Packing Lightly

Depending on what holiday you are considering this year there are always two packing options. Over packing and filling your suitcase with items you know, deep down you’re never going to end up wearing, and therefore suffering the unnecessary stress of lugging heavy luggage around airports and train stations.

Or you can pack lightly. Carefully planning your essential items that you can mix and match, so that you have versatility to your holiday wardrobe whilst ensuring that your holiday traveling is light and easy. Here are our top tips on packing lightly, for two different holiday types, so your holiday traveling is easy, relaxed, light and stress free.

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Sunny, Beach Holidays

If you are planning a sunny, summer holiday somewhere tropical like Barbados, Bali or even Barcelona, then packing lightly is easy! Traveling to warmer climates mean lighter materials and less of it, making packing as easy as A, B, C

Summer dresses are a dream as they barely take up any room, so this is a clothes type that you can afford to be a little indulgent in. 4-5 summer dresses should be sufficient as you can mix and match with belts, hats, shoes and different jewelry so that your outfits look fresh and flexible each day.

Maxi skirts, depending on their material, can be very bulky, so if you are a big maxi skirt fan (aren’t we all) consider packing one and traveling in the other to free up more space in your bag.

We all love a good summer hat for lounging around on the beach and meandering around local markets, but they are a nightmare to pack. Therefore again, traveling in your summer hat means they won’t get squished and bent out of shape whilst being crammed into tight suitcases.

Summer shoes are a breeze to plan for as flat sandals take up barely any suitcase space and are an effortless transition from beach to evening glam. Any chunky wedges, again can be worn on the travel to free up more space in your luggage.

Mild, Countryside Holidays

If your summer is going to be in the countryside your wardrobe is going to be all about the layers, so you’ll have to think slightly more strategically if the weather is going to be a little milder and more unpredictable.

So 1-2 pairs of jeans and/or trousers should be sufficient. One comfortable and one smart pair that you can dress up should be enough to last you a week. Skirts and shorts will also be necessary, even in the countryside, so pick your favorite pair of shorts and one or two skirts and you will be able to mix and match all week depending on the weather.

Think of your favorite long sleeve t-shirts, pretty floral tops and relaxed tunics. Then choose a cardigan and jumper that will go with all and you will have your top half ready to churn up into several different combinations. Choose a jacket that can offer warmth for those cooler evenings but can also look chic in the day with just a t-shirt or vest. Leather and denim jackets are really versatile in the spring, summer months so traveling in your jacket will free up at least half of your luggage (if you’re traveling with just hand luggage that is).

Get all your items out on your bed, before packing them to visual what will go with what and how many outfit variations you will get out of what you’ve chosen. Once you’re happy that you have enough versatility and flexibility in your outfits, you’re good to go. Nice and light, heading off into your holidays relaxed and stress-free.



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