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November really kicks off the season of holiday visiting with Thanksgiving and friendsgivings and “let’s do something before the holidays” get together which are really just holiday get togethers incognito. I never like to arrive empty-handed, and while I’m certainly guilty of “let’s just bring a bottle of wine,” I want to do better. I love making people laugh, and for the right people, here are my picks to give a gift with a giggle.

I watch entirely too much Housewives. I’m working my way through the franchise and just finished every New York season on Hulu. These cocktail napkins were inspired by probably the best Dorinda moment of all history.

Candles make a home. I stand by this. The scent of champagne is pretty inoffensive as scents go, and this candle don’t lie!

If you do want to go the wine route, check out these instant download labels to sass up your bottles!

Butter my butt and call my a biscuit. This is something that is actually said quite often at Pride Rock. A butter knife would be adorable to bring to Thanksgiving with something homemade to spread butter on.

Another gift that would be cute to bring with something hot and yummy you make yourself-  a potholder with Nelly lyrics!

Olives are one of my favorite snacky foods. Tie an olive fork to a jar of olives for something for your hostess to put out pre-dinner.

Dish towels are great because they get used. Bonus points if you help your hostess with cleanup.

Hangry is one of my favorite words and a serving spoon is another great gift to accompany a homemade dish.

What’s your favorite kind of gift to give or receive?



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Choosing what to wear to a formal event is a mean feat at the best of times, but it is only made more stressful when you are uncertain as to what your “formal” dress code actually entails. Depending on the event, location, and the hosts, “formal” can mean an entire range of things, all contrasting one another, which all can be incredibly confusing if you don’t know your hosts very well or don’t attend many formal gatherings or parties. Is it a black-tie event? Is cocktail wear appropriate? What even is a white-tie event? And how do all of these things affect what a lady can wear? The last thing you want to do is turn up underdressed, but what if you go all out and everyone else is dressed more casually? Fear not, as long as you follow these tips, you will always look your best at any formal event you attend in the future.

Long Floor Length Cocktail Dress

Consider The Location

The location of your formal event can greatly affect how you dress, regardless of the dress code, so it’s something that you must take into consideration when picking your outfit. If the event is being hosted inside, in a hall or a ballroom, then a strapless dress and heels is a sensible option. However, if it’s being hosted outside then this would not be a practical suggestion. A shawl or jacket might be required outside, to keep you from getting too cold. As well as this, you may want to choose a shoe with a thicker, lower, or no heel, to avoid you tripping on anything outside, or having your heels sink into the grass, if a grassy area is where the event is being hosted. Despite this, a sensible shoe is always a sensible suggestion, as you don’t want to have to be sat down half the evening because your feet are simply too sore for you to stand up.

Consider The Invitation

It may sound a little silly, but the medium in which your invitation arrived can often tell you a lot more about what you should wear than the invitation does itself. If you were added into a group on Facebook, then I think it’s relatively safe to say that, while you should still look dressed up for the event you are attending, it’s not one that requires you to bring out your best ball gown and pearls. On the other hand, if your invitation came via the post on a piece of thick, gold embossed card, then you perhaps should consider investing in a fancy floor length number.

Blush Pink Floral Guest List

Get Hold Of The Guestlist

Having the list of guests to hand is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides you with a range of different people with whom you can discuss their interpretation of the ambiguous dress code. As well as this, you can also discuss what each other are wearing to ensure that you don’t turn up to the affair wearing the exact same thing as someone else.

Stick To The Basics

Regardless of the type of formal event, there are always some things that you tend to be able to get away with. One such example is a cocktail dress – Cocktail dresses are shorter and a little funkier than your traditional, full-length evening gown, and are often cheaper too, which is incredibly helpful if you’re a little strapped for cash on the run up to the party. You tend to be able to get away with a cocktail dress at weddings, or any time of “drinks party” taking place in the early evening. There are certain makeup basics that you can get away with too, such as a classic smoky eye. Many eye shadow palettes, such as the Billy B x Gallany Essentials Palette from Gallany Cosmetics, contain all the colors you need for a knockout eye makeup look. Coupling this with some liquid eyeliner, and a volumizing mascara will provide a classic, elegant makeup look.

Suit Up And Stand Out

It’s true what they say, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so if you really don’t know what the dress code entails then go all out -There are worse things than being remembered as the best-dressed guest. There are many different ways to make yourself stand out, one popular example is wearing a tailored suit and some sassy stilettos. Women wearing suits might not necessarily be appropriate for all formal events, but if the invitation states “Black Tie Event”, then why should it only be men that have right to wear one?

Keep Things In Balance

You have to remember when dressing up for a formal event not to make your appearance too overwhelming; Otherwise, you may end up missing the elegant, and classy part of the dress code. If you’re going for a bold eye look, have a more subtle lip color, and vise versa. If you’re wearing a lot of sparkly statement jewelry, ensure you wear a relatively plain dress. If you decide on a lovely sequined number, make sure to keep it floor length, to avoid looking like you’re dressed for a night out on the town.

Just Ask The Host

If all of this fails to provide you with any guidance, and you are still scratching your head a few days before the event, struggling to decide what to wear, it’s always best to simply ask the host. Trust me; They will appreciate you asking for their help and voicing your confusion a lot more than they would turning up to an event they’d put a lot of effort in, with all of their guests looking nothing like how they’d envisioned.

Hopefully, this advice has given you some inspiration as to what you would like to wear to your next formal event. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how much highlight or how many sparkly brooches you put on, if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, then you’re never going to look right. No matter what you decide to wear, ensure you wear it loud and proud, because confidence is your best feature, and is what will make your night as fun as you are hoping.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!