January Getting You Down?

At around this time every year, there are countless businesses keen to remind you of the existence of “Blue Monday.” It’s the day when we are far enough away from payday to have no money in our bank accounts. The Christmas holidays are but a distant memory, the decorations have come down, and everything looks grim.

One seasonal phenomenon that is very real is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This time of year with its longer nights and shorter days affects many of us negatively. Spring is not a million miles away, but right now it feels like it is. So what do you do to feel like it’s a bit closer?

Book A Holiday

Yes, even knowing what we know about their dastardly scheme, holiday companies are onto something. A short break in the early part of the year can be beneficial. It cuts right into the seemingly endless period of long work hours. When you start in the morning while it’s still dark, and end in the evening (and it’s dark again), it’s enough to make anyone feel down. So take a short break somewhere sunny.

If you don’t have the money available, look around for possessions you can bear to part with. It’s surely better to sell Rolex watches or unwanted Christmas gifts than run up a credit card bill.

Giant Knitted Blanket

Develop A Nesting Instinct

Something often experienced by expectant mothers, a nesting instinct causes you to prioritize comfort. It encourages you to keep those you love close, and stay in a cozy, safe home. It can definitely make those long evenings feel a lot less dark. Pick up some blankets and throws in the still-ongoing January sales. Fire up your TV streaming services. Invite friends around for a night in and keep winter outside.

Appreciate The Beauty Of The Season

Yes, January has a lot to answer for. It’s cold, and you probably won’t get through it without at least one bout of illness. It begins with the effective end of the party season. You can feel vengeful towards it all you want, but look at the positives. It can also be one of the most beautiful months of the year. If it snows where you are this January, wrap up warm and get out in it.

Build a snowman. Throw snowballs – ideally at friends, as some strangers may not find it so funny. Relive your childhood a little bit. While winter may have its drawbacks, it’s an absolute gift for your Instagram account. It’s also a fantastic excuse to come back indoors and have the most luxurious hot chocolate you can conceive of. This is the month when you most need an endorphin rush – so get one!


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