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My 2018 Personal Planner was given to me free of charge for a review. As always, opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following my blog or listening to me speak for the past couple of years, you’ll know that I had a total love affair with my Posypaper planner. This year, I got an itch to make my planner even more custom and went on a search for a company that could incorporate one of my designs from my Etsy shop into a planner, specifically, my Like A Boss design.

With Personal Planner, not only do you get to customize the cover, but this is your planner from soup to nuts. Let me walk you through it:

Size:I chose classic, because I wanted it to fit comfortably in most of my purses. I could see the Big being a perfect size for teachers!

Cover Picture:

This was obviously what I was the most excited about. I was able to upload my Like A Boss design to the front, and use one of their pretty marble designs for the back. I opted to not have my name on this one, but the year is on my back cover. I also chose the gold elastic enclosure, but I honestly after a couple of weeks of schlepping the thing to work, that is long gone- probably in one of my black hole purses. You can also choose your start month and year- either to order ahead or catch up if you’re tardy to the party!

From there it’s mostly functional- the layout of the pages (the combination of options is virtually limitless), picking out what you want your “extra” pages to look like (I opted for just extra note space), and even adding a note for daily workouts, if you desire. There’s even an option to start your planner with a little note with your contact info should you lose it.

And, guys, there is pocket.

I’m obviously just into the new year using my Personal Planner, but so far so good! I love the way it’s organized (because I designed it!) and it’s a great size. Because the planners are made in Sweden, definitely allow some time for it to come it, but shipping is included with the price! My only suggestion to Personal Planner (and all planner manufacturers) would be to create a planner that’s not wire bound as my wires tend to bend while bouncing around my work bag. I would love love love if all planners were more like hardcover books. I’m not even sure if this is possible, so until then, I am quite content with and proud of my new planner.

Design your own planner with Personal Planner here and don’t forget to like them on Facebook!



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