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Originally posted on Little Bitty City One 3/8/16

Remember last week or whenever how it got nice? And then it freaking SNOWED at the end of the week? And it wasn’t even nice snow it was gobs of slush. Gross. I was so ready for the week to end already and that was just the ice(ing) on the cake.

Anyway, I guessss it’s ok because it gave me a chance (maybe my last one of the season) to rock my Topshop from Nordstrom leopard fur coat (last seen here). I wanted to be both cozy and cute as I slid into the weekend and I think I got this.

Now, let’s talk weekend essentials. You know I love a good backpack, but the one I got last year was a little small. Hi gorgeous Eddie Borgo for Target Backpack in Thunder. The backpack so nice that my mom bought me the same one. And if you’re constantly on the go like me, you probably have a snack or two in your bag. When Myprotein asked if I could try some of their products, I jumped at the chance. I ordered Protein Cookies in white almond, Protein Chox in caramel nut, and their 100% peanuts peanut butter. I’ll be honest, the cookies were a little too almond-y for me, it was almost overpowering. And I could really taste whatever extra protein was in it. But the chox were great! They taste like a heartier snickers and are definitely better for your if you’re like me and have a 3:30 in the afternoon chocolate craving. The peanut butter? On apples, one of my favorite snacks/ deserts.

How do you get ready for the weekend?


Overlapped triangles earrings c/o ezra||Similar leopard coats here, here, here||Eddie Borgo for Target Backpack in Thunder||Similar knit scarves here, here, here||Similar raw quartz necklaces here, here, here||Wine sweaters here, here, here||Vegan Leather Tuxedo-Stripe Leggings (very similar)||OTK boots here, here, here

Thank you to Myprotein + ezra for the gifted goodies in the post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to my readers for supporting the businesses that support LBC1!


Originally posted on Little Bitty City One

I think the worst part of seasonal transitions (besides the allergies) is trying to figure out how the heck to dress. When I put this outfit on last week, it wasn’t because it was perfect planned. It was a happy accident after standing in front of my closet in silence for approximately 20 hours and trying on several million combinations or skirts and tops and tights and boots. That may be an exaggeration- but this was at least the third outfit that I attempted. I was pretty happy with it.

The coat actually made its debut last year, but I upgraded the buttons to a tortie/ gold combo and it just feels way more lush. If there has been an upside to this drawn-out winter, it’s that I’m actually getting to wear the coats that I couldn’t when, you know, it was 75 degrees on Christmas.


Pearl studs||Black pearl choker||Blush coats under $100 here, here, here||similar sweater here||similar skirts here, here||similar sunnies here||Oversized Fabric Bow Belt||Black booties here, here, here||Gia bag c/o [use code LBC1 for 25% off]



I have some really awesome news, you guys!  I’M GOING TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! I had briefly thought about going a while back, but the idea seemed overwhelming. I’ll admit it- I’m really not a fashion blogger, but a style & lifestyle blogger. I blog about the things I like that work for me in hope of inspiring other women to love and cultivate their own style.

But then I got a very unexpected invite to the Yuna Yang show, and everyone was basically like, go, Caro, go! I really never expected myself to ever get an invite to a NYFW show, and that really feels like a huge honor to me. I definitely got some anxiety of thinking I must have been invited by mistake or something because I’m not a big blogger and usually am afraid of not being good enough- but I think to get to that point I need to jump at chances like this one- right? So my RSVP has been sent and I’m goooooing!

As of this moment, I’m not sure what my plans are or who I’m going with, if anyone. Any tips from past attendees would be appreciated. (or if you’re in the DC area and heading up around the 11th, let me know!)

This is probably the kind of thing I’ll wear- simple with pops of color (and likely leopard). I toyed with the idea of going totally street style- but I don’t want to look cartoon-ish, so unless I can be styled by Kelly Dempsey, I’ll leave that to the pros and go with what I know.

the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress the carolove black-ruffle-hem-a-line-dress

Outfit details:

Black 3/4 Sleeve Ruffle Hem A Line Dress: SheIn||Gina Boot: Bella Marie||Coat: Loft||Bag: Coach outlet||Necklace: BaubleBar

Recreate my look:

I’m not going to lie, yesterday did not start off all that swimmingly for me. If you saw my Instagram post, you know that I woke up over and hour later than I wanted because I forgot to set my alarm. Then, as I was going to put on my boots, I about kicked a dead mouse. In my bedroom. I swear to you I have never moved so fast in my life and I think I jumped from my closet to my bed faster than you can say OMGADEADMOUSE. Luckily, Kendall was my hero and disposed of the furry intruder and my apartment complex sent someone over immediately to assess the situation (like- I emailed them on my way to work and they were there by 10am).

Despite the rattling to my system, I somehow made it into work 15 minutes early with that I HAVE ARRIVED feeling. I was out for most of last week, and the two days I was there were casual, so it was really nice to saunter into my firm in a new skirt, new coat, and the most amazing set of pearls from Pearl & Clasp. All day long I was getting compliments on my Sari necklace, and it was really nice after having spent the better part of last week sick and in coze clothes. I had more than one person stop me to ask about my necklace, and the word “mermaid” was thrown around a couple times.

Pearl & Clasp is actually a business started by two mothers with 10 kids between them that saw firsthand that women need to look stylish, even if they don’t have unlimited funds or time to shop. Pearl & Clasp was born from the need for busy women to get unique jewelry and professional jewelry repairs without wasting valuable time or overspending at their local boutique jewelry store. To meet these needs, neighbors Tara and Sari partnered with an experienced jeweler in New York’s Diamond District to provide restringing and jewelry repair services to women nationwide.

At Pearl & Clasp, women can send in their pearls for restringing and have them delivered back to their door via FedEx or USPS without having to make a mad dash to the jewelry store during their lunch break or in between carpool runs. By opting for a practical workroom and a website-based business instead of an expensive storefront, Pearl & Clasp keeps its costs low and its quality high, making expert pearl restringing services and quality pearl jewelry with unique designs available to women in every state at the most affordable prices. You can visit their workroom in New York and to see firsthand how every pearl necklace and pearl bracelet is restrung by hand, and how attention to detail is at the core of every knot they make.

I always feel more like a fancy lady when I’m wearing a set of pearls, and my Sari necklace is just so unique! What pieces do you love to make you feel more polished?

the carolove pearl & clasp

Outfit details:
KARL LAGERFELD PARIS Asymmetrical Zip Coat: Lord + Taylor||MICHAEL Michael Kors Petite Printed Ponte Pencil Skirt: Macy’s||BANDOLINO Camme – Wide Calf Leather Boots: Lord + Taylor||Backpack: Betsey Johnson||Bow: Icing||The Sari c/0 Pearl & Clasp
Recreate my outfit:


Thank you to Pearl & Clasp for gifting me with the gorgeous Sari necklace! All opinions are my own, but I did sample their “about me” for more information about the company. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support The CaroLøve.

DC winters come on like sleep and love- very slowly and then allatonce. It seemed to me like we went from 60 to 18 degrees RULL fast and despite the fact that I hate being hot more than anything, being freezing comes in close second. Thankfully, we have warm coats, cozy blankets, Starbs, and adorable sweaters to warm us up.

I also find that clothes are just more fun in the fall/ winter. In summer I’m just like yo pass me a sun dress so I can wear as little as possible with the least amount of effort. In the winter, I get to layer and play around with patterns and textures and FUR. This outfit was actually what I wore for my department Christmas luncheon. Even though it’s casual dress at my firm all week, I wanted to be a little festive. Enter the sweater I knew I HAD to have from Whistle & Wild. I sat on ordering this for a bit until Amanda told me she only had one size left. It’s now sold out! #sadface. But she has a other adorable sweaters- you can check them out here. Don’t forget now, her online store is more like a boutique in that it carries a smaller collection, so if you see something you love, grab it before it’s gone! I love that it’s a sassy sweater and a different color for me. I think I like the burnt orange though!

My coat is from last year, Nordstrom on Black Friday and love at first sight. The earmuffs, despite matching perfectly, were an impulse buy last week. I can’t find them online, but here is a leopard pair and here is a cat ear pair. (Head to the Forever 21 in City Center if you want the exact same that I have!) Basically I love being bundled up as long as my personality can shine through my layers. I think I got that covered with the quirky earmuffs that match my coat.

Sweater: Whistle & Wild||Coat: Nordstrom [last year]||Earmuffs: Forever 21||Skirt: Loft [last year]||Leather Boots: Lord + Taylor||Alice bag c/0 Urban Expressions {use code CLOVE25 for 25% off your Urban Expressions purchase}

 graphic sweaters under $100