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With summer just around the corner, many minds will be drifting to the beach. If you are lucky enough to have a holiday by the sea planned, now is a great opportunity to check out the different fashion trends that are out there and start preparing to look your best while you are sunning yourself on the shores. So, let’s take a look at some of the top ways that you can get yourself beach-ready.

Mermaid Squad Shirt

A Pretty Pedicure

With your toes sinking into the warm sand and being lapped by the ocean, it only makes sense that your feet look as good as they can while you are on the beach! Your best way of doing this is by getting a pedicure before you get to the beach – they will feel all the better when you first step foot on the sand! Finish things off with the nice, warming nail polish color like a pastel pink or fiery coral.

A Bold New Hair Color

Since you will be spending so much time out in the sun, it is a good idea for your hair to look sun-kissed before you actually get there! There is no doubt that giving your hair a refresh is one of the best ways that you can get ready for a beach holiday. If there is a particular colour that you has seemed too daring in the past, now is the time to be bold and go for it! If you’re afraid of anything too permanent, I cannot recommend Celeb Luxury products highly enough. I’ve done the silver and the lavender and when I get tired of it, it washes totally out within a week! Look for ways that you can enhance your hair whether through new products or a fresh cut. That summer look is all about hair you can run your fingers through.

Give Your Legs Some TLC

As so much of your legs will be on show, you will want to make sure that they look their best when you are striding along the sand. You will want to start by shaving them, perhaps with a new razor from https://99centrazor.com/ which has the added bonus of donating some of their profits to rescue animals. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin, you can do so with a dry brushing technique. You should also get into good habits of moisturizing your skin on a regular basis in the weeks and days leading up to your beach trip.

Don’t Forget the Sun Lotion

Though many people go to the beach with the aim of bronzing their skin, there is no doubt that the burnt look is not appealing to anyone. Plus, you are putting yourself at risk of all kinds of skin conditions. So, make sure you regularly apply sun lotion with a high SPF factor that keeps you protected from the damage that the sun can cause.

Go Bright with Your Lipstick

Since the weather is bright, it makes sense that you try to match it wherever you can. Adding some hot pink lipstick to your usual makeup is a simple technique but one that can work wonders for you and really gives you the standout appearance you are looking for.


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There are so many reasons why women want to exercise, especially in the build up to the summer months. Most women do it to trim their unwanted belly fat, or lose weight in general, or get their legs that little bit more toned, shape their arms more or get that six-pack they keep seeing on the covers of women’s health magazines. These are the most common reasons why, as well as health reasons because, well, heart disease doesn’t sound like much fun.

What most women don’t realize, however, are the other benefits they are reaping from doing exercise. Without even realizing it, you are eating from the buffet of beautification and it is amazing, it is part of the reason it makes our list of things you should do everyday. So, if you’re struggling with getting out of the bed and just doing your everyday exercise then we recommend that you give a little thought to these beautiful bonus benefits because they’ll make you leap from your mattress like a spring lamb.

Workout Womans Gym Tank Top

The Glow

If you’re relying on lotions and potions to make your skin glow then you are wasting your money because nothing nourishes your skin and revitalizes your look more than exercise. Seriously. Instead of putting a face mask on try going for a jog to give you skin a burst of oxygenated blood that boosts your glow instantly. Yes, running is great for your heart and health in general, but it makes you look vibrant and beautiful too.

The Ageing Process

You may be thinking to yourself, this is nothing new, and you are right. Exercise has been known to reverse the effects of aging for a long time now. But it isn’t just your mental aging process that gets a lovely turnaround, it is your physical appearance too. Yeah, we are talking about the saggy boob worry that all women worry about. Don’t worry, though, there are solutions and they include exercise. Chest press, push-ups,  arm raises; they all help strengthen your chest muscles which improve firmness and shape of your boobs. Is there any more motivation to get to the gym than knowing it is going to make your boobs look better.

The Cellulite

Exercise doesn’t just tone your legs and allow you to get that dreamy snapshot of your slim pins as a silhouette against some gorgeous sunset. Oh no. Exercise, especially activities like yoga, can actually smooth out your spongy thighs. The science is complex, but yoga basically helps lymph (the fluid that carries white blood cells, remember) flow more freely through fatty areas, which flushes out toxins and thus reduces cellulite. That is what we all want to hear, right? Ba-bye cellulite.

The Hair

Yup, yup, yup. Exercise can also give your hair that much-needed workout it needs and help you get those luscious locks you have visited many a salon to get. How can this be possible? Well, exercise improves blood flow around your body, including the blood flow to your scalp. This then works to keep your hair healthier and stronger, and it will look that way too. Not only that, but exercise has been known to punch stress in the face, and that will also help your hair look simply stunning.


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As you’re probably already aware, there are a lot of people out there who don’t feel very confident about the way they look at the moment. It may be a deep-seated thing that really damages their self-esteem, or it may be something much simpler. In any case, trying out something new can be a pretty attractive thing to do – but it can also be a little daunting!

When people start thinking along these lines, the word “makeover” often comes to mind. But when people think about makeovers, they usually think of something quite extreme. They imagine those reality shows where someone looks completely different at the end of the hour-long program.

Of course, how far people want to take a change in their look can depends quite a lot of what their level of confidence is. People often start thinking about makeovers because someone else has said something about their appearance that wasn’t very kind.

So the first thing you should probably ask yourself is why you want a change in style. Is it just because someone else has said something unkind about what you look like? If you like your style, then you shouldn’t be discouraged just because of them. A change in style should only occur if you really want it to. (Although it could be argued that you should do it if your current style isn’t going to land you your dream job, or something like that!)

Perhaps the simplest ways in which people change their style is by reviewing the sort of clothing they usually wear. Do you tend to stick to the same kind of color scheme all the time? It’s worth seeing if you would fit any other colors. In any case, you could consider giving a wardrobe a ‘purge’. If there’s anything you feel you don’t want to wear anymore, consider packing them away or even giving them to charity. (Or a friend who’s always been envious of your wardrobe!) This will help you make room for some new purchases.

Remember, though, that a change in style doesn’t always necessitate changing your outfit styles. In fact, a lot of people avoid this simply because it’s the most expensive way to change your style, even if it seems like the simplest, at first. One thing you should consider that’s even easier is changing up your accessories – or adding some if you don’t have any already! Jewellery is probably the simplest and most effective. Bags are often recommended, but you’re not always going to be using bags when you’re out and about, so they won’t always signify your style the way you want them to!

One accessory to which you should give some thought is glasses. Of course, to most people, glasses aren’t exactly an accessory – glasses are something they need! Still, thinking about them like accessories can help you decide how they will fit in with a style change. Perhaps you want to look into getting a new pair, or maybe eschewing glasses altogether by getting some contact lenses. Heck, maybe you don’t wear glasses but think they would look good with your new look. In that case, consider looking into some clear-lens glasses. Most places that sell glasses will do them, but they’re much easier to find and buy online. (Be careful, though; you can’t exactly try them on first if you do it that way!)

Perhaps the biggest and scariest thing to commit to when it comes to style changes is a new haircut. After all, it’s not exactly something you can just put on and take off! A lot of people feel like they want to change their hair up a bit, but they’re unsure of what they should get or whether it would look good. If you’re in such a position, you should consider going to a costume shop and trying on some wigs. Seriously. It may sound odd but this really can be the best way to ‘trial’ a hairstyle before making a commitment! When people think of wigs in costume shops, they usually think of the sort of comic and impossible hairstyles you see at fancy dress parties, but there are plenty of sensible and ‘realistic’ wigs out there that emulate hairstyles that are actually feasible! This could be an effective way of making sure a given hairstyle would look good on you before you head to a hairdresser and let them approach your do!

Remember: trying to change up your style is admirable, but you shouldn’t let it take over your life. You can make stylistic changes gradually, instead of shocking everyone you know by approaching them with a completely new look!

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Among the many and inspiring fashions for the spring/summer season, it is impossible not to have spotted the super bright trends that are taking over the catwalks like a rainbow on a dull day. Color is everywhere, and everything can become a bold and bright accessory to mark your love for colors. Because, if we are honest, it is difficult not to love colors. Of course, a full-on bright fashion trend is not for everyone – it’s tricky to feel confident enough to pull out some of the catwalk’s looks – but it doesn’t mean that you should be happy in a world of neutrals and dull colors. After all, 50 Shades of Gray was never a reference for the fashion that women love to wear every day. We, ladies, are not boring, and therefore we should totally embrace this bright wave of positivity that is spreading through the fashion world. Thankfully, fashion is a wonderful thing: You can use smart accents, accessories and beauty styles as well as clothes to create your own sense of fashion. In short, if you’re not one to wear a bright yellow dress, that’s fine. Maybe a bright belt will do the trick just as nicely. Let’s have a look at how you can best let the colors into your world.

Friends Over Pho Midi Skirt

So Much Choice

For a start, they are more colors that we have words for them. In truth, there is even such a thing as a shade of paint called dead salmon, so you can imagine that designers have come up with more colors than we can name. Therefore, it can be a little overwhelming at first to pick the most suitable color for your personality – unless you already have favorite colors, of course. As silly as it might sound, sometimes all you need is to identify with the energy of a color scheme to know what’s right for you. Sounds complicated? Imagine that each color is associated with a personality trait, such as vermilion for people who are warm, helpful and welcoming, for example. Your choice of colors often says something about you, even if it only unconsciously. So it can be helpful to find out what people think of different color schemes so that you’re not sending the wrong message.

Colorful Accessory That Goes With Nothing And Everything

The easiest and quirkiest way to embrace the bright fashion is to pick a fashion accessory that is out of the ordinary. For example, you can have a look at colorful jewelry, such as the custom-made bracelet from the Kendra Scott color bar. This could be your bright fashion accent. When you pick a colorful accessory, it’s likely that it will not always be fully coordinated with the rest of your clothes. But it is exactly what the bold, colorful fashion trend is about. So be brave and don’t be afraid of clashing. If you are naturally shy, pick a small accessory, such as a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a belt. If you are feeling more confident, go bold and look for a bright and joyful handbag or a pair of bright pink or green shoes.

Simple Colorful Everyday Item

Not everyone likes the idea of changing their style to embrace a new fashion trend, however appealing it might be. But you don’t need to change your wardrobe to go bright. If you are a gadget lover, you can find plenty of brightly colored high-tech gear online – check first for discounted prices online via DontPayFull.com, though – from a step-counter to an activity-tracker for fitness enthusiasts, or maybe the latest smartphone model in blue, red, or gold if you’re not into fitness. You can bring colors to your world without breaking the bank with bright and playful covers for your IT gadgets. In short, just because you want to roll on with the color fashion, it doesn’t mean that you should be buying a brand new wardrobe. You can use colorful everyday items that are not part of your outfit too. After all, fashion is what you make of it.

That One Piece Of Clothing You Need

It may seem tricky to bring bright fashion into the workplace if you want to introduce colorful clothes, but you can be playful while staying decent. The easiest way to add a touch of color without going against the dress code is to pick one colorful item, let’s say a skirt, and to combine it with a formal blouse. Or if you want to brighten up your wardrobe in a simple and effective way, you can have a look for one colorful cardigan or a bright pair of shoes. Thus you can stick to a formal business outfit, such as the classic little black dress, and avoid any negative comment from the management or the HR department.

A Bold Hairstyle To Brighten Up The Day

If you are lucky enough to add a bright pop of color to your everyday lifestyle without fearing from being reprimanded by your boss, do seize the opportunity to dye your hair. Current trends are varying from a playful dip and dye hairstyle in delightful green, blue, pink and purple tones, to a full-on rainbow head, such as seen on TheRightHairstyles.com. The effect goes from edgy to funky, and it’s up to you – and your hairdresser – what you pick. Although there are a few things to remember: Purple shades are better suited for dark hair, while pink, mermaid, and orange are better for blondes. However, with a bit of magic and a lot of careful treatment, you can get away with almost any color on your head.

Why Do You Need Colors?

Finally, it’s worth asking ourselves why colors are so important in the current fashion trend. In reality, colors have always been important, because they affect the brain and the mind in different ways.  For example, blue is naturally associated with space and calm, while red is a passionate color that indicates love and affection. People react emotionally to colors, and their presence can lift your mood significantly. In short, while you may not need to ditch the classic black dress, but you should add a touch of sentiment to it.

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There’s very little about a wedding that’s easy and stress-free. Trying to pick out the right attire for the day is certainly not going to be one example! Most weddings are, to a great extent, about putting on a show and feeling glamorous for a day, so this really puts the pressure on when it comes to choosing the right dresses and accessories.

Fortunately for you, this here is an epic guide to making sure you pick the wedding attire that’s right for you on your big day! It’s something that’s worth reading well in advance to ensure you have the time to follow it and achieve the best results.

Vintage 1950s wedding dress

Begin with the dress

Don’t try to go avant-garde on us. There are a lot of good reasons why most people will pick the actual dress before anything else, and it’s not a trend you should try to buck. After all, the dress is the “main attraction” of your attire, and pretty much everything else has to be picked so as not to clash with it.

With that in mind, you also need to remember that the dress itself shouldn’t clash with you or the venue! A contemporary venue should have a contemporary dress. A more casual or outdoors-y type wedding will call for a different kind of dress. There are people out there who think that choosing the dress first of all turns it into some kind of template, instead of giving it the emotional weight that it deserves. This is nonsense. Pick the dress first, because it’s the best way to choose everything else and avoid some kind of vestiary disaster down the road!

The silhouette

There’s an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to wedding dresses. You’re going to walk into a store and find about a million different dresses you’d love to wear, even after narrowing the range by budgeting beforehand. (Which, yes, is something you definitely need to do! Otherwise, the costs of this process may end up getting a little bit out of hand.) So you need to find more ways of narrowing your desired range so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. One of the best ways to do this is to narrow things down based on the dress silhouette.

The dress silhouette refers to the specific shapes that constitute a given dress. The lines, cuts and curves will determine what kind of shape you would take on if the lights cut out and you were simply a silhouette in that wedding dress. Put very simply, it can help determine how curvy, slender, or ‘poofy’ you look in that dress! It’s worth finding out precisely what kind of dress ‘shape’ you want – the most popular types are A-lines, ball gowns, mermaids, and trumpets. Make sure you know the differences when it comes to dress silhouettes!

Be an early bird

You should take this to mean two things. The first is that you should start looking for a dress fairly early on. Unless you plan on becoming pregnant, the chances of your body shape changing in any significant way from the time you choose the dress to the day of your wedding is fairly minimal, even if you gain or lose a little weight. So it’s best to do this as early as possible. It’s not simply a case of “getting it out of the way” – although there certainly is an element of it to that, considering how stressful choosing a dress can be! – but it’s also about allowing you more freedom when it comes to time and choice.

So what else does “be an early bird” mean? Basically, when you’re going to visit a wedding dress shop, you should go as early as possible. Think about it: the assistants who work in that store have to deal with several budding brides a day. Just like the vast majority of us, they get a little more weary as the day progresses. I’m not saying that you’re going to get some apathetic and insulting assistant if you go in the late afternoon, but you’re certainly more likely to get someone more energetic and attentive if you go in the morning!

The danger of trends

Anyone who follows fashion knows that there are trends in pretty much every type of clothing – and that includes wedding attire. There are trends in gowns, suits, jewelry, hairstyles… everything. And the problem with trends? Many of them don’t tend to look that great when you look back on them in the future. You may think that you want a modern and trendy wedding, but this doesn’t mean you should take this so far that you end up copying and pasting your wedding attire style from whatever magazine you happened to be reading at the time, or whatever celebrities recently got married.

The best kinds of dresses are truly timeless. They’re the kind that look beautiful forever and don’t immediately scream “I got this idea from someone else!”. It is, of course, worth remembering that your choice of wedding dress should reflect your own desires, and make you look and feel great. And maybe that perfect dress for you does happen to be exactly what’s trendy at the moment. Basically, be careful about choosing wedding attire just because it’s trendy – but take care not to shun something you really like just because it’s trendy!

Freshwater pearl bridal jewelry set


When we talk about accessorizing for a wedding, we’re generally talking about jewelry. Here’s something that’s important to remember: it’s possible to get more than one use of out the jewelry you choose, which is something you probably can’t say about your wedding dress! So this shouldn’t just be a case of making sure you find something that matches with your dress perfectly. You should consider picking out jewelry that you’d actually want to use for other occasions!

To some, this may imply that you should be willing to spend an awful lot of money to ensure you get something that’s beautiful, flexible, and long-lasting. Yes, you should aim for jewelry that is all three of those things, but they needn’t be too expensive. You can, for example, find wholesale diamonds for sale that will do the trick. Otherwise, you may want to consider simply renting jewelry for your wedding day. Heck, even a high-quality replica will probably do! At the end of the day, just ensure that your choice doesn’t clash with your dress and that you’re happy with it.

Avoid audiences

Think about all the wedding movies you’ve seen, and all the television shows that have featured weddings. In most of these there will have been a scene in which the bride-to-be is picking her wedding dress – and has brought approximately a bajillion friends with her. There are a lot of reasons why someone may do this: they don’t want any of their friends being left out, and they also want to get as many opinions as possible.

Here’s the problem with that: you’re just going to end up in the middle of a cross-fire of opinions! The more people you have with you, the more pressure you’re going to feel. It may ultimately be harder to pick out a dress. You should really only have one or two friends with you, at most. Don’t follow the example Hollywood sets – those scenes are there to create dramatic dialogue, which isn’t necessarily helpful in real life!

I (hair)do

When your attire has been decided, it’s worth giving some thought to how you’re going to wear your hair on the day. Fortunately for you, there’s already an in-depth guide to wedding day hairdos on this very blog!

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