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Happy Friday! As exhausted as I am, this week has just flown by! I feel like all of November is going to be like that. I’m definitely getting ready for snuggle season and this whole “falling back” we insist on doing has me a little out of whack. I need lists on lists on organization to get me through the holidays.

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Lately on The CaroLøve:

Tomorrow I’ll be working my little booth at the St. John’s Holly Harvest Festival, selling hard copies of the prints in my Etsy shop! I’m now also offering custom digital prints with your favorite quotes, song lyrics, etc. AND


I don’t know why it took me so long but I finally have a graphic t shop on Zazzle. I’ve wanted to design my own shirts since… forever! (A huge thank you to my sorority sisters for letting me design shirts for the house!) I have a few designs up now but I’m in major brainstorming mode for Christmas. You can find my designs right on the Shop page of my blog! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see for the holidays and beyond.

J. Crew is having a pretty awesome sale: 25% off full-price items including that new new with code GETSHOPPING.

I have been validated: I do NAHT need to wear heels for my wedding. (Not that I was going to anyway). via Over The Moon

Ok- so 2 weeks trying a new BB cream and here’s what I have to say about Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream with Tea Tree Oil and Sebum Control Powder: It’s a good thing I’m fair because this stuff is LIGHT. Also, it smells great and the coverage is amazing but, honestly, it’s not doing a thing for my skin. I had high hopes and was excited to try it, but I’ll be going back to my fave Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer for everyday.

For the holidays, I’m putting together a gift guide of entirely women-owned small businesses. If you’d like to be included, shoot me an email {thecarolove@gmail.com}! There is no charge to you, as I just want to support small biz and women biz! I do already have certain vendors and won’t do repeat companies, but that is just about the only stipulation! For those of you who want to shop, let me know what kind of guides you’d like to see!

Have a great weekend!



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