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I don’t know about other engaged/ married ladies, but when Kendall popped the question, I wanted to tell the world. And I did. We got lucky in that our proposal was actually taped by a WTK band member/ YouTuber, so it’s immortalized on the ‘tube FOR-EV-ER (and it’s been viewed over 46k times!) besides being on my blog. I could talk wedding all day long, and I’ve actually apologized to my friends and family for being super lame insanely excited  about my engagement and they’ve all told me the same thing: it’s my time. And you know what? After all the weddings I’ve attended and been init is.

While I didn’t even consider flashing my ring all over social media the minute I got engaged, it is an absolutely stunning symbol of my my and Kendall’s new life together. He picked it just for me and it’s basically a combo of every ring I’ve ever loved. I also, pretty much immediately, picked up the Bride trucker hat I wore to the Barbie brunch last weekend. I just kind of want to shout it from the rooftops that I’m taken- by the most amazing guy on the planet. I am truly lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Incidentally, today is my birthday! And I couldn’t ask for a better gift than all the love I’ve received this year from both him and everyone else in my life. Thank you to everyone who has made 27 my best year. 28 will only be better because I get to marry the love of my life!

the carolove engaged bride wedding gifts1.Gray with Black Ink Off The Shoulder Slouchy Sweatshirt||2.Wifey Leopard Hat||3.Sweating for the Wedding Tank Top||4.Hubby and wifey shirt||5.Kiss The Bride French Terry Romper||6.Juicy Couture “Bride” Tote||7.Kismet by Milka Wifey Stud Single Earring||8.Slant Collections Engaged Insulated Tumbler


This past weekend simultaneously seemed never-ending and entirely too short. Saturday was our Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie Brunch at Hawthorne, and it could not have been better! That will actually be a separate post tomorrow because it was so amazing- we had an absolute blast! Dani and I got there entirely too early to set up- not much actually had to be done thanks to the Hawthorne crew, so we set out to take some pictures before the rest of our party arrived.

I have been saving this sweater since late January (and now it’s on super sale) specifically for this brunch after spying it on McKenna Bleu. The neon pink is a little insane, but this may actually be the most cozy thing I own, and it definitely makes a statement. I actually was really proud of myself for organically pulling of a street style look. I feel like sometimes I want to, but it looks almost costume-y.

My street-style Barbie look was very Caroline at its root- just fun. I love playing with color (and a little glitter) so the theme, which admittedly I picked, was super fun to dress for. I hope everyone else thought so too, but judging by the outfits yesterday, all the ladies were game! I ordered my Bride hat the weekend after I got engaged. It came in on Friday and I was literally happy dancing around DC with it, super excited that it came in on time for the brunch. I will be shamelessly rocking it from now until forever.

pictures c/0 Dani

Outfit details:

Bride Doll Style Pink and White Hat with Pink Print: DentzDesign||whimsies fun bangle: kate spade new york||Navy scuba top: Loft||Silence + Noise Ally Neon Chunky Cardigan: Urban Outfitters||AEO Denim X Cafe Hi-Rise Jegging: American Eagle Outfitters||Betseyville Girls’ Betseyville Pallas Hidden Wedge Sneakers: Target||Lucite Garden Pretty Necklace: t+j designs

Recreate my look:

Is there anything that’s rougher than trying to maintain a healthy, sleek look through the winter? (Other than the feeling of winter itself, of course. Sleet in your face and snow leaking through your favorite boots are not experiences that anyone wants to go through very often.) Winter is rough on your appearance – but luckily there are some ways that you can fight against it…

S’well Elements 17oz Water Bottle

Keep Hydrating

As we all know, the skin is an organ, which means that it’s made up of cells, which are, of course, mostly made up of water. The eight glasses of water each day thing that we’ve all read about countless times is largely a myth – but it is crucial that you keep drinking it in order to make your skin look bright and full. Drinking plenty of water also ensures that your hair keeps its full, glossy look all winter long. If you find that it looks thin or lifeless, talk to your doctor as you may have a vitamin deficiency or a problem with your thyroid.

Logo Lettering Quilted Leather Hat

Protect Yourself From The Elements

If you want to keep your hair looking good through the winter as well as the summer, it’s time to invest in a hat. ‘What’s that?’ I hear you say. ‘Risk hat hair all winter? Is she crazy?’ Not crazy in the least, my friends. Rain, wind and cold temperatures can damage your hair by making it more brittle and easily breakable – particularly if you go outside with hair that’s still wet from the shower. (But of course that’s a whole other issue – do you want to use heat products on your hair every day?) Make sure that you cover your hair with a hat or a hood and protect your skin by pulling your scarf up over your face. Go for high quality skincare and hair-care products like the ones at NaturalHavenCo.com – they’ll be extra enriching and full of ingredients that are great for you. It’s important to find a brand and a formula that suits you.

NARS – Blush – Orgasm

Change Your Makeup Routine

Orange foundation is probably the most appalling of all makeup sins, and it’s way too easy to make that mistake in the winter when you’re at your most pale and interesting. Go for a paler shade of foundation and concealer than you would in the winter, and make sure that you blend it in carefully to your neck and hairline. Beauty blenders can help with this, or a fat, soft foundation brush with short bristles. You might think that foundation brushes with longer bristles are the best – but the truth is that they don’t blend your foundation into your pores as well, and instead spread it over your skin like a paintbrush, which is not a good look. It may be winter but you can still go for a little gleam with blusher with a slight sparkle in it – try out NARS Orgasm for a traditionally excellent look that suits everyone – along with a little highlighter on the point of your face that the light hits, like your brow bone, your cheekbones, and the bow of your lips.

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starts at 9am 2/13, ends 9am 2/15

Who else gets a little complacent with their outfit choices in the week? We can all be a little guilty of sticking with the same choices that we know works well, often to save us time in the morning or even to just help ease us into the day a little slower. But, there are so many fun ways we can take our normal everyday outfits to the next level that none of us really have an excuse not to feel amazing each and every day. So I thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the ways you can do that yourself. I hope it offers you a little outfit and day to day wear inspiration.

Steve Madden Knit Pom Pom Hat

Up your hat game

Are you a hat person? Or are you one of those people that think a hat just won’t suit them? You are not alone. So many people will avoid wearing a hat because they think it won’t work out it just won’t look right, but the truth is, we can all up our hat game and embrace this look. There are so many wearable styles for the whole year round you are bound to find something that works for you. Why not be a little outrageous this week and try wearing a hat for a change. It could certainly transform your everyday look.

Kimball glasses

Let’s make a spectacle

Whether you need them for your eyesight anyway or just like the look of them, wearing glasses can really make a difference to your whole outfit. There are some beautiful and quirky designs on websites like Eyewearhaus that could really make a statement with your normal everyday look.

Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette – Bold

Try fun looks with makeup

How you wear your makeup can take an outfit from normal to glamorous with a few simple changes. So why not try out a few different looks and see the difference it could make? Maybe choose a full coverage foundation or try your hand at contouring. Or why not work on your eyeshadow and eyeliner skills and create a few different smokey eye effects. Thankfully places like YouTube are stacked full of tutorials with video step by step guides for all kinds of makeup looks.

Kate Spade New York Dotty Ice Cream Wedge Sandal, Mint Liqueur

The shoes can really make or break an outfit

Shoes can be a real statement when it comes to an outfit, they can certainly dress it up or dress it down. So why not take advantage of this and mix things up a little. Wear your usual casual attire and team it with a pair of heels instead of a comfortable pair of converse. Or wear your favorite dress with a cute pair of ankle boots or flats instead or heels. Who says there are rules for things like this?

Betsey Johnson Rose Gold-Tone Imitation Pearl and Stone Cluster Statement Necklace

Make a statement

Finally, the last way you can change up your outfit is to add a statement feature. This might be your choice of handbag, the coat or jacket you wear or even subtle details like the jewelry you choose to model. All of these statement pieces can transform an everyday look into something special.

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Wanna to be a sexy lady? Welcome to Zaful and you can enjoy up to 80% OFF to get all kinds of high waist sexy bikinis. You shouldn't miss it.(4/7/2017)

I don’t know about you, but winter is one of my favorite fashion seasons because I just love the beautiful pieces that are on offer. From beautifully warm and cozy knit sweaters to faux fur vests, there are just so many gorgeous designs on the shelves.

Of course, like most fashion lovers I dream of updating my wardrobe with new, on-trend designs each season. However, if we’re being honest about it, buying a whole new wardrobe, each season is incredibly expensive, not to mention wasteful.

Is there a compromise – can you be on-trend without spending hundreds on a new wardrobe each winter? Yes, you can – the answer is accessories. Believe it or not, you can easily (and affordably) update your winter wardrobe with just a few well thought out accessories.

The question is, what are the must-have winter accessories that every wardrobe needs? It’s time to find out – for everything that you need to know, keep reading.

Get inspired online

Obviously, when it comes to picking the perfect accessories, knowing what’s on-trend is crucial. There’s no point wasting your money on items that aren’t in fashion, is there? So it’s worthwhile taking the time to get inspiration online, such as from style blogs like Joyfully Styled, for instance, as well as from photo sharing sites like Pinterest – there is lots of fashion inspiration available on these types of sites. So they’re well worth taking the time to have a look at.

Write a list of all the most on-trend essentials

As you’re having a browse online, and also in style magazines, make sure to take note of any on-trend winter accessories. You can either opt to take screenshots of them on your smartphone or tablet, or you can simply write down the name of them and where they come from. So that when it comes to buying your chosen accessories, you know what kind of items you want.

The most crucial accessories are…

As a guide, I thought I would also share some accessory suggestions that are perfect for giving your winter wardrobe an update.


Woolen knit hats are very stylish, especially designs sporting a pom pom – there are even some designs with two pom poms. However, hats with double pom poms tend to be better suited to children, rather than adults. Don’t suit woolen hats? How about a fedora-style hat then? These look incredibly smart and elegant and are ideal for teaming with any outfit.

This season, scarves are big business, especially if they come in an eye-catching printed design or pretty pastel hue. Once again, pastel pink is on-trend, and so you are sure to find plenty of accessories in this pretty shade. As well as traditional scarves, over-the-head snoods are also very in this season and come in various styles and prints.

This winter, satchel-style shoulder bags are the in-thing, and come in all sorts of styles and colors. From musty pink to dark burgundy, there’s a color and style that’s perfect for everyone. It’s just a case of picking out a bag style that works for you.

Want to upgrade your wardrobe this winter without spending a fortune? Then take note of the tips above and use accessories to give your old clothes a new, on-trend look.

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