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It’s not secret that a lot of people are fairly wasteful. The fact is that as a society, we have become rather wasteful. Unlike our ancestors of the past, we don’t tend to live by the motto ‘mend and make do’. Instead, when an item of clothing rips or a zip gets stuck, we chuck the item out and replace it with a new piece.

The life that many people lead in 2018 is, without a doubt a fairly wasteful one, and one that is far more affordable than it needs to be. So if this year, you’d like to reduce your spending to make life more affordable or to save for something exciting like a holiday or your wedding, then the tips below may be useful.

Waste Not Want Not Embroidered Tea Towel

Save leftovers

Far too many of us choose to simply scrape leftover food into the trash, which is a total waste of food, time and money. If we took the time to place any leftovers into a Tupperware container in the refrigerator or freezer, we would save ourselves time and money in the future.

If you want to cut costs this year, make a conscious effort to save leftovers, rather than simply chucking them away. Pot up any leftover food and put it on your fridge or freezer to have another day – by doing this, you will save money on the cost of entire meals each week, which over time will add up.

Get rid of unwanted gift cards

Have you been given a gift card for Christmas or your birthday that just isn’t to your tastes? Instead of burying it in the bottom of your purse and forgetting about it, why not sell it and pocket the cash?

There are various sites like Cards2Cash for instance, that you can use to sell unwanted (in date) gift cards to, and get paid for doing so. This way the gift card doesn’t get wasted, and you still get some money for it. Now, that’s a savvy choice.

Mend your clothes

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to new clothes throughout the year if you need them. However, a mistake that you don’t want to make is choosing to get rid of clothes just because they have a rip or a stain on them, instead attempt to fix them.

By fixing damaged clothing yourself, rather than throwing it away and replacing it, you can significantly cut costs and reduce the amount of money that you are wasting each year.

The fact is that we live in a society that doesn’t value savvy living as much as in times gone by, which has meant that it’s easier than ever to get into a habit of not valuing your finances. Whereas, when it comes to your spending, it’s important to ensure that you do think carefully about what you are spending money on, and make an effort not to be wasteful.



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Traveling is pretty expensive and if you don’t have that much money, a week long vacation is a bit of a stretch. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your travel ambitions completely. A lot of people are opting to take short city breaks which are more affordable and you don’t have to take time out of work either. There are some great destinations around the world for a weekend getaway but the best place is Europe. It’s a continent with lots of varied cultures, and a lot of the best cities are also incredibly cheap, so it’s perfect for traveling on a budget. If you’re considering a weekend city break, here are some European destinations you should check out.

Budapest Baths Photo


Budapest in Hungary has become a pretty popular destination for bachelor parties recently but it’s still worth adding to your list. It’s an incredible historical city, split into two halves with a beautiful river between them. Buda is the slightly more expensive side where you’ll find lots of great luxury restaurants, the national art gallery, and the incredible Fisherman’s Bastion. Head that way for all of the cultural highlights during the day before crossing the river into Pest to find some bustling nightlife. Over in Pest, you’ll find the ruin bars. Old derelict buildings, most of them empty shells, have been filled by pop up bars. They’re incredibly unique and there are new ones appearing all the time. Have a wander around and see what you can find. Once you’ve seen all of the museums and experienced the nightlife, head over to one of the iconic baths in Budapest. Natural hot water springs have been channeled into pools that are perfect for the ultimate relaxation experience. The cost of accommodation and general spending in Budapest is incredibly low, but it is creeping up as the location becomes more popular so it’s worth going sooner rather than later.

Big Ben and Parliament From Across the Thames River


London is a little more expensive than the other entries on this list but it’s still worth visiting if you haven’t been before. A lot of people are put off because it’s very touristy but, while you can visit Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The London Dungeons and all that other touristy stuff, that’s only a small part of what the city has to offer. Other areas like Camden and Shoreditch are packed full of quirky bars and restaurants and the great transport links make it easy to get around and find those hidden areas where you can find a more authentic London experience. There are loads of great places to stay like the Dorsett City Hotel which are perfectly situated so you can easily get to all of the tourist attractions as well as the lesser known areas. It’s a big place so if you’re just going for a weekend, there’s always more to discover on a return trip.

with love, from berlin – Digital


The capital of Germany is the perfect city if you’re interested in history as you can still see the after effects of the countries eventful past. But in the years since the fall of the Berlin wall, the city has been transformed into a dynamic city where you can find excellent nightlife as well as all of the sights of historical interest.

These are just 3 of the many amazing cities that Europe has to offer, and they’re all relatively cheap to spend a weekend in.


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Adult life is full of lessons, and some of the toughest it teaches are those that surround our finances. Yes, our finances, for better or worse, and one of the most important things that we have to deal with in life, and thus they need to be kept atop of. In fact, they need to be kept atop of at all times!


Never let asking for financial help be the enemy

When it comes to keeping on top of your finances, it is key that you never refute the fact that asking for help is key to financial stability, because it is! Yes, asking for help is the best way to both stabilize your finances if they have taken a turn for the worst and help you to stay on top of them.

This help could come from family members, friends, loan companies, financial advisors — basically, it could come from anybody or any source. Just make sure that you are willing to sacrifice your pride and ask for help in the first place and that you are then able to continue to accept the help if it is offered on a regular basis.

For advice on how to ask for help, particularly when asking for help from loved ones and those closest to you, make sure to head to this helpful article on the matter.

Never see bad credit as a death sentence

Too many people see a bad credit score as a death sentence, and what doing this does is make them give up altogether on attempting to stay on top of their finances because they think that irreversible damage has been done to it. But, what this does is not only worsen their financial situation but also leads them to missing out on the chance to better their prospects because financial prospects can be bettered even with bad credit.

Yes, bad credit is not a death sentence and finances can be bettered despite it. One such way in which they can be bettered is, again, by accepting help from those who specialize in the matter of bad credit assistance, such as the professional borrowing companies out there that offer schemes and options in regards to personal loan for bad credit. What such options offer those that take them is the chance to clamber towards financial stability despite the heavy ball and chain of bad credit that is attached to them and weighing them down.

So, as you can see, bad credit is not a death sentence in regards to getting to the top of your financial stability and, even more importantly, remaining there.

Financial stability is something that every man and woman should aim for in their adult life. Whether this means accepting help from others, not accepting bad credit to be a death sentence or refraining from going too far when treating themselves in order to find this stability, they simply must do it!


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Whether you are moving out on your own, with a partner or friend, or setting off for a few years at college or university, you will be filled with excitement at flying the nest. You finally can fully decide how late you can walk through the door or go to bed, and how messy your room can be before it needs a tidy. However, all too soon you may realize that your many years in school did not prepare for the independence that comes with becoming an adult. Suddenly, you’re also in charge of paying all your bills on time, checking your smoke detector has battery life and doing your own weekly food shopping. It can become intimidating and overwhelming when it gets to moving day, and it dawns on you that you will no longer be living with your parents and are fully in charge of the good, the bad, and the ugly life will inevitably throw at you. Here are a few tips on helping your transition into adulthood be as smooth and hiccup-free as possible.

Set of 12 Budget Worksheets


This is one of the most important things you will need to do when you move into your new accommodation. It can be easy to get lost in buying new furniture and trinkets to decorate your new place, and planning the best housewarming party of the year – but you will need to keep track of your finances if you don’t want to be caught short at the end of the month. Making a list of all bills and when they come out of your bank will determine your outgoings. Be sure to include money for petrol, food and other necessities to ensure you have an accurate determination of your disposable income.

It’s also a good idea at this point to include a percentage of your income that will be transferred to savings. This may not seem like a priority at the moment, but future you will be thanking your past self for starting to save early – especially if any surprise bills or car repairs come your way. Once you have an idea of how much money you have left – you will then need to determine what you will need for your new place. If it is unfurnished, you may find your budget doesn’t stretch to how much you need. Unfortunately, this does not mean you can cut into your bill money – this can become a nasty habit that leads to debt you don’t want.

Looking at charity stores, or buy and sell apps like the Dealdash iOS App can give you alternatives to the pricey new items you’ve been lusting over on Pinterest. Essentials are at the top of your priority list – you can always save for an upgrade on certain items as you become accustomed to budgeting and living by yourself.

Prioritize Your Spending

Following on from the last point, it is important to continuing budgeting and make a monthly habit out of it. Spending all your disposable income on the first weekend of the month on a night out will leave you no money for activities for the rest of the month. Life can get quite boring if you can’t afford to see your friends or pay for the budget-friendly hobbies that you love. So ensure you have a weekly budget that will spread your money out over a four week period. This will make sure you don’t have to miss your favorite Zumba class because you can’t afford it. And remember, just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Any money left at the end of the month can be transferred into your savings.

Hopefully, this has helped you to feel a little more prepared for stepping out on your own. It is inevitable that you will make mistakes at first – you are only human – just be sure to learn from them and continue striving forward.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!

If you’re looking to squeeze the most out of your travel budget this year, then you need look no further than this hotlist of four favorite budget destinations to visit in 2018.

Thailand Temples Landscape Photography


Thailand remains a firm favorite amongst families, couples, backpackers, and solo travelers alike.  There’s still much unspoiled beauty in the tantalizing Kingdom of Thailand left to discover, particularly in the region of Krabi and Koh Lanta, but the undeveloped and rustic image that was so prevalent twenty years ago has since been replaced with neon lights, massage parlors, non-stop parties, and gridlocked congestion.

One of the best ways to see Thailand, is on an extended trip as a backpacker, for it will allow you to scratch beneath the commercial surface of popular places such as Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui whilst taking you on a journey to more remote parts of Thailand such as Pai and Udon Thani – that you might not otherwise discover if you were there just for a couple of weeks.

Chiang Mai could be of particular interest, known as the “capital of the north”, many would describe Chiang Mai as a mystical land of temples, rice paddies, monks and natural jungle; though whilst this is true for the areas around Chiang Mai, the town itself is pretty bustling and at times resembles a less frantic version of Bangkok.

Chiang Mai is a great place to have as a base, in which you can explore the rest of Thailand.  With direct flights to Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui you are able to have a base in the North of Thailand (much cheaper than the south) and go on mini breaks to more exotic locations.

There are several modern condos available, for exclusive rent, on AirBnB at a cost of just $10 per night if you were to consider renting for an extended period and setting up a base there for a few weeks as a hub.

Turkey Photography


Turkey has unfortunately received a lot of bad press in recent years, with terrorist attacks, political instability and social unrest bombarding the headlines.

The truth is, that whilst there are pockets of unrest, Turkey, is a place where people get along with each other very well and there is a sense of community / hospitality that instantly makes you feel welcomed into the local culture.  Whilst there are the occasional demonstrations, on the whole places such as Istanbul are incredibly safe due to the increased police presence and security measures that are now in place.

Turkey has, unfortunately, seen a rapid decline in tourism, however the majority of the country is an incredibly safe, calm and peaceful land of respect and culture.  Indeed, the Turkish people are some of the most sincerely hospitable people around.

Istanbul is the clear capital of tourism and is famous for being one of the most interesting and culturally rich places for city break in the entire world.  Then, there are the mystical lands filled with natural “fairy chimneys” in the Cappadocia region – or hidden away seaside coves such as Olympos, just a couple of hours from Antalya.

The greatest thing about Turkey, at the moment, is that due to the lull in tourism, you’ll get to experience a more authentic and traditional experience whilst reaping huge cost savings, particularly on hotels, as Turkey’s tourism infrastructure has always catered for package holidays – meaning there’s a huge supply of hotels with depleted demand; resulting in 4* Hotels costing as little as $10 per night.

Istanbul is unlike any other city in the world due to being separated by the Bosphorus Strait which divides Istanbul into two sides, on two different contents, the European Side and the Asian Side.  The European side offers the more modern side of the city, with well known brands occupying prime real estate on the busy high street whilst independent hipster bars and coffee shops can be found near the river.  Indeed, the European side has a feel of San Francisco about it, with all its unique and creative independent stores, cafes, restaurants and watering holes.

In terms of finding a property, this side of the river is where you’ll find trendy loft apartments at a quarter of the price you would pay in New York.  The Asian side, however, is a little more shabby, and this is where you’re likely to find a great deal on a property.  The Asian side has a much more “local” and rustic feel to it.

Wall of plates in the market in Fez Morocco


Marrakech is an incredibly colorful and vibrant city that is like a beacon drawing in tourists from all over the world.  The majority of people visit for just a short while, as there is an element of endurance to be had with exploring Marrakech, due to the frenetic pace, the hustle and bustle, and in the summer at least – sweltering heat.

Marrakech, for some, may feel like stepping into Disneyland, in that it is an overwhelming experience on all the senses.  Whilst it provides a stark contrast to the Western World, it is only a short hop on a cheap flight to Mainland Europe and the “new city” offers some very luxurious accommodation at an incredibly cheap price.

Marrakech can be a fantastic place to base yourself for a few weeks whilst exploring the gems of Morocco such as the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains.  A more relaxed alternative to Marrakech is Essaouira that has a more chilled out coastal vibe to the city – or further North in Fes, which has less tourists and is much smaller than Marrakech.

You may wish to visit http://www.visitmorocco.com/en in order to gauge the full extent of this fascinating country and see what areas suit you the best.

Vintage Volkswagen, Bali


If you’re heading to Indonesia, Bali isn’t one of the cheapest places you could go – and if you’ve got your eyes on the Gili Islands this is even more the case.  However, there are a number of apartments for rent that make a longer stay much cheaper; you can find more information on sites such as https://rumahdijual.com/bali/.  Bali is an incredibly vibrant island that has something for everyone; yes, it has become much more touristy in recent years and suffers with the problems of many SE Asian tourist hotspots; such as congestion and pestering from touts – but the beauty of Bali is that there are still plenty of tranquil and serene places to relax and rejuvenate… and you can still do it on the cheap!

The party area of Kuta is reasonably isolated, so if you’re looking to party – this is the place to go, and if you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is definitely the place to avoid.  If you’re wanting to trace the footsteps of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, you’ll want to head toward the sanctuary of Ubud.

Bali remains very high up on most people’s bucket lists and it is strongly encouraged you visit reasonably soon before tourism takes over.


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