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When you hear the phrase, city break, places like Paris, Barcelona, and Milan come to mind. Britain probably isn’t top of your list, if it features at all. But a city break in London has a lot to offer, it isn’t all Beefeaters and Big Ben, there’s so much more underneath. You might have to put up with a bit of bad weather, but it isn’t as rainy as everybody likes to make out as long as you go in the summer. If you’re coming round to the idea of a city break in London, here’s a quick rundown of all the main things you should know.

London Southbank and Houses of Parliament


We’ll start off with the boring stuff. Getting from place to place isn’t that exciting but you need to know where you’re going if you want to see anything. London is well-known for its extensive underground system. Get yourself an Oyster Card when you arrive otherwise you won’t be able to use it. It’s fairly cheap and very convenient, it can be a bit tricky to navigate but there are plenty of maps around if you lose your way.

Although it’s the easiest way to get around, don’t rely on the tube too much. You could miss out on a lot while you’re underground so if places are close enough, try walking so you can see more of the city. You also might want to avoid the tube during peak hours, it can get pretty cramped in there.


Your choice of accommodation will probably depend on your budget. There are plenty of hotels to choose from but if you are looking at central London, it’s going to cost you. The transport links are great so you can afford to get somewhere a bit further out. It’ll be cheaper and the savings are worth traveling a little. If you are under eighteen then you should look into homestay accommodation while you are visiting in London.


Everybody is familiar with all of the usual sights in London, but there is plenty more to see besides that. London is packed full of excellent green spaces that aren’t to be missed. Hyde Park is one of the largest but there are also plenty of smaller ones dotted about if you want to avoid the crowds.


London has a rich history that should be explored while you’re there. The main tourist attractions like the Tower of London and the Parliament building will be one aspect of this but there is more to it than that. Over the years, London has been at the forefront of world history and the remnants are still there to see today. The houses of notable figures are marked out with Heritage Plaques so you can find the sites of real historical importance.

Don’t Just Stay Central

Central London is packed with tourists, and while there is plenty to see, you can have a much more authentic experience. Places like Camden and Shoreditch are hotbeds of hipster activity if that’s your kind of thing. They’ve only become popular in the last ten years or so but already they are full of great restaurants, coffee shops and markets selling local produce.


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With the sun coming out again, it’s difficult not to think about lying down at the beach and enjoying its delightful warmth on the skin. For some that might be a beach in Miami or the Caribbean, but for others, the idea of a proper beach feeling brings the Mediterranean Sea to mind. Indeed, could there be a better place to enjoy the warm weather than in the region that used to be called the center of the world? Center of the world is, by the way, what its name means in Latin. There are many reasons to love the Mediterranean lifestyle, and while the weather is one of them, it’s time to embrace the others now.

the carolove Travel bug: Mediterranean Sea Greece Photography

Nautical Fashion Is Always A Killer

If you are in love with nautical stripes or high-waisted flares, you’ll be pleased to know that in places like St-Tropez or Malta the nautical style is still highly fashionable. So don’t feel out of space again with your navy stripes: A stroll by the Med is all it takes to feel like a celebrity on the catwalk. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be wearing anything else. But sometimes fashion looks a little better when the context is right for it.

Healthy Diet That Is Full Of Yum

There’s been a lot of talks about the Mediterranean diet: it is still considered as one of the healthiest and most natural diets on the planet. Why so? Because the abundance of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed to provide all the minerals and vitamins that the body needs. A typical meal around the Med includes juicy tomatoes, fresh, colorful peppers, aubergines, fennel, and cucumber. It’s hard to imagine anything healthier! But that’s not all: People tend to use delicious olive oil, which provides plenty of healthy fat. Additionally, the Med diet tends to focus on grilled fish and poultry. In a medical language, this means that people over there have low cholesterol and a naturally lean body. Besides it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, so embrace the fresh tomatoes as soon as you can!

Amazing Romantic Landscapes

There’s no denying it: The landscapes around the Med have remained mostly undamaged. It’s not uncommon to find quirky little port towns over the turquoise sea. That’s probably why more and more couples are looking at Cyprus wedding packages or similar packages around the Med: They can’t resist such a fantastic natural décor for their big day. After all, if you can’t live around the Med, at least, you can make the most of the scenery while you’re there. Sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and an amazing sunset over the sea, what is there not to love?

Rich History To Dive In

If you are a history lover, you have probably figured out that Mediterranean sea means the sea medium Terra, as the Latins said, the sea in between the lands. The history of the Med is extremely rich. From the beginning of humanity, the Med has been a crossover of cultures and civilizations, offering a favorable environment for life and settlements. You’ll be amazed by the Greek and Roman monuments that are still standing, over thousand years after they were first erected. More importantly, the Med is the first melting pot that we know of: Every civilization tells a story of tolerance and union, by combining the diverse architecture of other cultures. Maybe it’s something we need to be reminded of in those days.

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More people are traveling now than ever before. The trend has properly caught on, being particularly popular among younger people. There are many things to prepare and think about before embarking on your trip. The main one will be a plan of the places you are going to visit. You can be clever here, and combine what you are passionate about with the travel itself. It will make the trip even more enjoyable. If you are just traveling to see the world, that’s fine, and you’ll surely see some amazing things. But if you can do and see what you love, then you can make the trip even better. This article looks at certain passions and how you can enjoy them on your travels by visiting certain areas. You may have already combined some of these to fit into your travel, but you may have more than one passion, so try to pack your trip with as much as them as possible. They can at least give you ideas, and inspire you to try different things on your trip.

Adventure Awaits Ticket Travel Shadow Box


Some people are real connoisseurs, whilst others just like certain meals and drinks. If you are the former, then you should try to bring your passion out during your trip. You can sample foods from other countries and cultures with ease on your trip. Just call into local restaurants. Research where the best are and give them a try. You should always sample differing drinks too. If you are a wine connoisseur then consider trying unique wine based on that country. You can even try some wine tasting days all over, and they are super popular in America. Just remember, different countries have different etiquette where tasting is concerned, you can find an example at http://hermannwinetrail.com/plan-your-trip/tasting-room-etiquette/. If you are a drink buff, then using tasting sessions can let you taste a multitude of differing wines in each session. Sometimes you can come across foods you really may not want to try, but do it. Give in. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so make sure you exploit it as much as you can. Again, research makes the difference here. If you find out where the best food offerings are before you go you’ll be doing yourself justice.


Another great passion for many around the world is that of history. Different countries have different history that goes with them and if you love history you can link in with this on your travels through each country. Some elements of history are hidden gems, requiring you to research areas of note before embarking on your trip, others are more obvious, think of the Colosseum in Rome. Europe has one of the most varied histories in the world, allowing you to visit sites of ancient wonder right through to more modern history such as world war one and two. Supplement your visits with some reading. It will give you the background to fully appreciate where you are going and what you are seeing. The trenches at Ypres are a harrowing site, but when you know the complete story and history behind them it makes it much better. Some places take longer to visit than others. In Rome, Vatican city is certainly an all day job, so plan them into your diary so that you don’t end up missing out on anything you wanted to see. Combine your passions. If there is a city that offers stunning food in a certain restaurant, spend the rest of your day looking at sites of historical significance in the same area. That is what traveling is all about. You need to be clever and combine certain activities to get the most out of your trip so that you can fit more in.

Adrenaline Junkies

If you have a passion for adrenaline then the world has much to offer if you are traveling it. The key issue here is safety. Some countries are more open with certain safety regulations than others, meaning you could be at risk. Do your research and make sure each activity has been approved. It could be rock climbing a certain mountain or peak like Everest, or skydiving in Australia. Different countries offer different things depending on the environment. In South America you can go trekking through the Amazon rain forest in search of long abandoned cities, or in Italy you can participate in the ever controversial bull run. There is always going to be an element of risk involved with these activities, so you need to do your own assessment to make sure it is truly safe, don’t leave this down to the people operating the attraction, because their and your definition of safe may be different things. Theme parks can also sate your thirst for adrenaline. Research where the best ones are. In America, there are dozens all over the country, but for the ultimate parks Florida is the easy choice. Disney parks, Universal and Busch Gardens provide entry level rides right up to the five star crazy rides to suit all your needs.


You can combine your travel with your passion for driving. Simply take a favored car and use it to move around. In Europe, this is fairly easy but if you are going overseas you may need to rent a car in the target country. Compile a list of some of the best roads and use them to get to your destination. Switzerland has some roads surrounded by beautiful vistas that wind their way through misty mountains. Try to make your journey go through these areas, if you are a petrol head you will truly appreciate it, even if you are going a roundabout or longer way to reach your destination. You can also consider some of the better racing tracks around the globe, you can either watch some formula one as part of your trip or better yet see if they do track days for you to have a go yourself. The beauty of this is that your mode of transport is your passion.




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