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I don’t know about other engaged/ married ladies, but when Kendall popped the question, I wanted to tell the world. And I did. We got lucky in that our proposal was actually taped by a WTK band member/ YouTuber, so it’s immortalized on the ‘tube FOR-EV-ER (and it’s been viewed over 46k times!) besides being on my blog. I could talk wedding all day long, and I’ve actually apologized to my friends and family for being super lame insanely excited  about my engagement and they’ve all told me the same thing: it’s my time. And you know what? After all the weddings I’ve attended and been init is.

While I didn’t even consider flashing my ring all over social media the minute I got engaged, it is an absolutely stunning symbol of my my and Kendall’s new life together. He picked it just for me and it’s basically a combo of every ring I’ve ever loved. I also, pretty much immediately, picked up the Bride trucker hat I wore to the Barbie brunch last weekend. I just kind of want to shout it from the rooftops that I’m taken- by the most amazing guy on the planet. I am truly lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Incidentally, today is my birthday! And I couldn’t ask for a better gift than all the love I’ve received this year from both him and everyone else in my life. Thank you to everyone who has made 27 my best year. 28 will only be better because I get to marry the love of my life!

the carolove engaged bride wedding gifts1.Gray with Black Ink Off The Shoulder Slouchy Sweatshirt||2.Wifey Leopard Hat||3.Sweating for the Wedding Tank Top||4.Hubby and wifey shirt||5.Kiss The Bride French Terry Romper||6.Juicy Couture “Bride” Tote||7.Kismet by Milka Wifey Stud Single Earring||8.Slant Collections Engaged Insulated Tumbler


This past weekend simultaneously seemed never-ending and entirely too short. Saturday was our Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie Brunch at Hawthorne, and it could not have been better! That will actually be a separate post tomorrow because it was so amazing- we had an absolute blast! Dani and I got there entirely too early to set up- not much actually had to be done thanks to the Hawthorne crew, so we set out to take some pictures before the rest of our party arrived.

I have been saving this sweater since late January (and now it’s on super sale) specifically for this brunch after spying it on McKenna Bleu. The neon pink is a little insane, but this may actually be the most cozy thing I own, and it definitely makes a statement. I actually was really proud of myself for organically pulling of a street style look. I feel like sometimes I want to, but it looks almost costume-y.

My street-style Barbie look was very Caroline at its root- just fun. I love playing with color (and a little glitter) so the theme, which admittedly I picked, was super fun to dress for. I hope everyone else thought so too, but judging by the outfits yesterday, all the ladies were game! I ordered my Bride hat the weekend after I got engaged. It came in on Friday and I was literally happy dancing around DC with it, super excited that it came in on time for the brunch. I will be shamelessly rocking it from now until forever.

pictures c/0 Dani

Outfit details:

Bride Doll Style Pink and White Hat with Pink Print: DentzDesign||whimsies fun bangle: kate spade new york||Navy scuba top: Loft||Silence + Noise Ally Neon Chunky Cardigan: Urban Outfitters||AEO Denim X Cafe Hi-Rise Jegging: American Eagle Outfitters||Betseyville Girls’ Betseyville Pallas Hidden Wedge Sneakers: Target||Lucite Garden Pretty Necklace: t+j designs

Recreate my look:

Trolls was honestly one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen and despite the fact that it’s been months since we saw it, I listen to the soundtrack once about every day. My favorite scene is my favorite song, Get Back Up Again, sung by Anna Kendrick as Poppy. It’s been kind of my go-to pep me up song since I saw the movie, and I was feelin’ it especially this past Friday.

It’s not much of a secret that I fell into my job by accident. My CFO and my boss are behind me 100% in my attempt at moving careers into something I’m more interested in. Last week, I had an interview that went well, but for the third time in the past year, it came down between myself and someone with more experience. I was crushed. Every time that happens all I hear is, “well, you’re not *quite* good enough.” It hurts, it stings and it can be really hard to dust myself off and keep trying. But you know what? I got myself some Chipotes for lunch, listened to Poppy repeatedly say GET BACK UP AGAIN, and had a wonderful happy hour with friends.

It’s not always cupcakes and rainbows and glitter- but for me, it is a lot of the time. Something great is around the corner for me, for sure, but I can’t forget that in the now, I’m surrounded by love and good people and I’m happy, safe, and taken care of.

Trolls may have been a movie for kids, but the moral was basically that you are responsible for your own happiness- there’s no magic cheat that can make you happy. Not that the fact that it was a kid’s movie would deter me- the shirt is from the Trolls collection at Macy’s (I got it for $3 so it’s totally gone now) and the kicks are kids’ from Target (my specialty).

What makes you happy when you’re feeling down?

Outfit details:

Cold shoulder top: Macy’s||Girls’ Betseyville Pallas Hidden Wedge Sneakers: Target||Necklace: Groopdealz||Quay Australia Sunglasses: ASOS||kate spade new york Gold-Tone Glitter Stone Drop Earrings: Macy’s||Strawberry bag: Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Recreate my outfit:

Back in my Pier 1 days, I scooped up just as many hours as possible. When the Connecticut Ave store near UDC asked my Gaithersburg store for some backup man-power, I jumped at the chance to help out for the extra hours. I ended up really loving that location, so when they went out of business I was not only thrilled to help them out, but also sad that they were going to be gone.

Apparently, that’s about how customers felt as well. A lot of regulars came in, of course to take advantage of amazing savings, but to express their sadness over the sweet store closing. Yes, Pier 1 is a huge national brand, but each location definitely has its own personality.

Then you had your people who clearly didn’t think before they spoke- “It’ll be so nice when this block is torn down for new condos blah blah blah.” Although Pier 1 was relocating the employees if they had interest in doing that, I’m not sure if it was considered that this store was someone’s livelihood and work family being upended. Not to mention, we were working 12 hours days. It was SO hard to run around (with furniture) while being told “I can’t wait for something new to go in here but can I have an extra $100 off this dining table that’s already 75% off?”

I guess what I’m saying is that when you’re shopping a going out of business sale, it’s totally fine if you’re excited for deals, but remember to be kind to the overworked, exhausted, and probably a little freaked out about their future employees. But by all means, take advantage of those sales. I did…

I’m sure many of you know that The Limited had to file Chapter 11th bankruptcy around Christmas.  My mom and I wandered in to the Montgomery Mall location when we saw the sale signs, just to peek. I’d never really shopped their before, but within 5 mins I had a stack to try on in the dressing room. Thing fring-y white sweater was one of those pieces, and honestly, I was not expecting it to work as well as it does. I also ended up with a belt, two velvet dresses, and a couple of Christmas goodies for Mama D. #noragrets

Obviously, I couldn’t link the actual sweater, so I have sever white fringe sweaters linked below.

If you are going to shop a going out of business sale, please remember these things:

  • Try on everything (or, in Pier 1’s case) make sure you want it- sales will be final. Don’t pretend to ignore this.
  • The employees are likely working OT and really, really tired.
  • “The back” is not a magical haven where they have everything you want. “The back” is where employees might grab a snack or check their phone when you insist they look for something they know is not in stock.
  • The employees probably do not know much beyond what the public knows. We took to making up answers when asked if/ where the new location of DC Pier 1 would be.
  • This goes for every time you interact with someone at a st0re- just be nice! Remember that while employees are there to help you, they don’t special powers that make things cheaper, returns easier, or stock more plentiful.

A couple more items of note about this outfit: my quilted leggins are from Denmark! My mom brought them back and, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the store! But they’re the thickest, warmest leggings ever! And the shoes are kid-sized.

the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater

Outfit details:

White fringe sweater: The Limited||Vest: How to Live LBI||The Sari Necklace c/o Pearl & Clasp||Alice bag c/0 Urban Expressions {use code CLOVE25 for 25% off your Urban Expressions purchase}||Mixed Plaid Scarf: Urban Outfitters||Girls’ Betseyville Pam Western Boots: Target

White fringe sweaters:

Did it not seem like it took for.ev.er. for February to get her? Yeesh. But it’s here! It’s time for hearts and flowers and pink hopefully hints of spring because this winter has been nowhere near wintery enough so I’m over it. I also see February as pre-March aka pre-My-Birthday-Month. Last year I was so freaked out about being in a wedding every month that I didn’t even want to celebrate. I did end up celebrating, because I have awesome friends and family, but this year I vow to get back to my birthday queen self.

But I digress- it’s not my turn yet. It’s February’s turn! This month’s wish list is full of all things pink, soft, and sweet. Here’s to all of the hearts and hoping we get some more snow.

the carolove february wish list

1.COACH Woman’s Odette Casual Loafers||2.Betsey Johnson Women’s Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch||3.kate spade new york Keds® glitter sneaker, multi

4.Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Grapefruit||5.Betsey Johnson Boxed Kitsch Pouch||6.Clover Drops

7.Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle||8.Women’s Hunter Original High Gloss Boot

9.Women’s Leith Flounce Midi Dress||10.Women’s Betsey Johnson Faux Fur Jacket||11.Women’s Free People Odyssey Tee

12.Adidas Superstar Original Fashion Sneaker, White/Pink||13.Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette||14.Furla zip around make up bag