Pre-Wedding Day Prep Steps

Getting ready for your wedding can take months, even years in some cases. All the organization from the invitations to the wedding meal takes some time but the real organization comes the night before and the day of the wedding. You’ve already got your bridal gown, but these last 48 hours are the ones that will determine how smoothly your wedding day – and your look – comes off.

Wedding Shoulder Necklace

Your wedding day beauty should never wait until you’re in the chair with your stylist and makeup artist. Get busy getting gorgeous and all your preparation on the morning of your wedding can be captured by your photographer. There’s nothing like having those memories with your mother and bridesmaids captured on film. You’ll be able to look back on those hours with such fondness, remembering your nerves and how much was ahead of you. The following things are ones to remember for your pre-wedding prep:

Your hair will require time, love and the expert hands of a stylist. If you haven’t got the budget for a stylist, ask a friend and make sure that you have had plenty of trial runs before the actual day. In the months before the wedding, eat a diet rich in Vitamin B foods like this one here so your hair is nourished from root to tip. Scalp massages and conditioning treatments for optimum hair health in the month leading up to the day can eliminate split ends and add natural volume you’ll love. If the ends of your hair have started to split through sheer stress, get a trim. It doesn’t have to be much, just to get rid of the split ends and ensure you have perfect wedding day hair.

Complexion is a tricky one, as even the slightest hormone change can affect your skin. Alas, your face is what will be on show for the big day so you must do what you can and when to have beautiful, clear skin. Like with hair, take time over a few months to get your skin wedding day ready. Speak to a dermatologist for facial peels and any medications you’d need to take for acne or rosacea and get yourself on the right diet for your skin. Brides need to blush, but avoid a full, bright red face if you can! Have your bachelorette party at a spa the month before the wedding and you can get a nourishing facial to clear those dead skin cells and let your beauty shine. Manicures and pedicures will have been done a day or two before, and if you are planning on a light spray tan, have that done at least four days before the wedding so you don’t end up patchy!

Top to toe spa treatments that exfoliate your skin and make your skin supple and soft can only make you feel beautiful as the material of your dress swishes around you. Have your breakfast before you dress the morning of the wedding, and have a warm shower before you get ready. Your wedding day preparations will include wedding make up being done and your mom shedding some tears, but it’ll be the happiest day of your life.


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