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Are you interested in participating in affiliation with or by sponsoring The CaroLøve? Or maybe you just want to collaborate? Email me at for all inquiries.

I am currently accepting sponsorship in the form of:

  • Gifted merchandise
  • Merchandise for Review
  • Items for Giveaways
  • Sidebar advertisements

All products submitted to The CaroLøve are subject to review at my discretion and any gifted item will be noted with a “c/o” (courtesy of) next to the product. Reviews and opinions are my own, regardless of gifting… basically I will give you and my readers and honest review of your product.

Click on the logos to see past sponsored posts:th

 At any given time, my posts can contain links that, if clicked on and/ or purchased from, will result in monetary compensation.

Current affiliates are:

Occasionally, you will see “contributed post” under one of my posts. I did not write these posts and was compensated for the placement of these posts on The CaroLøve.

I also love working with other bloggers in any way/ shape/ form! Just let me know if you have a fun idea we can share with our readers!

I will never sell, give, or otherwise share your information.

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