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While the enjoyable festive season has arrived, most people will also have one eye on January and the new start that 2018 will offer. This year, though, why not go one better than the New Year’s resolutions that will inevitably be ruined before the end of March?

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Essentially, those resolutions are made in a bid to enhance your life. Rather than trying to change yourself into someone else, it’s far better to evolve into the best possible version of you. Here are some of the greatest ways to do this in style.

Add The Word Happy To Healthy Living

‘Losing weight’ and ‘getting fit’ are the most common resolutions by a considerable distance. While many people will see results from their diets and gym routines in the early weeks, the majority will give up before summer. In most cases, it’s because their new lifestyles are missing one key ingredient: fun.

To truly implement a new lifestyle routine, it needs to be sustainable. Starving yourself or slogging away with routines you hate will not work for the long haul. This guide to making healthy eating fun should have a huge impact on your situation. Similarly, dance classes and team sports can be the more enjoyable route for exercise.

In truth, adding the fun factor is likely to slow the speed of your transformation. However, the destination is far more important than the journey time. If the more enjoyable approach can unlock greater long-term results, you’d be a fool to ignore it. Above all else, this will keep a smile on your face through the process too. What more incentive could anybody ask for?

Spend Money More Wisely

Financial worries are the most common form of stress for the modern generations. As such, many start a new year with the goal of progressing their career. While this is an ambition that should not be abandoned, there is a more accessible way to bolster financial health. The answer is to reduce needless financial waste.

There’s nothing wrong with spending money in this life or even paying premium rates for premium quality. Still, reducing household bills and using cutbacks that won’t cause negative impacts to your lifestyle can only be positive. Likewise, changing your outlook on life to see that the affordable option is sometimes as useful as the expensive one can bring a telling impact.

Utilizing resources in a more efficient will help the cause too. This could mean selling unwanted goods or upcycling old materials. Alternatively, it may just involve making smarter home upgrade decisions. As long as financial health enters your mind at all times, your approach to money will evolve nicely. While this isn’t the most important thing in the world, it’s significance cannot be ignored.

Quit Bad Habits In The Sustainable Manner

Aside from incorporating positive additions, you may use the start of a new year as a chance to drop bad habits. These can range from gambling addictions to excessive drinking or even biting your nails. Different situations require varying approaches. Whatever the specific item might be, though, your actions should be geared towards a sustained outcome.

Without question, smoking is the most common feature on resolution lists. Just quitting at the click of your fingers isn’t a viable option for many people, but this vaping overview should open your eyes to a better solution. Making the switch is a positive step in itself, and may ease you into ending the dependency altogether. Meanwhile, discussion groups can be a great weapon in the war against this problem.

Whatever you do, be sure to take each challenge one day at a time. Otherwise, you may find that it all becomes a little overawing. For the sake of your sanity as well as your hopes of success, getting this element right is vital. Until you successfully master this aspect, none of the progress made elsewhere will seem truly rewarding.

Work On The Positives

A lot of people try to take on New Year’s resolutions that are simply unobtainable. In many cases, you can have a positive impact on your life by focusing on maximized success in areas that already boast a strong starting point.

This could take many forms from becoming a better worker to focusing more on celebrating your relationship. The latter is arguably the most important factor of all, and is one that regularly goes undervalued. Even if it’s only by adding a weekly date night at home, there’s no doubt that improvements in this part of your life will bring fantastic results. For both of you.

Apart from anything else, those strong foundations in these areas mean you should start to reap the full rewards far sooner. Use this as a starting point before turning your attentions back to much bigger challenges. After all, success breeds success, and this tip will keep your mindset in a far stronger position.

Make Better Use Of Your Time

With any standard resolution, you’re actively looking to incorporate something new and better into your life. Whatever those targets might look like, it’s safe to say that using time in a more efficient manner will make it easier. Frankly, mastering this element will turn you into a far more productive person, which should lead to a host of benefits. As far as personal improvement is involved, this is top of the agenda.

Taking greater control over your organizational skills is the perfect starting point. Embracing routines enables you to avoid the threat of wasting time. Perhaps more crucially, though, you should alter your approach to sleep. A good rest makes a world of difference to your productivity throughout the day ahead and leaves you with increased energy. Do not get it wrong.

We only get one shot at this life, and the desire to do more with it is the reason we make those resolutions in the first place. When you use your time well, there can be no regrets. Quite frankly, that’s all anyone could ever ask for from 2018. Or indeed any other.


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Winter is upon us and you might already be feeling the bite. We all know how much fun the holiday season can be but there are downsides and challenges that need to be fought as well. Your wellbeing and general health should be at the forefront of your mind this season because you will enjoy the festivities and fun much more if you’re feeling positive and healthy each day.

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It’s not always obvious what you should be doing in winter to look after yourself and your wellbeing and that’s why this guide has been put together to help you out and clear things up. Don’t view these ideas as hassles or chores because they’re for your benefit. Without further ado, here’s what you should do this winter if you really care about yourself and your overall wellbeing.


Prevent the Cold Drying Out Your Skin With Face Masks

Your skin is particularly vulnerable to the cold of winter so it makes sense to take better care of it during the season ahead. Face masks are your ideal weapon against the effects the winter cold can have on your skin. They can replenish it and keep it properly moisturized; that’s exactly what you need because people often find that their facial skin dries out during the winter months.

Curb the Habits You Tend to Indulge in More Regularly During Winter

Our bad habits tend to be magnified and accentuated during the winter months. We eat more bad food, we drink more alcohol and we might even indulge in a little more social smoking than we normally would. If you want to curb your smoking habit ahead of the festivities, go to ecigwizard.com and consider using e-cigarettes. You should also pay more attention to your drinking habits. There is nothing wrong with indulging a little, but don’t let it go too far.

Start Each Winter’s Morning With Protein and Vegetables

The way you start your day is even more important during the winter because you don’t want the cold and bitterness to wear you down before you even reach your lunch break. Your body will be in a much better position to cope with the challenges of the day if you begin each winter’s morning with a breakfast of proteins and vegetables. Meat and eggs are good, and you can combine these with antioxidant-rich foods such as kale.

Sleeping mask

Boost Your Immune System by Getting More Sleep

Your immune system needs to be stronger during winter than at any time of the year because of the number of germs and viruses flying through the air. Not many people realize this but the amount of sleep you get has a direct impact on the strength of your immune system so make sure you put a special emphasis on the amount of sleep you get this winter. It might just help you to prevent those nasty illnesses.

Keep Your Mind Stimulated With Creative Projects

Let’s face it; we often end up sitting around, eating a lot and not doing much else when the holiday season comes around each year. That’s not what you should be doing if you want to keep your mental health in good shape; mental stimulation is key to your wellbeing so give your mind a workout. You can visit www.melyssagriffin.com if you’re in need of some ideas for creative projects to take on.

Take Some Time Out in the Country

Taking some time out in the country can be a massive relief if you’re used to spending winter in the city. It allows you to step back from the busy streets and Christmas shoppers, and you can instead make the most of the natural environment and feel a little more at ease and less mentally exhausted. The country has the fresh air and the lack of people that you need when city life is getting you down.

Make the Most of Time With Your Loved Ones

This is what the festive season should be all about. It’s the time of the year when family members who might not see each other all that much during the rest of the year come together to enjoy Christmas and New Year, or whichever other religious festivals might be celebrated in your home. Make the most of that time together because it will improve your relationships and your own mental wellbeing and life fulfillment going forward.

Winter can be harsh and hard to deal with at times so don’t lose sight of what matters most: you. Each of the ideas discussed here will help you look after yourself better and keep your body and mind in top shape.



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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!