Archival: Watch me shimmer

Originally posted on Little Bitty City One 1/19/16
The skirt from this post can now be found on ebay

Remember when I told you about my awesome Loft haul from their awesome sale? It turns out that only about half of it worked out- sizing issues. I’m a petite, through and through. The Petite Diamond Shimmer Skirt was definitely one of the items I kept. I just feel so happy + pretty in it. Isn’t that the point of dressing? Finding something that that makes you feel good?


The skirt kind of speaks for itself, so I didn’t want to do too much with the rest of the outfit. Enter trusty black OTK boots and a black shirt I’ve probably had since high school. The necklace is great though, isn’t it? I also caught that one major sale. I don’t think the Courtney Pearl Bib is available anymore, but the original Courtney can be found here.


My new wristlet will probably be making a lot of appearances. Unfortunately right before New Year’s Eve, I lost my entire wallet with license, house key, credit card, debit card, Metro card, JRINK frequent buyer card… EVERYTHING. I got everything replaced, but the wallet was so perfect that I was hard pressed to find another with the exact shape and functionality with brass hard-wear. Like, I got really weird about how specific I needed this wallet to be. I wanted it to unzip all the way around so I could swipe my Metro card easily. I ended up finding this new one at Target, of all places. This was after checking the usual suspects- Nordstrom, Macy’s, even Kate Spade.


I’m loving these little rooftop photo shoots… even if I do freeze.



photos c/0 Chipped Diamond Magazine

Petite Diamond Shimmer Skirt//Women’s Large Bow Cell Phone Case Wallet – Mossimo Supply Co.™//Pearl Courtney Bib//Black t here, here, + here//OTK boots here, here, + here



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