Saturday shopping: Shopbop {buy more, save more}

If you saw my TGIF post yesterday, you saw that I gave up shopping for Lent. This is actually kind of a big deal for me because Lent happens to fall around my birthday, and I’m a big fan of the treat yo’self mentality- especially while being the March Birthday Princess. But I’m sticking to it- the point of Lent is NAHT to do something easy, but to sacrifice something (or add something- volunteer, daily devotions, go to church more) in order to get closer to Jesus. I also truly do not need a thing.

This also makes for fun online window shopping though- no pressure because I can’t buy anything anyway. Enter the Shopbop stock up sale. Now, I have to agree with Rox that stock up sales aren’t usually my jam. To me, a stock up sale is when Loft is 60% off everything and a I buy a bunch of staples. I usually hit the point of free shipping then stop- half the stuff goes back anyway because I generally find that my body is hard to put clothes on, but I digress.

Even though I’m not super crazy about the idea of spending more to save more, Shopbop is on point for spring. My wallet would take a hit for sure. I do like that it includes full + sale price items. Today is the last day of the sale, so if you are looking to stock up, 15% off of $200 of spring looks isn’t such a bad deal, and tbh you can probably hit that with just one or two items.the carolove shopbop sale

1.Viva Aviva French Cuff Ballerina Top||2.Diane von Furstenberg Zarita Lace Dress||3.Citizens of Humanity Audrey Slim Cropped Overalls

4.Loeffler Randall Clo Tassel Mules||5.Steven Razzi Velvet Mules||6.Melissa Aranha Shoes

7.endless rose Ruffle Shirt||8.Father’s Daughter Molly Dress

9.Serpui Marie Schnauzer Clutch||10.Clare V. Supreme Patchwork V Flat Clutch||11.LeSportsac Rectangular Cosmetic Case

12.Gift Boutique Assorted Set of 4 Champagne Flutes||13.Venessa Arizaga Queen Bee Bracelet||14.Gift Boutique Gigantic Pizza Beach Blanket


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2 Responses to Saturday shopping: Shopbop {buy more, save more}

  1. Lou M. says:

    These are all so cute, I love the shoes and the clutch!

    Technicolor ♥ Heart

  2. Jen says:

    Oh what a lovely selection! I think I’m going to browse a little in shopbob! ♥