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Wanting to look absolutely perfect is one sure-fire way to feel miserable. This can breathe life into the bad habit of thinking you’re not what you should be. Despite what modern media and marketing would have you believe, happiness is not a body shape. If you don’t escape this mindset, you may shed a few pounds, but you’ll also make yourself pretty miserable! Here are some great tips for loving your body, and yourself as a person.

Social Media Detox

Take a Break from Social Media

One of the most effective ways to feel happier in your body is cutting down the time you spend on social media. While there’s a lot on there, social media often ends up being just a highlight reel of other women, and not much else. You’ll rarely see tough times and the stories of how women overcame them. Instead, you’re much more likely to be bombarded with perfect abs and exquisite home-cooked meals. This, in turn, can lead to you comparing your own life to these superwomen, and thinking about it negatively. Try cutting back on the time you spend on social media, or unfollowing accounts that tend to get you down about your own situation.

Wanderlust Tank

Trade Stressy Cardio for a Morning Walk

Hardcore cardio is very popular with adult women who are looking to lose weight. While setting your alarm early and going for a run is always a slower process than a trip to clinics like the Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, many women see this as the more natural, accessible option. However, it’s not always a positive. While it’s good to want to be a healthy weight, starting your day off with the blare of an alarm and a strenuous run can often kick up a lot of unhealthy stress. Subbing it out for a more peaceful walk can make all the difference to how you feel for the rest of the day.

Dog Bow Tie

Get a Date, a Pet or Both

Seeing someone or taking care of an animal can help tremendously with your overall mood, regardless of your weight loss and beauty goals. Getting to know someone on an intimate level will allow you to talk about your goals and dreams, all the while getting a look into the lives of another person. As you realize how little you think about another person’s (or animal’s!) weight and eating habits, you’ll become less conscious of your own. There’s a handy guide for getting yourself out there on Your Tango.

Dress for Now

Are you still holding onto the swimsuit you had when you were a size 4, hoping that you’ll fit into it again one day? If clothes like these are hanging in your wardrobe, acting as constant reminders of your weight loss goals, it may be time to ditch them. Filling your closet with clothes for now, not clothes for then, will make you much more satisfied with your current body, and cut out one of the many harmful reminders that things “need” to change.

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Over the last few decades our awareness of moving back to natural ingredients and organic living has increased tenfold.  We all know the importance of selecting fresh ingredients, taking care to ensure that our products aren’t tested on animals and staying clear of nasty chemicals.  However, sometimes products that tick all the right boxes from the natural front, are slightly lacking on the luxe front.  I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging but I’m starting to really go for more natural products- like the oil I use instead of drugstore moisturizer now. Beauty comes from within, right? Treat your body well and you’ll be glowing.

Sun Potion Ashitaba Supplement

A few years ago the world went mad for Matcha green tea.  This was a powdered tea which was packed full of antioxidants and made an excellent replacement to your morning coffee.  Matcha gave you an alkaline caffeine fix which was far better to the body than the acidic kind you get from coffee and black tea.  Well, move over Matcha because there is a new tea in town.  Brand wise Ashitaba is like the Armand de Brignac of the tea world.  Beautifully packaged with a Japanese chic, you will love bringing this out when you have guests over.  However it is the ashitaba health benefits which are incredible, these include more potent antioxidants than matcha, a neuro growth factor, it rebuilds DNA and is packed with chalcones and vitamin B12.

When it comes to our skin we need to be more aware of the contents included, which is why it is a great idea to go for natural and organic products.  However there are very few truly organic products on the market.  We searched the globe and found the incredible La Creme Beaute products.  These stunning creams are made by a former British model who realized there were no 100% organic products on the market and those that were nearly there, didn’t have that luxury feel to them.  Le Creme Beaute now offer a huge range of beautiful products including Bee Venom from organic bees!

Votary Cleansing Oil

If you prefer oils to creams then the beautifully packaged range from Votary will tick all your boxes.  Unlike many natural oils the ones developed by Votary are light enough to use under your makeup.  We think the lavender pillow spray and the super seed oil are fantastic.  The packaging will look stunning in any luxury bathroom and would make a stunning present.

Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Wet Mask

The brilliant guys and girls at Herbivore Botanicals have produced a must have face mask for anyone wanting to give their face a stunning natural glow without worrying about chemical or processed ingredients. The brand is absolutely flawless with a really delicate minimal feel and stunning typography.

The more we use natural and organic products the higher the demand will become, this will mean that our designer favorites will be forced to start producing ranges like this.  So maybe it won’t be long before Chanel cosmetics go au natural and give you the gentle products you need for your body!

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Valentine's Day Sale

Almost a month into the new year, it’s time to make sure that you are sticking being your resolutions: Are you ready to become a better you? Are you doing all it takes? Sometimes it’s important to kick yourself back onto the right path, especially because binging is so easily done when the weather feels as cold and miserable as it does this winter! Whatever your plans for the new year were, there comes a time when you need a little piece of advice, that little crumb of motivation to keep you going in the right direction. Here are some of the best tips you can get to keep a flawless record and ignore the temptations!

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Healthy Beauty Routine

For many women, having a clear and glowing skin is a big goal, and that isn’t something that seems easy to achieve at first. You might have already tried plenty of facial products, and you don’t know which one will work best for your skin? The latest anti-wrinkle night mask didn’t seem to get rid of your lines as smoothly as you hope? Whatever the reason is, don’t give up. A flawless skin requires a lot of work, especially because it means changing your lifestyle. Remember what matters for a perfect skin: The right vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin nourished and healthy, the right beauty routine to keep it clean and smooth, and the right products to keep it firm and elastic. You will need to turn to healthy eating habits to provide your skin with all it needs – this will be a second point in the article. The right beauty routine requires building up to a form of ritual, such as washing your skin with fresh water every morning and evening and planning a weekly hydrating mask. Finally, while you will find a variety of products on the market, you will need to look for expertise, botanical ingredients and affordability, such as from the vitage range for example, as these products are more likely not to cause any irritation and to be part of your regular shopping list.

Healthy Eating Habits

There is no denying that fitness and weight loss are two key objectives for most women. The outcome is often the same: It’s about creating a slimmer and stronger body. Naturally, you will have to count sports activities in your fitness regime. However, where most people struggle is when it comes to food. Healthy food habits are difficult to maintain. Having sweet snacks and sugar soda drinks are two common addictions that are hard to drop when you turn to healthy eating. Consequently, it is always helpful to develop plans to replace the junk food satisfaction: For example, there are plenty of healthy snacks that will keep your sweet tooth under control without creating further sugar cravings. In short, don’t ditch junk food, try instead to create healthy alternatives to keep you motivated.

Healthy Mindset

Whatever you want to achieve for the new year, you need to remember one thing: Everything will go a lot better if you accept yourself for who you are. Learning to love yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your objectives. It means that you start developing a helpful and healthy relationship with your own body and your own mind. Love yourself, and embrace your flaws today because that’s the only way to become a stronger and a better person tomorrow.

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Having a bright and sparkly pair of pearly white teeth is often sought after. It is seen as a winning formula for a great smile. For many, it can also bee seen as a sign of being healthy. As we all prefer evenly spaced white teeth over crooked teeth that are stained yellow, right? Many people take risks in the quest for the perfect smile when there really is no need to. So if you want to get teeth that any Hollywood star would be proud of, then make sure that you follow these dos and don’ts.

Do See Your Dentist Regularly

It would be like wanting to get fit and never visiting a gym; you need to see a dentist in order to make sure that you have healthy teeth. They can help you with any issues that arise with your teeth or gums. They can also give your teeth a proper clean or safely whiten your teeth for you. There are at-home whitening treatments that you could try, but you could always consult with your dentist first. They might be able to recommend the best one for you and your teeth.

Go Smile A.m. & P.m. Luxury Toothpastes

Don’t Expect Toothpaste To Do It All For You

There are so many varieties of toothpaste out on the market these days. They all claim to whiten teeth. But in reality, with a toothpaste it is only short lived. If you are someone that drinks a lot of coffee or red wine, then it will limit how much a toothpaste can whiten your teeth. Toothpaste is basically for stain removal, rather than any extra whitening. So although you should be brushing regularly each day, don’t put all your hopes on a certain brand of toothpaste.

Go Smile Double Action Teeth Whitening System

Do Consider a Treatment

If your teeth are in quite a bad way, then it could be worth considering a treatment for your teeth. You could think about getting your teeth professionally whitened. If your teeth are crooked or have moved since having braces, you could get braces again. Lots of adults are choosing to have clear braces later in life to straighten their teeth. You could also consider something like dental veneers if you think that would work for you.

Don’t Have Too Many Foods That Stain Teeth

If you are trying to get your teeth bright and white, then it can be rather counterproductive to be consuming lots of foods that will stain your teeth. Teeth are quite porous and absorb things fairly easily. This is especially true if you have damaged enamel and eat a lot of acidic or sugary foods. Think of a white plate or white carpet and what might cause a massive stain on them. The same would go for your teeth. So the best things to avoid are drinks like red wine, black coffee or tea, as well as sugary drinks. Smoking is renowned for making your teeth an off-white or yellow color so if you do smoke, it could be time to give it up.

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Nobody has to starve themselves to look pretty, or live on a diet of nuts. The majority of the world feels saddened by the concept of size zero models, of course, but that doesn’t mean people are grasping the dangers of fad diets or more serious medical conditions. You don’t have to entirely cut out all ‘fun’ food to look and feel good.

A healthy diet is about consistent balance; rather than fluctuating between excessive eating and non-existent eating, a continuous diet packed full of both healthy food and the occasional sweet treat is actually much better for you than not only over-eating, but under-eating. Your overall diet is the only important element to your health. Everything in moderation.

Anthropologie Eat Pretty Every Day

It’s healthier to eat some “bad” food

Maintaining good health is a difficult thing, because we have physical and mental aspects to consider. Both affect our body, but both take great effort to keep working in harmony. Eating a diet solely comprising of salad, nuts and blueberries isn’t unhealthy in terms of the food itself, of course. Still, eating such food and only such food may not be fulfilling for you.

If this style of diet is perfect for you, and you’re genuinely excited to come home and fill up a place with lettuce, then go ahead and stick to it! But, if you’re craving the odd curry or pizza on occasion, then allow yourself that treat. Your mind is important too, and if you want to feel a little more energetic or happier about life, then cave in to temptation now and then; allow yourself something delicious. You won’t look worse because of it, as you’ll have a consistent diet.

Anthropologie Life In Balance

Eat a variety of things, but in moderation

Sugary food is fine in small doses, but it’s when you overeat such foods that you start to notice the effects on your body. Eating well means eating a variety of things well. Also, enjoying good food whether it’s healthy or unhealthy is all about how you treat your body outside of eating.

For example, you can eat that extra slice of cake if you think about the effect it’ll have on your teeth. Brushing them soon after eating something a little naughty, whatever the time of day, is a good idea; though sometimes you may be in the wrong place for that. Still, it’s important to keep a watchful eye over your body. Your dental health is of vital importance not only in terms of your teeth looking pearly and white, but also for your long-term health. A good diet is only as good as the way you preserve your body through exercise and hygiene. Agencies such as SDG Dental could help you figure out whether you’re looking after yourself.

Anthropologie Good To Glow


This word likely gives you headaches if you’ve done research into healthy eating and looking good before. How can one eat a fun diet when there are so many different vitamins and minerals we have to ensure our food contains each day? Well, the answer is that this is why your diet should be more exciting. A varied diet is necessary to give your body all the sustenance it needs. It’s okay to make some mistakes whilst you figure out what works for you.

As long as you consume a lot of fresh food to balance out the occasional processed item, you’ll do just fine, but it is important to you include lots of fruit, vegetable and protein sources in your diet (whether that’s meat or Quorn). Your physical health and appearance will flourish from such a change. It’s amazing that so many of us are deficient in vitamin D, as I was until quite recently. We may not be or have been deficient to a hugely damaging extent, but to an extent that is at least somewhat noticeable. Fatigue, and muscle pain may be indications that you’re missing out on this key vitamin in your diet. It could be affecting not only your appearance, but your health.

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