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Over the last few decades our awareness of moving back to natural ingredients and organic living has increased tenfold.  We all know the importance of selecting fresh ingredients, taking care to ensure that our products aren’t tested on animals and staying clear of nasty chemicals.  However, sometimes products that tick all the right boxes from the natural front, are slightly lacking on the luxe front.  I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging but I’m starting to really go for more natural products- like the oil I use instead of drugstore moisturizer now. Beauty comes from within, right? Treat your body well and you’ll be glowing.

Sun Potion Ashitaba Supplement

A few years ago the world went mad for Matcha green tea.  This was a powdered tea which was packed full of antioxidants and made an excellent replacement to your morning coffee.  Matcha gave you an alkaline caffeine fix which was far better to the body than the acidic kind you get from coffee and black tea.  Well, move over Matcha because there is a new tea in town.  Brand wise Ashitaba is like the Armand de Brignac of the tea world.  Beautifully packaged with a Japanese chic, you will love bringing this out when you have guests over.  However it is the ashitaba health benefits which are incredible, these include more potent antioxidants than matcha, a neuro growth factor, it rebuilds DNA and is packed with chalcones and vitamin B12.

When it comes to our skin we need to be more aware of the contents included, which is why it is a great idea to go for natural and organic products.  However there are very few truly organic products on the market.  We searched the globe and found the incredible La Creme Beaute products.  These stunning creams are made by a former British model who realized there were no 100% organic products on the market and those that were nearly there, didn’t have that luxury feel to them.  Le Creme Beaute now offer a huge range of beautiful products including Bee Venom from organic bees!

Votary Cleansing Oil

If you prefer oils to creams then the beautifully packaged range from Votary will tick all your boxes.  Unlike many natural oils the ones developed by Votary are light enough to use under your makeup.  We think the lavender pillow spray and the super seed oil are fantastic.  The packaging will look stunning in any luxury bathroom and would make a stunning present.

Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Wet Mask

The brilliant guys and girls at Herbivore Botanicals have produced a must have face mask for anyone wanting to give their face a stunning natural glow without worrying about chemical or processed ingredients. The brand is absolutely flawless with a really delicate minimal feel and stunning typography.

The more we use natural and organic products the higher the demand will become, this will mean that our designer favorites will be forced to start producing ranges like this.  So maybe it won’t be long before Chanel cosmetics go au natural and give you the gentle products you need for your body!

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With technology what it is, and social media ruling most of us, we’re more in our heads than ever. Is it any wonder a lot of us are unhappy? As our entertainment options have increased, we pay less attention to the world around us. Stripping your life of distractions can work wonders for your mind. There’s a reason simplicity is so highly regarded in the Buddhist lifestyle. The good news is, there are methods you can take to help yourself find peace in a loud world. Here are a few of the best things you can do!

Gaiam Don’t Hate Cropped Graphic Tank Top


Meditation is one of the most effective ways to relax your mind. We all know the concept. The idea behind meditation is that you silence your mind to bring yourself to a new level of awareness. Most of us have probably even tried at some point. Even so, few of us keep up with the practice. The trick to getting the hang of meditation is perseverance. It can be an alien concept if you’re not used to it. How can you sit without thinking for ten minutes, let alone half an hour? Remember that changing the way your mind works is going to take time. With regular meditation practice, you’ll find the process takes on a life of its own. Meditation is the perfect way to make time for a little peace in your life and mind. Why not give it a go and see where it takes you?

Yeti Yoga The Oak Yoga Mat


If meditation doesn’t work for you, it might be worth giving yoga a try. The basic idea behind yoga is the same, but it’s a more structured way to reach enlightenment. Instead of sitting and trying to conquer your mind, you will learn exercises that need complete awareness. Yoga focuses on balance to help you achieve a more peaceful mind state. Most yoga practices include some periods of meditation, too. If you want to get fit on your quest for a calmer mind, yoga will do the job.

Aromatherapy Associates Pure Indulgence


If you’re less after awakening, and more after a relaxing experience, why not give aromatherapy a shot? Aromatherapy concerns the burning of essential oils. Stock up on your favorite essential oils and a diffuser to get the smell into your room. Set up a particular place, so that your mind relaxes as soon as you enter the space. Then, sit back and let those gentle smells wash over you. Taking the time to have a moment out could make a huge difference to your mental state.

Dogeared Mindful Mandala Center Square Necklace


If you don’t think you can make time for calming your mind during the day, take your practice with you. The best way to describe mindfulness is to say it’s like meditation on the go. The practice concentrates on becoming aware of your surroundings at all times. Too many of us walk through life with our eyes closed. Get a book about mindfulness to see how different your experience of the world could be!

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I’m so glad that somewhere after college I finally decided to take care of my skin properly- rather than baking and drying it out, I made a conscious decision to look after myself inside and out. SPF is my friend, so is moisture, hydration, and even having the right diet.

Eugenia Kim Bunny Hemp-Blend Sun Hat

Say No To Sunbathing

While everyone loves to feel the warm rays of sunshine on their bare skin, they tend to forget just how intense UVA and B rays can be, and how too much exposure can permanently damage your skin. Try to stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, between 10am and 2pm, pop on a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head slip on a lovely kaftan and don’t forget your sunglasses. It’s important to limit exposure to avoid uneven skin tones, dark patches and the risk of melanoma or skin cancer.

Wild And Wolf X Ted Baker London Glass Water Bottle

Hydration Is Key

Experts state that everyone should be drinking at least eight large glasses of water a day, more if you’re undertaking any physical activity or exercising. While youthful skin tends to be tanned, blemish-free and firm as we get older it can lose that springiness. Lack of hydration can cause your skin to become dry, papery and prone to wrinkles and liver spots.

Moon Juice Limited Edition Cookbook

Eat A Balanced Diet

Our minds and bodies benefit hugely from having the right vitamins, minerals, and nutritional content. By eating a variety of fruit and vegetables and balancing your carbohydrate, protein and fiber intake, you’re giving yourself the best chance of keeping your immune system healthy. As well as reducing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. People that lead healthy, active lifestyles live longer and are also far less likely to suffer from depression.

Space.nk.apothecary Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

Try Anti-Ageing Creams

There are a plethora of luxuriously packaged and celebrity endorsed anti-ageing products. Drugstore and supermarket shelves are jam packed with creams, potions and serums all claiming to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and relieve tired eyes. Pentapeptides help skin cells to produce more collagen which contributes to firming up skin. Why not try a dragon’s blood serum? This exotic sounding formula uses a range of luxurious botanicals to infuse mature skin with anti-ageing properties.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Oil Free Moisture Cushion

Soothe Dry Skin

If you suffer from exceptionally dry skin, you may want to consult your doctor who’ll then refer you to a dermatologist. In the meantime, there are things women can do to improve their skin such as swapping face wash for enriched moisturizers specifically for dry skin.

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while that is definitely the case, it’s not always that easy to be kind when you’re looking at yourself. For whatever reason, we always want more. We want to be more beautiful, healthier, and happier. So much so, that it can feel like we’re on an endless mission to make it happen. Now, knowing that you can get there in half the time is a good thing, right? Well, you can. Beauty tips exist for a reason: to be used. So read on, discover something new and start liking what you see when you look at yourself, by finally becoming the best version of yourself.


Sleep Straight

A lot of people underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleeping not only helps us to get more energy, but it’s also great for beauty too. Hence the saying ‘beauty sleep’. When you sleep well (think 7 hours or more), your body can repair. When it repairs, collagen is made! And we all know that collagen is a wonder for keeping wrinkles at bay. Plus, if you can, try to sleep on your back – it’s the only way to stop your skin from wrinkling while you sleep.

Love Oils

If you’ve always wanted to improve the appearance of your hair, you’re going to want to start showing oils some love. You might think that oils will make your hair greasier, but when you use them correctly, they do the exact opposite. They’re nourishing, smoothing and even give your hair that celeb-grade shine. Add coconut, argan, or almond oil to your ends, and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Reducing Cellulite

Cellulite is something we all suffer from. No matter how big or small your body is, all women have cellulite somewhere, at some point in their lives. You think that would make it all the more accepting, but it doesn’t. So, instead, we need to work on that. But, before you rush ahead and think you need liposuction to fix it, you can try home remedies. Body brushing is a great way to increase blood flow and break down your cellulite and reduce it’s appearance. So give it a try before you opt for more radical alternatives.

Brighten Up

We always think about our body size and how we look, but we often neglect some of the more important details – like our eyes. Our eyes have the power to say so much. They express emotions and display our health. So, you need to start taking more care. Eye drops are a way to do that, especially the kind that keep them moisturized and brighten up the whites.

Boosting Radiance

If there were one eternal beauty issue that we’d all be chasing the answer for, it would be radiant skin. Skin care can cover so much, but when your skin is fresh, radiant and dewy, nothing else matters. Despite popular opinion, radiant skin is attainable. By exfoliating regularly to remove dead skill cells and staying hydrated (both inside with water and outside with moisturizer), radiant skin can quite easily be yours.

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Is anyone else feeling horribly off right now? Maybe it’s because the upcoming inauguration is such a point of contention for this country, because Kendall just left for a week for drill, or the winter ickies but I just don’t feel well, you know? Just kind of panicky and unsettled.

I feel very strongly that a healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Corepower Yoga certainly helps me with both, and I know I need to make a more concentrated effort to get my butt to more practices. I read recently an article that addresses a point of yoga that I think a lot of us forget about:

Thing is, yoga isn’t even about exercise. It has almost nothing to do with downward dogs, or headstands, absurd Instagram contortions or $100 yoga mats. Those can be tremendously fun and can even serve as a “gateway drug” to the deeper practices, but they’re still but minor tools, at best. And really, how can you misappropriate something you’re not clear on in the first place?

Ultimately and across most traditions, yoga is about one simple thing: freedom. It’s about total liberation from the ego, from the incessant, gnarled churnings of the mind, its stories and doubts and fears, so the practitioner can finally repose into the true nature of Reality, without illusion.

Which is to say, yoga is the means by which the Self, the world and all its inhabitants are revealed as they truly are: inextricably interconnected, each a unique expression of the same pulsing, vibrating, unified field of divine consciousness. Simple, really.

A few years ago, I was at one of my favorite gift shops and a woman there was selling aromatherapy oils and wanted me to pick out a scent that resonated with me. The scents were supposedly linked to a chakra and guardian angel. Whether or not any of this was BS, the scent that I chose was connected to the root chakra and Angel Uriel. I’ve done some research on both, and honestly, the symptoms of your root chakra being imbalanced are exactly what I’m experiencing: anxiety, fears, and nightmares- and I don’t really have a solid reason why! You can read a bit more about the root chakra here, but there are so many resources available on and offline.

I need little reminders to help me stay balanced, whether it be physical or a scent or even symbolic. Check out my choices for root chakra maintenance and let me know how you stay balanced!

the carolove root chakra

1.Root Chakra Yogi Soap||2.Red Jasper Tumbled Stone||3.Women’s Daisy London ‘Base Chakra’ Cord Bracelet

4.The Habit: Art! Chakra Bands||5.Root Chakra Tea by Buddha Teas||6.Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend

7.‘chakra 1′ Balancing Body Mist||8.Carved Marble Incense & Votive Holder

9.Wire Wrapped Red Jasper Point Pendant||10.Root Chakra Patch||11.Cool life fragrance Le quatrieme parfum

12.ROOT CHAKRA Meditation candle||13.Grounding Amulet & Gemstone kit||14.Chakra Key Chain

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