How To Support The Bride Before Her Big Day!

Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, it means that you are very close to the bride’s heart and she wants you to be a part of her most special day. But she may not have been totally selfless in picking you to be a bridesmaid. (I know I wasn’t when I picked my girls!) In fact, she may have picked you because she wants your help and support on the day and in the run up too. So read on to find out all the way in which you can help support the bride, and make your best friends wedding the dream day that she deserves.

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Dress Shopping

Now it’s very likely that the bride will want the help of her maids when she is going through the process of choosing the dress. This is because it’s a huge decision. As a wedding dress doesn’t just represent the marriage, but the start of a whole new life for the bride, so she is going to want to get it right.

It can also be a difficult thing to get sorted, as everyone is going to have an opinion, including the bride’s mother, and mother in law to be. That is why it’s essential that she has her maids with her on her bridal dress appointments to make sure that her wishes are heard, and she isn’t drowned out by what others involved in the wedding want. I would have been devastated if my girls didn’t like the dress I picked, but I was happy when my friends gave me suggestions of what they think would work for me. Luckily, there wasn’t much of a difference!

Venue Viewing

Another way that you can be a great support to the bride as a bridesmaid is to help her with her venue search. Picking a venue can be pretty hard work, as not only does the bride have to find something that fits her budget. But she will also want a place that is large enough and fits the style she is looking for too. I picked my venue with my groom + parents, because most of my brides are out of state. However, my MOH recently came for a visit and I was lucky enough to be able to show her my venue so she knows the space we’re working with!

Of course, the final decision will be down to the bride and groom, but that doesn’t mean that as the bridesmaid you can’t attend the wedding open days at the venues, like the ones they hold at The Wood Norton. Then you can help her get a feel for the place, and get into the bridal spirit, while still leaving the final decision up to the couple that is getting married.

Decoration Creation

Lastly, a way that you as a bridesmaid can be a huge boon is to get stuck in with the helping to make the decorations for the day. Many people chose to make at least some of their own decorations for their venues and tables now. Partly because it’s much cheaper to do so, and they can still look great.

That means you may have to give an up a few nights in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make rustic dream catchers with doilies and ribbons. Or stamp out place cards and then decorate them with rhinestones.

Of course, there is nothing to say you can’t make a bit of party out of it. So get a few bottle of wine in and enjoy having a girls night. Something which the bride is sure to appreciate in the run up to tying the knot.


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One Response to How To Support The Bride Before Her Big Day!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Love this! My bridesmaids helped me stuff my wedding invitations as well, which turned out to be the best thing ever because they were way better at it than I was 🙂