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When I was little, I lived in denim dresses + overalls the way I live in striped t shirt dresses + AEO jeggings now. When I got a little older, honestly, after September 11th, I wore only patriotic themed clothes from Limited Too and Tommy Hilfiger. This was around the time I really started going to concerts and my concert uniform was this great pair of TH jeans that were inappropriate for a 7th grader low cut with the American flag spray painted down one leg and bedazzled with a peace sign. I liked to wear them with a white longsleeved t that said THTHTHTHTH all over it in red, white, and blue sparkles. I was stylin‘. I’m sure Aaron Carter, Jump 5, and Dream Street appreciated my fashion sense every time I finagled my way on or backstage.

I adore that fun denim is making a comeback. I think the most fun thing about fashion right now is it’s kind of anything goes. We can all admit the the 90s/ 2000s were not the best places on the fashion timeline, but crazy pieces that we remember with disdain are coming back retooled and restyled to fit better and look more chic,  although it is a little crazy to me that the same look I got from Limited Too is going for upwards of $300.

Between patches, frays, flairs, and overalls- I can’t decide what my favorite flashback style is! I might just need to try them all. Heaven knows that my short frame combined with my booty makes denim difficult, so likely they won’t all work for me. One of my best friends has been telling me for years that overalls aren’t flattering on anyone, but I’m going to politely disagree until I can try on a pair for myself. I’m also making myself a new patch jacket since the one I’d had for.ev.er. literally disintegrated on me last spring. Can’t wait to debut it!

the carolove denim

1.Velvet Heart Toni Cotton Patched Trucker Jacket||2.Afternoon Denim Jacket||3.NY Collection Cotton Patched Denim Jacket

4.Ripped Blue Denim Overalls||5.Blank NYC – Denim Short Overalls||6.Denim Overalls With Inside Bandana Print

7.Women’s Topshop Denim Pinafore Dress||8.Women’s Mavi Jeans Supersoft Denim Dress

9.WILLIAM RAST Patch Big Spring Wash Straight-Leg Jeans||10.Blue Distressed Ripped Embroidered Patch Jeans||11.The Billie High-Rise Cotton Patched Rolled Boyfriend Jean

12.Women’s Sun & Shadow Fringe Cuff Crop Jeans||13.Juniors Denim Skirt With Patches||14.Blank Denim App Happy Straight Jeans

Originally posted on Little Bitty City One 2/24/16

This may be my favorite shoot of all time ever for several reasons. Firstly, Dani of Blonde in the District is a joy to work with and a total sweetie. She actually organized the brunch for a little group of us at Ambar– there were new bloggers and experienced bloggers and in betweens, like me. No judgment of anything that anyone was doing, just advice and problems we’ve all had and a great feeling of girl-power. I actually got some amazing advice from Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen. I’m going to paraphrase here but when I told her that recently I’d felt discouraged and even considered saying goodbye to LBC1, she told me to not give up on my blog, but since it’s mine all mine, mold it to be exactly what I want it to be. There is no right or wrong here.

Secondly, Dani picked this amazing spot for our shoot. The Fridge is a cool gallery down by Eastern Market, and apparently their mural outside changes all the time. I can’t wait to go back.

Thirdly, I was kinda diggin’ my outfit. It was actually decently warm on Saturday, and I was so happy to be without the bulky coat.I’ve been doing so much business casual on my blog that it was fun to break away from that. I’m also obsessed with my little milk purse. For whatever reason, I’ve wanted a milk carton purse for like a year. Kate Spade had one, Betsey Johnson had one, SkinnyDip London had one… and I wanted one, but didn’t want to spend a ton on a novelty bag. Hi Amazon.com for under $10 🙂



ok- so this is technically an outtake- but this may be my favorite


photos c/o Blonde in the District

Aerie poncho [last seen here]; similar here, here, here||almost identical Milk carton purse||Stack: Wanderer Cuff; Kendra Scott Colorbar bracelet; Mini Cone Stud Stretch Bracelet||ECENTRCQ sneakers||leather leggings here, here, here


Madison Reed

Originally posted on 6/15/16 on Little Bitty City One

I have said before that sprinkles are the glitter of food, and I stand by that, but back before the days of instagram, I genuinely loved pink frosted donuts with sprinkles for, you know, eating. They meant weekend. They meant that Candace and I had behaved well at church and after church. They meant that we were on our way home to probably watch Teen Witch or Troop Beverly Hills for the hundredth time. Yes, they photograph well, but pink frosted donuts give me a sense of childhood and the simple pleasures that made my little world go round. I like that I can go into any Dunkin in the country for a quick sugar fix.

My firm actually used to do a donut Friday every week, but we traded that for a full time barista bar so I can’t complain. I decided to have my own donut Friday last week and rock this awesome Modcloth t shirt for the first time. The clutch may be a little much with it, but I donut care.


Shirt from Modcloth sold out [other donut shirts here, here, here]||Pixie Chino Stay White Mid-Rise Pants for Women||Necklace from Eastern Market||Doughnut clutch||Jack Rogers custom sandals||Custom Kendra Scott bracelet||Wanderer Cuff


One of the absolute coolest things about having a blog is building relationships with brands  that I might not know about otherwise. Boho Betty reached out to me a little bit ago about forming a partnership, and I jumped at the chance to work with them.

Little Caro fact: I can count on one hand, and specifically remember one time, that I have been without a bracelet since I was 14. When Candace died, her best friends put their heads together and came up with a simple design for a silver ID bracelet: CLD <3 4EVER. I’m now on my second bracelet and you can barely make out the inscription on this one because, like I said, I NEVER take it off. Even if I’m not wearing another stitch of jewelry, I always have on my bracelet.

In high school, I stacked my stack miles high with other bracelets, that famous yellow Livestrong band included. I got away from that a little in college when my sorority advisor warned me about over-accessorizing for recruitment events. I’m starting to stack again, mostly with Stella & Dot, but Boho Betty takes the bracelet game up a notch. They have a bunch of pre-stacked options, and you can shop by color or style.

But you want to know the best part? You can save 20% on your BoHo Betty purchases by using the code THECAROLOVE20!

boho betty wrap bracelets

1.Buffalo Cuff Bracelet||2.Cool Girl Cuff Bracelet||3.Rodeo Cuff Bracelet||4.Lynx Faux Suede Wrap Bracelet||5.Puma Faux Suede Wrap Bracelet||6.Cougar Faux Suede Wrap Bracelet||7.Belize Cuff Bracelet||8.Mandarin Cuff Bracelet||9.Kruger Leather Bangle||10.Candy Dazzler Double Wrap Bracelet||11.Glampagne Shine Single Wrap Bracelet||12.Summer Paparazzi Single Wrap Bracelet||13.Angel Fish Double Wrap Bracelet||14.Gold Mesh Cuff Bracelet||15.Trigger Fish Double Wrap Bracelet

I do make commission if my code THECAROLOVE20 is used for 20% of your BoHo Betty purchase. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support The CaroLøve.