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Millennials do a lot of stupid crap. I would know- I am one. Being a blogger AND a millennial I’m probably extra annoying. I like documenting what I’m doing and what I love and thinking that people will actually care about it. While I don’t use the word influencer to describe myself and would never stand on a chair at a restaurant to ‘gram my food (I have VERY strong opinions on this) I’m just as guilty as the next kiddo born between 1982-2004 of being self-involved.

But we’re not all bad. We grew up with technology- as in it grew with us- and we keep finding fascinating new ways to use it. We want to be better and make the world better. While Snapchat certainly isn’t going to solve any world issues, our involvement in social media means we can share ideas at the speed of thought. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. And being a generation who grew up hearing we’re special and can do anything we put our mind to- of course we would have our own freakin’ color that is ridiculously hard to describe.

I actually had to Google Millenial Pink to figure out how to actually tell you about it:

It’s sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.The Gardian

 In general, Millennial Pink is a soft pink with some gray tones to add subtlety and sophistication, and a slight hint of peach, making it a warmer and rosier pink and less a magenta-pink.houzz

 The answer, I think, is that millennial pink isn’t so much a color as it is an idea — hence the great difficulty in pinning it down to a single shade. Millennial pink, whether pale or desaturated or salmon-y, is a kind of non-pink pink, an aesthetic distillation of the ideals of contemporary feminism: unabashedly female, but removed from the constraining associations of the past. It is, in a lot of ways, defined more by what it isn’t than what it is: not Barbie. Not bubble gum. Not princessy.Apartment Therapy

 I use it a little interchangeably with blush and rose gold myself.

As I’m writing this post, within eyeshot (I wasn’t sure if that’s a word but spellcheck is not rejecting it), I am wearing a millennial pink sweater, my phone case is partially millennial pink, and my wristlet with work FOB and important cards is glitter on one side and millennial pink on the other. I know what I like. Also, creepy, I just opened Facebook on my phone and the first ad that pops up is for this bag set from Away only the ad didn’t call it blush. The ad called it millennial pink.

Anyway, I found a millennial pink list on Amazon and wanted to create my own. What do you think of this color?


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