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November really kicks off the season of holiday visiting with Thanksgiving and friendsgivings and “let’s do something before the holidays” get together which are really just holiday get togethers incognito. I never like to arrive empty-handed, and while I’m certainly guilty of “let’s just bring a bottle of wine,” I want to do better. I love making people laugh, and for the right people, here are my picks to give a gift with a giggle.

I watch entirely too much Housewives. I’m working my way through the franchise and just finished every New York season on Hulu. These cocktail napkins were inspired by probably the best Dorinda moment of all history.

Candles make a home. I stand by this. The scent of champagne is pretty inoffensive as scents go, and this candle don’t lie!

If you do want to go the wine route, check out these instant download labels to sass up your bottles!

Butter my butt and call my a biscuit. This is something that is actually said quite often at Pride Rock. A butter knife would be adorable to bring to Thanksgiving with something homemade to spread butter on.

Another gift that would be cute to bring with something hot and yummy you make yourself-  a potholder with Nelly lyrics!

Olives are one of my favorite snacky foods. Tie an olive fork to a jar of olives for something for your hostess to put out pre-dinner.

Dish towels are great because they get used. Bonus points if you help your hostess with cleanup.

Hangry is one of my favorite words and a serving spoon is another great gift to accompany a homemade dish.

What’s your favorite kind of gift to give or receive?



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