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I love a good party, especially with a theme where I can throw in a ton of adorable details. My roommate and I had a couple great ones when I lived in Georgetown. I mentioned before that we had a Pumpkin Spice Friendship party. All the food and drinks were pumpkin themed and we all wore our best “basic” attire. Today I’m bringing you another type of Basic that I’m sure you’ll love. Meet Basic Invite.

the carolove Basic Invite

In my humble opinion, the art of the invitation should have never dissipated into the land of texts and Facebook invites. I know I have slipped in this department, opting for a mass text rather than a cute invitation. Getting mail is such a novelty now, especially when it’s mail inviting you to do something fun with your friends and family. Basic Invite makes it so easy to customize and add details to your party before it even starts. Do you love a design but it doesn’t really fit the colors you want? No problem. Using my Pumpkin Spice Friendship party as inspo, check out how I elevated this original Basic Invite Botanical Brunch Party design and made it fit our theme:








See how cute!? Just totally customizing the color, I changed the whole vibe of the invite. And just to be sure, you can order a custom sample of your work to see how it really looks on paper before you purchase the lot to send to your guests!  Another cool customization feature? Basic Invite has over 40 colors of envelopes to chose from. (Pumpkin is one of them!) That would definitely make your invite stand out in the mail.

And if you’re like me with such bad hand writing that you were literally not allowed to help make sorority formal awards, don’t fear, because you can use their free address collection service to share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing.

Now, my love of invitations started with a catalogue (I can’t even remember which one) that my mom used to get when we were little. I’d pretty much build my birthday parties around the themes from those invites, so it’s totally fair to say that invitations set the tone for a great party. I’m starting to appreciate those head-to-toe details again now that I’m planning my wedding! Besides your (not so) basic (ha!) surprise party invitations, birthday invitations, and quinceañera invitations, they also stock a myriad of stationary and other paper goods to round out your event. Think stickers, guest books, even business cards! (Hey, blogger and entrepreneurial pals- it’s one-stop shop for your next event!)

Be sure to follow along with Basic Invite on social media to get for inspiration for your next party!

Post c/o Basic Invite: I was monetarily compensated by Basic Invite for this post.

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