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This has been kind of a rough week. I hate that I’m not one of those girls who has trouble sleeping when her significant other is away but here we are. I’ve cranky, sad, sleepy, and it’s HOT OUT so I just have felt pretty off.

I’m going to Laytonsville this weekend (and probably every weekend for the next month) to get some time with my parents. Tomorrow is Joe’s Ride, so hopefully the weather will be nice for the Olney community to gather and remember the kids we have lost as a big family- including my sister. Joe’s family and my family did swim team together, but I always see many, many other familiar faces at this great event. Every year, rain is predicted, and every year, it holds off at least for the morning. #fingerscrossed

Weekend Printable Wall Art

This week on The CaroLøve

I’m welcoming a new partner this week to The CaroLøve! Coconut Lane is a great accessories site out of London Made for girl bosses, dreamers & believers. As a Coconut Queen, I get to offer all my readers 20% off their already affordable products with the code thecarolove20.

The love of novelty bags continues infinitely, but I recently found this adorable milk box, a cassette tape clutch, and a strawberry to go with all the fruits from my post earlier this week.

Kendall and I are pluggin’ along on wedding plans. Photographer + videographer officially booked! (A huge thank you to my parents for helping us with not only this but pretty much everything about our big day!) Can’t wait to have Darrell + Kristin McDavid and Adam Green document our wedding!

Ellen Bryan with the WUSA 9 team in D.C. is such a total sweetheart. Completely teared up reading about how Bubbles & Bloggers inspired her!

Sometimes I features my friends and sometimes they feature me! Check me out over on the Dirty Hippy Swag blog!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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