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This post is so tardy to the party and I apologize. A few weeks ago, for our October meetup, Bubbles & Bloggers hosted and intimate chat at Mission with Ashlee of Cobolt Chronicals and Contracts for Creatives.

Bloggers are told time and time again that they should have a contract when working with brands. This is something I have ignored the teensy-est bit, and I’ve gotten away with it because the brands I work with an myself have been good at delivering our end of the bargain. Plus, I figured that since our terms are outlined in an email, that’s basically a contract, right?


While I was totally stoked to find out that a contract doesn’t have to be created by a lawyer to make it binding, it does need to be signed and dated by both parties.  Ashlee filled us in with what it takes to have a good contract in the blogging world, and I feel confident that I can put together a contract of my own. However, I would probably have her review it to be safe, which is one of the services she offers. Definitely check her out if you need legal help with your blog!

But let’s go back for a second to “I can put together a contract of my own”. This blog, and the ones that came before it (Getting Warped, Case of the Mondays, and Little Bitty City One) has been a total learning and growing experience. Yes, I was inspired by bloggers to start my own, but I’ve done it pretty much solo since then. This is absolutely not to discredit the friends I’ve bounced content with, traded photo-shoots with, and shared resources with, but when it comes down to it, The CaroLøve is all me.

I’ve figured out how to do a little bit of coding, found the plugins to make my blog go my way, played with what works and what doesn’t. When I grew out of Little Bitty City One, I started The CaroLøve as a blank canvas. Even that has evolved. I don’t want my blog or myself to stop growing and I probably spend about 5 hours a week reading articles on blog growth or technology etc.

So hear this, fellow bloggers- when you’re feeling a little slumpy, look back on everything you’ve done, achieved, created. Be proud of it, but don’t become complacent. Thank the friends who have helped you along the way, but don’t discount how much you really have done on your own.

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