorite celebrity or not, this is all any woman could ever ask for.

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Great Gift Ideas To Give Your Best Friend Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:28:17 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Our best friends are there for us when we need them the most. They’re there for the good times and the bad times. Even if they’re not with you all the time, you know you can always rely on them. Whether you want to say thank you for some help they’ve given you or just to show that you care – a special gift and unexpected gift makes a lovely surprise. Here are some great picks for thoughtful gifts to give to your best friend.

Day at the Spa soy candle

A spa day

Between busy work and family lives, it can be difficult for you to spend quality time with your best friend. Buying you both a gift certificate to a spa offers an excellent opportunity for you to relax and take some time to get away from it all. A friend who’s been going through a tough time can benefit from a de-stress and a spa day is a gift that will always be appreciated. If the spa isn’t her thing, do some research on best friend dates to find an activity you’ll both enjoy. You might even find a new hobby you can take up together!

Personalized Name Jewelry

A name necklace

Personalized jewelry is a thoughtful gift that shows that you really care for the recipient. If your friend is a fashionista, she’ll appreciate a Sex and the City-style ‘Carrie’ necklace – a simple but stylish piece that goes with everything. For beautiful and chic personalized name necklaces – Soufeel is a great retailer that offers them in different styles and colors. Get one for yourself too for a cute reminder of the special friendship you both share.

Anti-Ageing Facial Serum

Some luxury skincare

It’s important that we look after our skin, and if you’ve been raving about a new skincare product recently – why not give one as a gift to a friend? Being able to say, ‘I thought you might like this,” shows that you think about your friend and that you know about her likes and dislikes. There are some amazing skincare products available at the moment, including skincare made from natural ingredients that make an excellent gift that she’ll love to keep on her dresser.

Blonde Brunette Frame

A framed photograph

This might be considered a bit of a retro gift, but how many of us take the time to print photographs anymore? With phones and Facebook to share photos on there’s a very real possibility that you don’t have any photos up in your home of the two of you together. Pick a stylish frame or fill an album with some of your favorite memories for a gesture she’ll really appreciate.

Treating your best friend is a wonderful way to lift her spirits or show her how much she means to you. If you struggle to think of ideas, look back at some of your favorite memories and let the inspiration hit you – an inside joke might be all that’s needed to spark an idea. Sometimes it’s the smaller gifts that we appreciate the most, and in the end – it’s always the thought that counts.

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TGIF Fri, 11 Aug 2017 10:00:21 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Good morning and happy Friday! I’m settling into my new position so please be patient with me as I get into a routine and figure out where blogging fits in now. This week was also big in that Kendall’s mom was up from Mississippi and we got to show her our reception venue. I swear, the Mayflower is not only gorgeous but they have an amazing staff who bent over backwards to take care of us.

Light pink and gold floral crown

Lately on the The CaroLøve:

Wedding things have been kicking into high gear and I’m getting more and more excited every day. I’m considering doing a post on all the vendors I’ve come across that have made life easier, but in the meantime, ~*gold star*~ of the week goes to Minted for their address assistant. Seeing addresses from my friends roll in has been SO MUCH FUN! Our save the dates are custom from a local woman, but our invites will also be from Minted.

Big props to my girl Alyssa of Naturally Me for accomplishing a huge personal/ career goal. Go check it out for yourself!

We The Kings released a new version of their song Stay Young with a very special guest vocalist. And tell me if I’m crazy but does Travis sound like Michael Jackson a bit?

I’m super into energy and cultivating the type of energy you want to surround yourself with. We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but maybe a little 2/3 of the way done with summer refresh will be good for you and your home. via Town & Country

I have been exploring more of the south since meeting my Mississippi man, especially falling in love with Savannah + New Orleans. I have to try to visit these 20 Places Every Southerner Should See Before They Die. via Town & Country

Chicken is the first thing I learned to cook for myself… well maybe besides eggs. But this Everything Bagel Chicken takes it to the next level. via Kitchn

I’m partial top OPI gel manicures in shades of light pink, but I am LOVING this back to school Crayola mani. via Smart School House

There is such a thing as Arsen Cat and I love him. (Doesn’t hurt that he looks SO MUCH like my former Catmate, Puck.)

Last but definitely not least (I wanted to end on this and separate it a little bit from my other links + sales) -I don’t think anyone is ever prepared to find out that they have cancer, but one young woman I know is facing it head on and with such a positive outlook. I am truly inspired by Rachel, and I urge you to check out her blog~ especially the I Want to Help link.

Have a great weekend!



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