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We’ve all been there, right? Walking through town, or strolling through a park, or along the beach, when an impossibly happy couple catches our eye and holds it for a few seconds too long and, in those few seconds, we wonder to ourselves, “what is their secret?” This is totally normal. It is totally normal and healthy to want happiness in your lives and to want to be in the happiest of happy relationships.

Well, I’ve got some fantastically quirky words of advice, which I’m totally going to share with you.

Act Like You Just Met

It could be that you have been together for eight months, or you could have been sharing a bed for eight years, it doesn’t matter; try spending a little bit of time each and every day acting like you only just met. The reason for this is time. Yeah, time has a way of stopping us from exploring each other because we think we know everything there is about them. Don’t let this happen. Pretend like you still have so much to find out because you still do. Ask each other questions, loads of questions, like what would you do with the money if you won the lottery if you could fly where would you fly, and what they thought of that episode of Breaking Bad. The daily grind gets boring, but fresh questions bring about a fresh love.

Date Night Box

Do More Date Nights

When you first met, it was all about impressing each other, getting experiences together and celebrating the privilege of spontaneity as you ran off some adventure you would never have done alone. Don’t let this enthusiasm fade over time. Date nights are the not-so-secret secret of happy couples. If you don’t know where to start, then go on https://www.theticketmerchant.com.au/ and buy a ticket to the first event that makes either of you smile. Sports, music, whatever. Getting involved in what the other person loves is such a great way to bond with a smile. Or better yet, book a date that will surprise you both, find that new band or new film or new restaurant that could take you on a whole new journey together; one that creates happy memories.

Mr and Mrs Stemless Wine Glasses

Watch The Booze

By all means, go out and have fun on the town together, or enjoy a  bottle of wine on a Friday night, curled up on the sofa together with the latest episode of the whatever you’re binging on Netflix. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, unwinding as a couple and sharing a few tipsy laughs is great for the soul. But don’t over do it. Basically, less booze means less things you’ll have to worry about. Research has shown that a relationship can be shaken and stirred by too much booze. As http://www.lifehack.org states, young adults who drink heavily are less likely to have fun in the sheets, less likely to wed, more likely to separate sooner and will be less happy in the long run. So, yeah, just know your limits and enjoy each other’s bubbly self without any accessories to this joy.


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