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Makeup has a lot of substance to it, both in terms of use and how many complementary products it has to go along with it. Makeup lovers the world over are up to date on all the new trends and looks the icons love, and thus buying for them for Christmas can get a little pricey and a little confusing! Here’s some ideas that will often blow the competition out of the water because of their simplicity and usefulness.

Cosmetic Bag

Something to Make Foundation Last Longer…

Squeezing out the last drop of foundation isn’t typically possible because of the packaging the formula comes in, and that means we get frustrated every time it comes to throwing a bottle away. But wait! Before you let the person you’re buying for chuck their bottle in the bin, tap your nose and tell them to hang on for it for a bit longer.

You can get makeup spatulas to scrape out the bottom of a bottle, and scoop out the gloop of foundation at the bottom which we know we should be able to use! This way, we can get a couple more days of use at least, and finally the £30 price tag makes sense.

Easier Ways to Keep Brushes Clean!

Everyone hates having to dunk their brushes in the solution, despite how productive it makes us feel, as it takes our much loved tool kit out of commission for a good while and they need to dry off. However, on the other hand, some people rarely remember to do it at all!

If you’re at a loss at what to get someone because everyone else has already bought the experimental palettes they’ve been wanting for a while, and another person has got them a dress to pair their new look with, turn to the technical. Often, the latter option outweighs the former, so getting someone a Make Up Brush Cleaner they can easily apply and acts as physical reminder to clean off the brushes won’t go unappreciated!

Blotting Materials That Keep Makeup Intact

Everyone who uses makeup knows this struggle: you want to get rid of the excess oils that leak out and ruin a look you’ve spent an hour plus perfecting, but blotting them away smudges everything up anyway! Well, here’s the trick for them!

You can get sponges that are made of the same stuff as beauty blenders, which is immediately a good sign. Blending everything in instead of isolating a patch and wiping everything away is what’s needed here after all. Snap up a couple packets of these and wrap them up as a good stocking filler, or pack them in with the rest of the present you’re planning to buy for your favorite person.

Christmas can be just as pleasurable as ever without any torn hairs! Makeup is confusing and so many products exist that do the same things, so think a little out of the box this year. Your effort always goes rewarded with ventures like these!

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