Girls’ night in

The older I get, the more I enjoy nights in, especially with my girls. Actually, my favorite girls’ night out started with snacks and champs at Sarah’s apartment. That was the best part of the night for me, just hanging out and chatting with some gal pals! How do you GNI(n)?

Wine Wall Art

Eat Some Excellent Food

The number one important ingredient of a girls’ night in is, without question, pizza. If there’s an awkward moment, pizza. If you want to celebrate some good news, pizza. If you have a hankering for cheese but you don’t want to peel those orangey slices off their plastic and eat them by themselves shamefully right out of the fridge yet again, then guess what? Pizza – which can also be replaced by cookie dough, Chinese food, or anything else delicious and vaguely unhealthy. Baking together is always a fun activity, although you must under all circumstances veer away from anything fruit based or overly complicated. No one has time to peel apples tonight. All you really want to do is eat frosting out of a bowl with a spoon. No one is focusing on your culinary prowess. Instead you must focus on the all important task of alternating cheesy and chocolatey snacks and washing them down with wine, and then feeling nauseous at two am, and telling yourself that it was absolutely worth it.

Get Spooky

If you cannot explore the spiritual world with your best friends then who can you explore the spiritual world with? Your mother gets maudlin and your partner laughs at you and you gave your children nightmares when you explained the plot of The Others to them, and anyway, let’s face it: there’s no one in the world as good as your girl friends when you want to shriek and be afraid and also have oddly serious thoughts about your mortality. The number one piece of advice here is: don’t use a Ouija board, under no circumstances use a Ouija board, your mother was absolutely right to ban them from your house because they’re awful and a picture will fall off your wall and you’ll think “That’s it, I suppose I’ll just be haunted by a poltergeist until I die, I regret all of my life decisions”, but other than that, go crazy. Learn to read each other’s palms, break out a set of tarot cards, call a live psychic chat hotline to find out what exactly is going to be happening to each of you over the coming years (and commiserate, with plenty of wine, if your eternally single and unhappy about it friend is going to remain just that).

Talk To Each Other

As you get older, the time you get with your friends lessens, and it also seems to lessen in quality unless you make an effort. Gone are the days when you and your college roommate would stay up all night talking about your unsuitable boyfriends and what a jerk your econ professor was – and although, if you’re married, your husband has probably taken her place, it’s a lot harder to talk to him about the way your bra fits and the importance of feminism. We need our female friends in our lives. They are the ones you’ll be cackling alongside in your nursing home when you’re eighty and watching Magic Mike together for the six hundredth time. Woman cannot rely on man alone, especially when the conversation is made up of “Menstrual cups: discuss”. The most blessed and wonderful thing about your friends is the judgement free conversations that you’ll have with them. Love them, bask in them, and make plans to have them far more often.


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