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Much like watermelon, I associate peaches with spring and summer. They’re actually one of my favorite fruits/ flavors/ smells but I have a hard time eating them because they make my mouth itch, like most raw fruit. (Total sidebar- I found out this is actually tied into my pollen allergy. I can’t win! So I eat the stuff anyway. Life’s short. Each the peaches!)

They’re also beautiful. That blush-y orange color that reminds me (as corny as this sounds) of watching the sun come up seemingly from the field behind my parents house. Luckily, the beauty world seems to enjoy the pretty fruit as much as I do so there is a ton to choose from to rock it. This isn’t just Too Faced I’m talking about here either- although they do have quite a selection! Check out Ulta & Sephora.

I’m getting a little cabin fever-y with this winter. I feel totally cooped up and can’t wait for some sunshine and warmth. I’ve started just walking most of the way home when it’s freezing anyway because I’m so sick of the home-bus-work-bus-home. Maybe if I bring the warm spring color into my life it’ll make me feel a little cheerful and I’ll just pretend it’s warm anyway. What do you do when you start getting SO OVER winter?

ps- butter LONDON also has some gorgeous peachy shades! You can also check out my Amazon list of peachy goodness!


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