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I’ve always had very vivid and clear dreams. Saturday night, unfortunately, it was mostly nightmares, mostly wedding related. It’s strange, everyone keeps telling me how I must be totally stressed with the wedding less than 100 days away. Well, actually I wasn’t until you told me I should be, SHARON! (Sharon being the name for every single person who projects what they think I should be feeling onto me. Sharon is not a real person in this scenario.)

Anyway, I fell asleep in my favorite chair Saturday night and promptly fell into a pattern of stress-y dreams. In these dreams, my bridesmaids were asking me normal questions like, “hey- what kinds of accessories do we need?” and I kept forgetting to answer their texts and instead Googled unicorn clutches for no particular reason, even though in my dream I knew I needed to stay focused.

I mass texted them all on Sunday letting them know and wanting to make sure there wasn’t anything I was leaving unanswered for the time being. They thought it was hilarious and one jokingly offered to return her unicorn purse.

I think it’s fun that unicorns are so on trend. I think occasionally we need to escape the reality that is adulthood and global warming and politics and head into something whimsical, soft, and a little bit absurd.

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