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They say beauty is only skin deep, but to be beautiful on the surface, you really have to take care of your body from within. Any issues inside the body are reflected on the outside when it comes to things like our skin, hair, eyes, and teeth, and so it’s important to realize the link between health and beauty. Plus when you feel great, it gives you confidence, and you will most likely show it on the outside too.

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Eat Well and Nourish From Within

To maintain your beauty on the outside, you absolutely have to nourish from within. When your body has all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive, you will notice better skin, hair, and nails as well as improved mood. And a smile makes anyone look more beautiful! Focus your diet on healthy, fresh produce: lots of fruits and vegetables will provide you with a huge boost of nutrients. Lean protein and dairy, whole grains and legumes are all important additions. If you’re meat or dairy free, it can be worth tracking the foods you eat using a food tracker to ensure you’re getting enough of everything you need from other sources. Cut back on saturated fats, salt and sugar and drink plenty of water. Your body will thank you for it, everything will function better, you will feel and look better.

Quit Your Dangerous Vices

Smoking, illicit drugs, drinking too much alcohol, lying out in the sun or using sunbeds- these are all things that will damage your health as well as your looks. All of these things will dry the skin, leaving it prone to premature aging giving you lines and wrinkles far earlier in life. On top of this, you put yourself at risk for dangerous health conditions such as cancers. Make a conscious effort to quit your vices, if you’re addicted there’s help and advice out there which can make the process easier and give you support. You’ll feel far better for it and could add years onto your life. Many of us do irresponsible things when we’re younger, we drink until we pass out, smoke too much and generally don’t think carefully about the decisions we make when it comes to our body. But as you get older and are more aware of the risks, it makes no sense to keep killing yourself with these things. Replace these with productive and healthy habits and hobbies. Classes at the gym, healthy brunches with friends, hikes with the dog- whatever it is you enjoy.

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Exercise and Work on Your Physique

Exercise benefits just about every cell in your body. It improves your cardiovascular system meaning your heart can pump blood around your body more efficiently, and you can move around without getting out of breath. Exercise helps to keep the arteries free of plaque reducing stroke and heart disease strengthens muscles and bones and helps to get rid of toxins through sweat. Because exercise increases blood flow, it helps to oxygenate the skin keeping it elastic and youthful looking. Plus it can use up excess calories helping you to maintain a healthy and attractive physique. Work on including cardio, resistance and stretching exercises in your routine, you will feel fantastic and reap the rewards of a more beautiful appearance too.

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Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory and is something that can massively change the look of your appearance. There’s a reason bad hair days really are bad when you’re not confident in the way your hair looks it can take a hit of your self-esteem! Stopping with the bleaches and dyes which are full of chemicals will allow your hair to recover, as will stopping over processing it with heat. The trick is to work with your natural hair texture, come up with styles which protect your hair and look great without having to use damaging heat to achieve. Other ways you can maintain healthy hair is to eat foods that are good sources of biotin, protein and folic acid since these are needed to produce and grow healthy locks. Almonds, salmon, lentils, avocados, spinach and greek yogurt are all good choices. If you eat a healthy diet in general, you should get all of the vitamins and minerals you need, but it won’t hurt to incorporate a few additional ingredients which you know are good for hair growth. You can use natural oils on your hair such as olive, coconut and argan oil which will lock in moisture and help keep your locks shiny and beautiful. If you have fine hair, apply oil as a pre-wash treatment. Otherwise you could be able to get away with running some through the ends and leaving it in between washes to nourish and protect.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

We buy products to clean and protect our skin in the hopes of making it better, but actually, some products can make it worse. Certain scrubs, toners, face washes and other treatments can be drying or damaging to the skin. Unless you have a skin condition and need special skin products prescribed by the doctor, your best bet is to keep it as gentle as possible. Use products that are organic, and proven to be gentle. You can even make a variety of skin products yourself using all natural ingredients. Face masks containing things like bananas, avocados, oats, and eggs for example provide wonderful benefits to the skin. Sites like The Nourished Life have recipes for salt body scrubs, which are a gentle and effective way to remove dead skin. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and can absorb all kinds of chemicals and toxins from the products we use. So keeping them as natural as possible is good from both a health and a beauty perspective. The same applies to makeup, a touch of foundation to even out the skin, some mascara to lengthen the lashes and a swipe of lipstick can make all the difference and boost your confidence. But where possible, choose brands which don’t use harmful chemicals. Mineral foundation for example is all natural so free of toxins and especially great for anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Look After Your Pearly Whites

What is considered beautiful can often change with time and place? For example, in some cultures very thin women are considered attractive whereas, in others, larger or curvier are considered the ideal. The perfect size, shape, skin color and different features are dependent on time and place. However, there’s one feature that’s consistently considered attractive, and that’s nice teeth. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine will keep your mouth healthy, but if there are things you want to change cosmetic dentistry can do wonders these days. Whether your teeth are crooked, discolored, even if you have missing teeth (like me!) your dentist will be able to put these things right. No joke- my dentist is invited to my wedding. Eating a healthy diet and being careful of things like sugars, fizzy drinks, fruit juices and acids in foods such as citrus fruits can help you to maintain a beautiful smile. Be wary of things like coffee, tea and red wine which can stain the teeth.

Be Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul- they’re also a good indication of what’s going on inside the body. When you’re exhausted, your eyes will look puffy, and you will develop dark circles. Liver problems can show in the eyes by causing yellowing, cloudy eyes can indicate diabetes. Having a fully functioning body that is well nourished, with any health conditions being kept under control will mean your eyes stay clear and beautiful. Visit the optician twice a year to check that everything is in order, and generally take care of your body. If you do notice issues with the eyes, they could reflect a deeper underlying problem so have this checked out. Cold tea bags or slices of cucumber placed on the eyes can help bring down puffiness, or you could buy special soaked eye masks. Rose water is another natural solution which helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Focus on the health of your body and your beauty will follow. Not only will you look your best, but you will feel strong, fit and confident too. When your body is working to it’s maximum potential you can reap the rewards of a more beautiful appearance too.

What steps do you take to maintain both your health and your beauty?




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Proper care and management of dry hair means making adjustments to your own hair care routine. Read on to know how to properly go about adjusting the way you take care of your hair.

Washing Dry Hair

  1. Purchase shampoos and conditioners that can moisturize your locks.

The shampoos and conditioners to use should contain at least one of these natural oils: argan oil, olive oil, shea butter, and sorbitol. Shampoos and conditioners containing plant-based moisturizers such as phytobalm are also great options.

  1. Avoid everyday hair washing.

If you shampoo your hair on a daily basis, start reducing the number of times you wash your locks. Start with washing locks every other day. A month later, reduce washing to once every three days. In three months, you should see significant differences in your hair’s texture.

  1. Use only a small amount of shampoo.

Is your hair long or thick (or both)? Then use a larger amount, making sure to avoid using too much of the said hair care product since it can dry out hair and scalp. In addition, when you apply shampoo, focus on hair roots.

  1. Condition hair every day.

Even if you should not be washing your locks with shampoo, it is still important that you apply conditioner every day. When applying conditioner, make sure to focus on the middle and ends of hair, and that you leave the conditioner there for a maximum of ten minutes. Rinse afterwards.

Apply deep conditioner every seven days. There is no need to apply a lot of conditioner at the root level since oils your body produces will moisturize the roots.

  1. Rinse strands with cold water once you have shampooed and conditioned them.

Cold water closes hair follicles to enable strands to trap moisture in. Cold water also preserves color applied to strands.

Treating Hair

  1. Create your own avocado hair mask.

Mash a single avocado until it takes on a pasty texture. Add in egg white, a tablespoon olive oil, as well as a tablespoon of yoghurt. Mix in all the ingredients until they blend together.

Once you have created the hair mask, cover your hair with it. Let it sit on your locks for about half an hour. Rinse off the hair mask and wash hair as normal.

Apply the mask at least once a week. While it is setting on your head, cover hair with a shower cap.

  1. Create your own egg treatment.

Beat a single egg if your locks are short, and two eggs if your locks are long. Add in the bowl (with the beaten eggs) two tablespoons lemon juice and a single tablespoon almond or olive oil. Mix together these ingredients until they blend well. Gently massage to both hair and scalp, making sure it sets for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse, then wash hair as normal.

Apply an egg mask every two weeks for optimum results.

  1. Apply leave-in conditioner.

Leave-in conditioners can ensure that hair stays moisturized the whole day. Get one that has natural oils such as keratin or argan oil. You also need to find products containing panthenol, which helps curb frizz and retain moisture.

Styling Hair

  1. Avoid using heat styling tools often.

Rather than style hair each day with irons and blow dryers, limit the use of these tools to two times a week. And when you use these tools, make sure they are set at low heat, and that you have prepared your strands with styling cream beforehand. Styling cream should be applied to wet locks.

  1. Space out the application of chemical treatments.

Perms, relaxers, and permanent hair coloring can do damage to strands if done too often, so it’s best to space out these treatments as long as possible. You may also use shampoos that can help hair color last longer so you won’t need another touch-up sooner.

Proper care and management of dry hair, which ensures that Human Hair Extensions Online products blend well with natural strands, also means maintaining a healthy diet. So each day, drink lots of water, consume food rich in omega-3, and take B vitamin supplements.





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The reality of life is that no two people are the same, and some women are blessed with better genetics than others. However, natural beauty is somewhat of a myth. Or, at the very least, even the most gifted women have to work on their looks.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe to make you look like Jennifer Aniston. Still, following the right formula will maximize appearances to provide the natural glow that you deserve.

Here are the tricks utilized by women who boasts that seemingly natural glow. Embrace them today, and you should see noticeable impacts in no time.

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Eat & Drink Well

Nutrition is at the heart of everything we do in our lives, not least when it comes to our appearances. As well as heavily influencing our body size and shape, it can have a crucial impact on various aspects of our natural beauty.

Staying hydrated is a responsibility that nobody can afford to overlook, and you should look for at least two litres per day. Meanwhile, eating healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients can aid the appearance and health of skin, teeth, and nails.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the occasional pizza or going out for a night on the town. Generally speaking, though, sticking to a balanced diet is vital.

Exercise Regularly

Like healthy eating, getting regular exercise is something that none of us can afford to ignore. It’s a crucial component of living a healthy lifestyle and plays an integral role to aiding your looks.

A mixture of cardio and strength training will reduce fat and tone muscles. Whether you have a thin and athletic body type or a curvier shape doesn’t matter. Taking control of your body by keeping it fit and healthy will make every outfit you wear look twice as good.

Regular exercise also helps to clear pores and leaves you with the energy levels needed for that confident and natural glow.

Employ Good Skincare Tips

When a woman looks her best, the fact that she has visibly clear skin is normally one of the main reasons. While some girls are luckier than others when it comes to tones and wrinkles, protecting it is a necessity for everyone.

Hydrated skin always looks healthier. Meanwhile, using a pure hyaluronic acid serum can prevent fine lines from surfacing. Those treatments will keep skin looking fantastic for the long-term as well as the immediate future. This is why they play a central role for those women with that natural glow.

Meanwhile, women with great skin tend to wash morning and night to fight off dead cells and damaged particles.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the main cause of many image-related problems. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to remove it completely. Nonetheless, making a conscious effort to minimize it can have a telling impact on your looks.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the most important factor. Meanwhile, building a bathroom that allows you to shut off from the world can make a telling difference too. Soothing music and a few scented candles will set the perfect atmosphere.

Vacations are another perfect opportunity, not least because it’s a chance to soak up some sun. If budgets don’t allow for this, however, you can still enjoy staycations and short breaks. It’ll improve your quality of life and appearances in one fell swoop.

Get Hair Regularly Styled

Many women fall into the trap of seeing hairstyles as an afterthought. In truth, though, it’s one of the most important factors of your entire look. It can shape your entire face, which is why finding the right style and color is essential.

However, there’s also an equal need to maintain the hair on a daily basis. Finding the right hair care products is a crucial factor in any woman’s beauty rituals. When the hair has a healthy glow, it extends to the whole face and beyond.

Extensions and other options are available. Either way, great looking hair goes a long way to achieving that goal.

Wear The Right Clothes

Possessing a beautiful natural canvas makes it a lot easier to look and feel your best. Having said that, the importance of outfit choices should not be underestimated for a second.

Finding your style isn’t easy, but it’s important to remember that your current choices might not be the best. Most crucially, though, you need to consider the sizes. Beauty has no size but wearing ill-fitting outfits will instantly reduce your attraction. In turn, it will harm natural features too.

Clothing should enhance natural beauty rather than detract from it. Any woman that has successfully mastered this task will look her best day after day. Whether you boast the same charm as your favorite celebrity or not, this is all any woman could ever ask for.


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Your wedding day is one the most memorable, exciting and expensive days of your life. You only plan on doing it once, so you need to get it right. You want to be able to look back on your wedding photos and smile, not be reminded of how your makeup artist didn’t show up or how your hair was ruined by your hairdresser.

Backless Lace Dress

Book with someone familiar

This goes for your hair, makeup, and nails. If you’re happy with the way they do it normally, then why should you go to someone different for your wedding?

Make sure you visit them in plenty of time so you can practice your hair and makeup. There will be a few styles that you can try out, and then you can pick your favorite. Also, this will give your stylist plenty of time to book themselves out for your wedding day.

When it comes to your hair, think about whether you’re going to keep your regular length, or go for something much different. Plan out the color you’re going to go with, and the style you’d like to have it. Remember, your hair will be like this all day so you must make sure you’re comfortable.

It’s no secret that everyone has an insecurity about themselves. You want to be able to love looking back on your big day, and not cringe at every photo you appear in because you don’t like the way you look. Why not do some photo preparation to make sure you’re looking the best you’ve ever looked? If you’re unhappy with your skin, change your diet and cut out junk food, you will notice the difference! The same goes with your weight. If you’re insecure about your weight you could try and lose a few pounds before your big day. You will feel fabulous!

Dresses, suits, and color schemes

You’ve probably got an idea on what kind of dress you would like, and also a color scheme in mind too. Try to match your attire to the scheme of your wedding. This is something you could also think about with your hair and makeup too. If you’ve got purple as your main color, think about going for a purple eye shadow with your makeup and purple nails. It will all tie in beautifully.

If you’ve got no idea on what kind of dress you would like, then have a look around online before you go out dress shopping. There are thousands of websites that can give you inspiration. If you’ve got an eye for drawing, why not sketch out what you’d love to have. You can then take all of this with you and speak to the shop owner to see if they have anything similar. They may even recommend certain dresses depending on your body shape.

When it comes to picking out suits, you need to think about what kind of suit you like. There’s quite a few styles to choose from. Also, do you plan on buying the suit or renting? The same goes for dresses. If you’re buying, would it be something that could be used again? You may want to think about matching ties and cravats, not just for the groom but for the groomsmen too.

Also, make sure you go for regular fittings, wedding planning tends to make you lose a few pounds!

Do your research

When it comes to booking your photographer, make sure you do a little background research on their service (and of course, photos). Don’t just look at their portfolio and make your decision based on that. I was lucky enough to find Darrell McDavid through a local bride I trust.

First and foremost, look at their website. Does it look professional? Red bank photography are a prime example of what professionalism looks like. All of their information is laid out clearly, and they have stunning photos to show off on every page.

Another bit of research you should do, is how they treat their clients. Read reviews on their service and meet with the photographer. You’ll soon know if that’s the person you want to document your wedding day for you.

Visit your venue and check out the scenery. Decide where you would like your photos to be taken. Wedding venues are very pretty in general, but if you’re not keen on the surroundings, inform your photographer that you’d like to go elsewhere for your photos.

There’s a lot to think about, even just for your wedding photos! Being organized is the key.

One final thing, enjoy your special day. You’ve no doubt spent months planning and stressing out, so you deserve to enjoy one of the best days of your life.


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vintage cameo necklace

Most women want to appear classy and elegant, but we can’t all be Kate Middleton. And, that doesn’t just mean her style – it also means her budget! Unfortunately, the classical look can come at a cost. However, even though ‘elegance’ and ‘budget’ usually appear in the same sentence, here there are ways to make it happen. Everything linked here is $50 and under!

Black Is Your Best Friend

The color black is often underestimated because it makes people feel as if they are going to a funeral. And, death isn’t the vibe you want to give off at a classy dinner party! However, the fact that people wear black on all occasions just goes to prove its versatility. Quite simply, it is a neutral color that is very flexible in a variety of scenarios. It doesn’t matter whether you add more or give the outfit contrast with lighter colors as the effect is the same. So, if you don’t have many black pieces in your wardrobe, now is the time to go shopping.

So Are Blazers

Some items just have a general air of elegance, and a blazer is one such example. As soon as you throw one on, it transforms the entire look. You may be wearing a sweater with a pair of jeans, and the blazer will still add a sense of sharpness that is hard to replicate. Or, you may opt for a little black dress and use it as an accessory. Simply put, there is no better way to polish an outfit than to add this style of jacket. Of course, incorporating a black one will have the ultimate effect, but it doesn’t have to be plain. Plenty of women use colourful and stripy numbers which work just as well. All you have to do is make sure they match the rest of the outfit.

Pointed Shoes

Graceful women tend to wear pointed shoes. It doesn’t matter whether they are heels or flats because the style is the most important feature. Pointed boots, heels, flats etc. just look elegant, and that is a key asset.  If you need a break from heels, try and find flats that are stylish and comfortable. It isn’t easy, but these shoes do exist!

Good Hair Day

Let’s face it – lots of women battle with their hair on a daily basis. So, getting it to look great is going to be like fighting a war. That is, unless, you have a trick up your sleeve. The first one is to tie it back when you are not confident. By putting it in a bun, you can avoid the generic ponytail style. When it’s time to let it down, hair extensions are in order. The best hair extensions deal with issues such as thin hair to short hair and everything in between. In truth, there aren’t many problems for which the solution isn’t to extend your hair.


You probably don’t need telling this, but it’s vital to keep your skin glowing. When your skin looks fresh and moist, all of your clothes look and feel better. It’s like perfect skin transforms an outfit into something pretty special overnight.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!