Must-have Accessories For Summer 2017!

When you’re into fashion, summer really is the perfect time to have fun with your look. You don’t have to worry about wrapping up in layers to keep warm and dry, so no throwing on a big coat and boots with every outfit you put together. Instead, you have far more flexibility/ Plus Summer clothing tends to be more colorful and bold than anything you can find over the autumn and winter, so fantastic for really making a statement. There are certain accessories and trends that have trickled down from the runway and into our favorite stores, if you want to get on board here are a few things to try this summer!

Frasier Sterling Party Like It’s 1999 Silver Choker Necklace


Chokers have been on trend for some time now, and aren’t set to go anywhere just yet. While big statement jewelry chokers are popular (and can look fantastic on a night out) when it’s warm in the daytime you could go with something lighter and more comfortable. Even bootlace style tie chokers can bring something to an outfit but won’t feel like it’s weighing you down. Other jewelry trends include asymmetrical earrings– something to try if you’re feeling really brave! And bold pendant necklaces. These are a great way to perk up any plain looking summer outfit.

Eye Catching Belts

Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga accessorized their outfits on the runway with old, eye-catching belts- so expect to see similar kinds of styles hitting the stores this summer. Again it’s another easy way to perk up a simple outfit. Denim shorts, a tank top and sandals make a simple summer outfit- a statement belt could really bring it to life. If you keep everything else quite simple and go for one bold piece it brings personality without being overkill.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunnies continue to stay on trend in 2017- great news since they’re a flattering and easy to wear style giving you instant glamor. Plus larger sunglasses protect the eye area better meaning fewer UV rays to damage the delicate skin around the eyes. Be sure to try on a wide selection of sunglasses to find a pair that really suits your face size and shape. Aviators are a classic and are a style you can wear time and time again if you want something that makes less of a statement.

Knee High Athletic Socks

Knee high socks look super cute, the perfect addition to a pair of shorts. They’re ideal if you’re not too keen on your legs since they covered them up- and they also protect them too if you’re going on hikes or playing sports (or if it gets a bit chillier one day). All in all, they are a fun way to accessorize an outfit and can be practical in some cases too. Some designers have even showcased them with wedges and sandals, but if you’re not quite on board with this trend, you can play it safer with a pair of sneakers.

What trends and accessories are you most excited to try out this summer?



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