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When you think about the style of your wedding, it’s the little details that matter most. If you don’t keep a check on smaller details, it’s quite possible for the look of your wedding to be completely thrown off. You don’t want that, you want everything to be perfect, and it can be as long as you take care of these small details. So, let’s look at some of the features that play a part in creating the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Guests At The Wedding And Their Outfits

Believe it or not, guest outfits can completely throw off the look of your wedding. There are some simple rules that need to be followed here. One obvious rule is that only the bride should be wearing white. This really is just social etiquette, but you do get some guests pushing the boundaries with cream dresses or bridesmaids that were allowed to choose their own dresses. To save you from this issue, just make sure that there is a dress code for your wedding. You can even recommend what kind of colors people should choose for their own outfits and dresses. That way, you can make sure no one stands out. You might wonder if this is a big deal, but we promise if there is an issue, you will certainly notice it in the wedding photos.

Custom Bridesmaids Dresses in Neutrals with Contrasting Accents

Bridesmaid Dresses

You do need to make sure that the dresses of your bridesmaids don’t clash with other members of the wedding party. You have a lot of choices when choosing the style of bridesmaid dresses. If you take a look at Bill Levkoff bridesmaids dresses, you’ll see that there are a variety of different styles and other possibilities. However, for now, we need to focus on the color. You might choose to have different color dresses for each bridesmaid, and this is perfectly fine. In fact, it can look rather stunning, particularly for a summer season wedding or even spring. You just have to make sure that the colors are pastel and not so bright that they draw attention away from the bride’s dress. That’s the last thing you want.

A great way to ensure that the bridesmaid dresses fit in beautifully with the rest of the wedding is to match them to a specific part of the outfit of the groomsmen. For instance, you might match the color of the dress of the bridesmaids to the color of the groomsmen ties. Matching colors like this is a great way of ensuring that everything fits together beautifully for your wedding.

You don’t have to stop there either. You can also choose flower arrangements based on the color of outfits in the wedding party. For instance, if you have lilac bridesmaid dresses, you might want to choose tulips for your flower arrangements.

Geometric glass box Candle holder

Table Decorations

For the design of your table decorations, you need to consider whether you want them to stand out or blend rather beautifully into the background. It is often a mistake to choose decorations that stand out too much as it can take attention away from the bride which is where everyone should be focused. That’s why these days a lot of wedding designers and couples are opting for minimalistic designs with neutral shades and colors for their decorations. The decorations will still look stunning, but the colors will be subdued allowing for focus to remain on other areas. Of course, you might have the opposite issue of your table decorations looking a little dull and dreary. If that’s the case, try adding some beautiful flowers with a variety of pastel colors to each table. That’s sure to add a little more beauty to the proceedings.

Paper Flower Backdrop

Choosing The Backdrop

We’re thinking purely about the wedding photos now and making sure that the memories you’re going to treasure for years look absolutely fantastic. A lot of people think this is all about choosing the right dress, the perfect outfit or getting makeup just right. But the backdrop plays a part too. This is something that you should take into consideration when you are choosing the location for your wedding. Ask them where wedding photos can be taken and make sure you love the background. In some cases this will be outside, and in others, it will be a gorgeous sweeping staircase inside. Either way, ensure there’s no feature there that is going to stand out too much in your wedding photos.

Spring Wedding Lighting

Love Your Lighting

How about the lighting for your wedding. Specifically, we’re thinking about lighting at your wedding reception once the evening begins to wind down. If you are holding your wedding outdoors, you’ll probably need to set up your own lighting. You can hang fairy lights around the ceiling of the marquee and make sure that the place looks picturesque, even as the sun begins to set. Or, you could think about adding some more traditional lighting to your wedding. You could, if you’re not worried about the fire hazard put candles and lanterns around your wedding reception. The glow these produce can create a wonderful mood and ambiance for your wedding reception that will ensure it feels both romantic and unique.

Wedding favor tags

Bring In Nature

If you want to have special wedding decorations, try adding some small trees and plants to your ceremony. This can make it look a little more natural, and the colors will bring some life to the proceedings, ensuring your wedding looks fantastic. Make sure you ask the wedding planner first before you make this type of change and ensure you get approval from the owner of the venue.

Sequin Drapes

Add Some Drapes

Finally, you might hate the wallpaper or the paint of the room for your reception. If that’s the case, there is a way to correct the situation and decorate your wedding in the right colors. You can add some drapes to the walls, giving an extra layer of elegance to the environment and ensuring it looks stunning.


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You may have had a long week at work, it might be your birthday, or you could just feel that you deserve it! Whatever the reason, we all wish we could be whisked away for a spa weekend every now and then. Unfortunately, it can often take time to travel to a spa. They’re usually set within beautiful grounds somewhere deep in the countryside. The time it takes to get there, coupled with the expense, is enough to put anyone off a massage! What if you didn’t have to travel anywhere for the ultimate spa experience, and what if it was a fraction of the price, would you do it…

Sage Candle

Setting the Scene

There are some essential things you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere for your home spa. Let’s face it, children’s toys in the bath isn’t going to make for a very relaxing experience. The best way to transform your bathroom on a budget is to accessorize it. Buy items that will help turn the room into a tranquil spa, but can also be stored for everyday use.

Candles are a great first step. Buy scented candles to give a relaxing aroma. The key to any great spa is engaging all of the senses. Candles will help you to have dimmer lighting but also provide the key aspect of smell to help you relax and be transported. To create a really indulgent home spa, invest in some larger candles too. Little tea lights in jars are nice but some larger lanterns will really help to pull the look together. Make sure you have a good book, a stack of magazines, or a stereo outside the door. Whatever helps you to relax. Or you may just want to enjoy the silence.

Bath Bombs

The Perfect Products

Once you’ve set the perfect spa scene you’ll need to turn your attention to the products you’ll need. First and foremost make sure you buy a soap bubble bath. Choose a scented bath bomb or a simple bubble bath for you to relax and soak in. If you have any skin allergies or are worried about irritating your skin be sure to choose a hypoallergenic formula.

Next concentrate on the products you’ll need for your body. A body scrub is a good way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. You only really need to exfoliate your body once a week, so incorporate this into your spa session. The next must-have product for the perfect home spa is essential oils. If you’ve been to a spa before you’ll know that these are everywhere. Used to perform relaxing massages and soften skin, essential oils have amazing benefits. After using these oils, which are extracted from plants and flowers, your skin should look restored and fresh.

Cotton Velour Robe

Finishing Touches

The great thing about a shower is the feeling of relaxation that washed over you and lasts even after the massages have stopped. What you don’t want is to undo all the stress releasing and unwinding that happened in your home spa. Make sure that when you step outside the door the feeling of calm can come with you! Invest in a great bathrobe. Richard Haworth have some which are worthy of any home spa. You’ll want one which is luxurious, absorbent, and comfortable. Similarly, make sure you’ve laid your pajamas and a pair of slipper out ready too. You don’t want to have to start searching for nightwear after your spa session.

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When it comes to planning a wedding, you can often get a little wrapped up in things that don’t matter. Whether you’re trying to keep up with your friends, show that you have style, or ensure everyone else enjoys your day, it can all get a little too much. Weddings can be pricey, but, that doesn’t have to add to your levels of stressed.

As soon as you get engaged, instead of worrying about what everything is going to cost, why not focus on adding a level of elegance to your wedding, stead of making it expensive. Remember, you can’t buy taste, but if you have a signature style that you love, you can still achieve it without a huge influx of cash. If you’re still not sure, these tips and tricks might just save you a small fortune and allow you to enjoy your special day.

the carolove diy wedding

image source

Pick A Simple Style

First up, you’re going to want to pick a theme. Some people like to go a little wild with this, and that’s okay, as long as you can keep it in budget. But, one of the most purse friends ways of creating an elegant wedding is by keeping it simple. Some of the most beautiful weddings you’ll have attended in the past will be the most simple. Think white or ivory everything, with a hint of silver and gold. With one simple theme, you can stick to it yourself with a range of money saving ideas.

Get Crafty

One of the best ways to do that is to get crafty. Lots of elements of a wedding involve paper. From your save the dates, to your invites and even place card settings, a lot of these things you can do yourself. You just need a get a little bit crafty in the process. You can find a range of free wedding invitation templates online, along with other paper favorites, meaning that you don’t even have to be the most creative person around to make something yourself.

Dress To Impress

You can also think of money saving ways to make a room look incredible for less. For your reception, you’re going to want beautifully dressed tables. The secret is, you can do a lot of the decorating yourself to save on expensive designers or planners. Whether you sew up some chair covers yourself or add in plenty of candles, you can create a room with the look you want, just by visiting your local discount store.

Get Green Thumbed

Wedding flowers can often be a big expense. So, why not do them yourself? You might even have a family member, friend or even a friend of the family that can help you out with that. If you want to keep it simple and you have plenty of time, you could even grow your own. A beautiful, fresh and bright room doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Be Flexible

Another way to cut back on cash for your wedding, but still keep it in the style you want, is to be flexible with your options. For example, you might want amazing photographs to cherish, but a professional photographer could be charging too much. Instead, think outside the box. Do you have a friend that’s learning photography, or maybe you know of a local amateur photographer that would be willing to shoot the wedding for free or for a discounted price as experience? When you’re flexible with your options, your dollar could last a lot longer.


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In one year, I was in 4 weddings, attended two more, and was invited to one that I couldn’t go to because it was the same weekend of one I was in, so I know a thing or two about being a wedding guest. I have another wedding coming up in December, and while I won’t be able to make it to the shower, I of course want to send the gift. The bride-to-be is one of my best friends from college and her fiance is in the fraternity where I was Sweetheart and she was lettered. I’ve been thinking about things that my brides over the past year have loved and found that they’ve needed, so I’ve come up with a little list of gift ideas for brides. You can always default their registry, if need be, but I LOVE giving surprises, especially if I can get them personalized. If you’re still at a loss, Kate Spade’s entire wedding collection is on point. I usually try to do something from the registry for the shower, and something personal for the wedding, or visa versa. That way, the couple gets something they need and a total surprise!

A note about some of my picks: One my my bridal besties got herself a ring box like the one I have below. Another one wants one. Basically, it’s something that you don’t realize you need until you have those very special pieces of jewelry, especially if you’re traveling. The cookbook I have below is actually inspired by a gift I gave- a Texas bride married a Yankee chef, so I sent them a traditional southern cookbook to bring them together. I was at a loss of what to get them for a long time and I found that and it hit me. It got to them late, but less than 6 months out from the date of their wedding, which is permissible, etiquette-wise. (I looked this up- after a year, you can still send a wedding gift, just call it something else!)


1.Mini Ring Box||2.Satin Short-Sleeve Shirt and Shorts||3.Creative Co-Op Heart Shaped Tray||4.Personalized Venn Diagram Cutting Board||5.Darling point crystal champagne glasses||6.Mud Pie Vintage Wedding Cake Server Set||7.Ever After Wedding Guestbook||8.Wedding belles bridal coin purse||9.Wedding belles bride 2 be iris||10.Wedding belles travel passport holder||11.Bridal planner||12.Jack Rogers Sparkle Thong Sandal||13.Bride and Groom Entertaining Cookbook||13.Set Of Three Candles||14.Invitation Bridal Picture Frame

Pick gifts here for your dearest Mommy.OASAP offers you an extra $6 off orders over $49 with coupon DM6, and the free express shipping for orders over $120.


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