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While the enjoyable festive season has arrived, most people will also have one eye on January and the new start that 2018 will offer. This year, though, why not go one better than the New Year’s resolutions that will inevitably be ruined before the end of March?

NYE 2018 Balloons

Essentially, those resolutions are made in a bid to enhance your life. Rather than trying to change yourself into someone else, it’s far better to evolve into the best possible version of you. Here are some of the greatest ways to do this in style.

Add The Word Happy To Healthy Living

‘Losing weight’ and ‘getting fit’ are the most common resolutions by a considerable distance. While many people will see results from their diets and gym routines in the early weeks, the majority will give up before summer. In most cases, it’s because their new lifestyles are missing one key ingredient: fun.

To truly implement a new lifestyle routine, it needs to be sustainable. Starving yourself or slogging away with routines you hate will not work for the long haul. This guide to making healthy eating fun should have a huge impact on your situation. Similarly, dance classes and team sports can be the more enjoyable route for exercise.

In truth, adding the fun factor is likely to slow the speed of your transformation. However, the destination is far more important than the journey time. If the more enjoyable approach can unlock greater long-term results, you’d be a fool to ignore it. Above all else, this will keep a smile on your face through the process too. What more incentive could anybody ask for?

Spend Money More Wisely

Financial worries are the most common form of stress for the modern generations. As such, many start a new year with the goal of progressing their career. While this is an ambition that should not be abandoned, there is a more accessible way to bolster financial health. The answer is to reduce needless financial waste.

There’s nothing wrong with spending money in this life or even paying premium rates for premium quality. Still, reducing household bills and using cutbacks that won’t cause negative impacts to your lifestyle can only be positive. Likewise, changing your outlook on life to see that the affordable option is sometimes as useful as the expensive one can bring a telling impact.

Utilizing resources in a more efficient will help the cause too. This could mean selling unwanted goods or upcycling old materials. Alternatively, it may just involve making smarter home upgrade decisions. As long as financial health enters your mind at all times, your approach to money will evolve nicely. While this isn’t the most important thing in the world, it’s significance cannot be ignored.

Quit Bad Habits In The Sustainable Manner

Aside from incorporating positive additions, you may use the start of a new year as a chance to drop bad habits. These can range from gambling addictions to excessive drinking or even biting your nails. Different situations require varying approaches. Whatever the specific item might be, though, your actions should be geared towards a sustained outcome.

Without question, smoking is the most common feature on resolution lists. Just quitting at the click of your fingers isn’t a viable option for many people, but this vaping overview should open your eyes to a better solution. Making the switch is a positive step in itself, and may ease you into ending the dependency altogether. Meanwhile, discussion groups can be a great weapon in the war against this problem.

Whatever you do, be sure to take each challenge one day at a time. Otherwise, you may find that it all becomes a little overawing. For the sake of your sanity as well as your hopes of success, getting this element right is vital. Until you successfully master this aspect, none of the progress made elsewhere will seem truly rewarding.

Work On The Positives

A lot of people try to take on New Year’s resolutions that are simply unobtainable. In many cases, you can have a positive impact on your life by focusing on maximized success in areas that already boast a strong starting point.

This could take many forms from becoming a better worker to focusing more on celebrating your relationship. The latter is arguably the most important factor of all, and is one that regularly goes undervalued. Even if it’s only by adding a weekly date night at home, there’s no doubt that improvements in this part of your life will bring fantastic results. For both of you.

Apart from anything else, those strong foundations in these areas mean you should start to reap the full rewards far sooner. Use this as a starting point before turning your attentions back to much bigger challenges. After all, success breeds success, and this tip will keep your mindset in a far stronger position.

Make Better Use Of Your Time

With any standard resolution, you’re actively looking to incorporate something new and better into your life. Whatever those targets might look like, it’s safe to say that using time in a more efficient manner will make it easier. Frankly, mastering this element will turn you into a far more productive person, which should lead to a host of benefits. As far as personal improvement is involved, this is top of the agenda.

Taking greater control over your organizational skills is the perfect starting point. Embracing routines enables you to avoid the threat of wasting time. Perhaps more crucially, though, you should alter your approach to sleep. A good rest makes a world of difference to your productivity throughout the day ahead and leaves you with increased energy. Do not get it wrong.

We only get one shot at this life, and the desire to do more with it is the reason we make those resolutions in the first place. When you use your time well, there can be no regrets. Quite frankly, that’s all anyone could ever ask for from 2018. Or indeed any other.


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Many of us will have heard the saying “smile and the world will smile with you” but how many of us actually smile to the world? Many of us can feel a little less confident with our own smiles, perhaps just doing a token gesture as we go about our day, rather than planting a huge big smile on our faces. Even if we do feel happy and content with our lives. So how can we change that? After all, the world will certainly be a nicer place to be in if everyone around us were smiling. We change it by becoming more confident with our own smile. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do that.

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Have a good routine

Having a smile that you can feel truly confident in starts with a routine at home. If you don’t take care of your teeth at home, then you won’t feel like smiling at all. It means brushing your teeth regularly, flossing regularly and even using things like mouthwash that can help with preventing things like gum disease and bad breath. It is also recommended to brush your teeth after eating or drinking something acidic or sugary. It might be hard to keep up with this regular routine, but doing this alone can help you feel more confident with your smile.

Keep up to date with your dentist appointments

As much as having a routine with your dental care is essential, you also need to make sure that you visit your dentist regularly. They can look out for problems that you may not even realize you have. Issues with plaque buildup or problems with sensitive teeth. Getting your teeth checked over can give you the confidence to smile with pride.

Consider teeth whitening

Many people don’t feel confident in their smile because of the discoloration of their teeth. This might be after years of drinking too much coffee, or simply not keeping up with a good dental routine in the past. Thankfully there are options to resolve this. A simple search online will identify websites that share the best at home teeth whitening by Top9Rated. Teeth whitening can really help improve your confidence levels, and it can be quite simple to do at home. Or if you don’t feel confident, you can get booked into specialist clinics.

Don’t force it really feel it

Finally, you need to really feel the smile and not force it. No one wants to see someone who genuinely doesn’t like filled with the joys of life. Smiling is something that should come naturally to you and not be a forced thing. Really feel genuinely happy and wanting to smile and you will find that it becomes second nature to you. This can have a huge positive impact on your life as well, as you start to feel the true feelings of happiness.

I hope that these tips help you to become more confident with your smile. Enabling you to enjoy the benefits of smiling with the world.


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We all suffer with self-confidence issues at some point or another. The fear that you may not be good enough or that you’re bound to fail isn’t something that’s easy to get over. There are very few people on this planet who have never been afraid of taking a risk. But, that fear can hold you back from achieving your dreams. You owe it to yourself to boost your confidence, get out there in the big wide world and grab the bull by the horns. But, how do you do that?

I’m not going to lie- I had a total breakdown on Monday. A project I has been working on kind of fell apart at the seams and the higher-up I was working with was (understandably) not thrilled. I thought I was going to be fired. So I called my mom, my fiancé, and then my boss in panicky tears. I hate letting anyone down. After talking it out, I realized I had done the best I could under tricky circumstances and all was not lost. It’s sometimes really hard to not get down on yourself, but I woke up the following morning with a little boost and by the end of Tuesday, everything had fallen into place.

How do you give yourself a little confidence boost when you need it most?

Coffee Contour & Confidence

Dress to Impress

No, not to impress your boss or your partner or anyone else. Dress to impress yourself. There’s something about being in the right outfit that gives you the confidence you need to tackle the day. For example, if you walk into a meeting with potential clients feeling scruffy and under-dressed, you’re unlikely to win them over because you won’t feel at your best. If you walk in dressed to the nines and it makes you feel powerful, you have what you need to make them see your potential. My personal power outfit is a fitted black dress, a black heel, and a strong statement necklace… this outfit.

Take Care of the Exterior

Isn’t it amazing what a bit of grooming can do? Often, if you’re happy with what’s on the outside, you feel more confident on the inside. It could be anything, from a simple haircut to a consultation at drstephanieteotia.com. Self-image is one of the major keys to how you view your confidence levels. If you’re not happy with the way you look, low self-esteem often quickly follows. Do what you can to take pride in your appearance and you could see a big boost. I always feel the best after a hair-did situation with Jenn at Progressions or Amanda at Illusions.

Positive Outlook

Many of us don’t even recognize how we talk to ourselves. If you’re constantly convinced that you’re going to fail, it’s likely you will fail. Sometimes, we set ourselves up for failure without even realizing it. If you hear yourself saying the words, ‘This is too hard’ or ‘I can’t do that’ you need to start training yourself to think differently. Replace ‘I can’t’ with ‘I can’. It can help to give yourself a little pep talk every morning by enforcing positive thoughts, like ‘I am capable’, ‘I am confident’ and ‘Nothing can stop me but me’.

I actually woke up Tuesday to words clear as day, “you get out of the universe what you put into it.” It may have been God or guardian angels, but some force was telling me to get the hell up and put on a smile, so I’ve been repeating that in my head all week.

Learn to Act

Did you know that everyone you see on a daily basis has some sort of struggle with self-confidence? If you see someone acting confident, it’s often just that – an act. Acting confident can lead to actually feeling confident. Sometimes you just have to take yourself out of your own shoes for a while to be able to see that confidence is achievable. When your actions begin to change, so will your thought process.

I look back to when I first started blogging. Yes, I was terrified to go to events surrounded by gorgeous women in perfect outfits, but I went! I eventually found the perfect crew to run with all because I pretended not to be scared to meet Dani for brunch!

Find Your Tribe

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. I stand by this, and this is one of the main ideals of Bubbles & Bloggers. Surround yourself with uplifting people and even at your worst, you will have support you need to lift yourself back up. You have someone to commiserate with when your day is crap. On the flipside, they’ll celebrate the little achievements with you (no matter how little!)

Be Kind

It’s important to be kind to yourself and to others. Have you ever experienced the self-confidence boost you get from helping someone in need? It can help you to realize your self-worth.Improving your self-confidence, no matter how you choose to do it, could open up a whole new world for you.


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In magazines, online, and even in everyday life, you’re probably going to see people talking about what clothes you should or shouldn’t wear based on your body size or shape. They’ll say that crop tops are only for skinny girls or that shorts are only for people with curves. Well, here’s the dirty secret that a lot of people don’t want you to know: you can wear whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, anyone can rock whatever look they choose. Sure, the media will try and tell you that there’s one look that’s true beauty and we should all be aiming for it, but the reality is that everyone can be beautiful, it’s just a matter of embracing who you are. With that in mind, here are a few tips to build up the body confidence that you need to embrace any look that you want.

Perfectly Imperfect Tshirt

Wear what you want!

The first thing you need to do is to throw out the idea that there are specific clothes or accessories for specific people. A lot of people will turn up their noses at curvy girls who want to show off their tummies, but there’s no reason why crop tops and belly button piercings can only look good on skinny people. Check out this Article about belly button piercing by Catchyscoop.com to see how well anyone can rock that kind of look. Here’s a good thing to remember: if you like a piece of clothing and it comes in your size, then there is absolutely no reason why shouldn’t wear it with pride.

Find your own style!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should wear every style and item of clothing possible. After all, everyone has their own style, and it’s about finding the things that you think look good. Of course, the only way you’re going to find your own personal style is to try things on. Experiment with things that you wear. Sure, not everything is going to work but it’s always worth trying things out, that’s what fitting rooms are for after all!

Strut your stuff!

No matter what you wear, there really is only one thing that you need to look good in it: confidence. The most beautiful woman in the world could look bad in clothes if she doesn’t feel confident and happy in them. Be proud of who you are and the way that you look. Strut your stuff and don’t ever let anyone tell you how to look, how to dress, or what you should look like. Remember, beauty has no size or shape!

It’s important to remember that building up your confidence takes time. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you’re not ready to strut your stuff or wear your favorite outfit in public. If you’re only able to wear what you want in front of your bedroom mirror, then that’s okay! The journey of building confidence always starts with a single step in the right direction!


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Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror and to feel satisfied with the person staring back at you. Here are some tips on how to tackle your low self esteem.

100 Pure BB Cream

Get A Makeover

If you’ve never had a makeover, now is the time to start. Go to any beauty counter, and ask the assistant what colors would suit you and which products would be great for your skin type. Remember that if you do that, it’s only polite to buy some of the products at the end! If you’re puzzled about where to start, get a good hydrating moisturizer, BB cream that suits your skin tone, an eyebrow pomade or powder, mascara and tinted lip balm, as a good makeup starter kit.

ORCIVAL Breton-striped cotton top

Get A New Wardrobe

We all feel dissatisfied at the contents of our wardrobes sometimes. Even though they’re full of stuff, it’s hard to know what to wear sometimes! If you don’t like the way that some of your clothes fit on you, or if you’ve gained or lost weight, it’s time to buy new clothes that fit and that flatter the parts of your body that you love. If you’re worried about looking frumpy, try out well fitting straight or skinny jeans, ankle boots with a low heel, and a Breton striped top for chic, easy Parisian style that will look good on anyone.

Yeti Yoga The Taurus Yoga Mat

Get A New Body

If you don’t feel happy or satisfied with your body, it’s absolutely possible to change it. Try body contour treatment if you’re finding it difficult to lose weight. If you’d rather do it the natural way, then start meal planning so you don’t end up eating take out or convenience foods in the evenings. You could also take up some new keeping fit activities. Join a gym – if you find it hard to keep motivated, why not try a fitness class like pilates or tap dancing with a friend so you can turn it into a social occasion? Even if you don’t lose tons of weight, knowing that your body is fit and healthy will make you feel great, and you’ll get more toned too.

Asstd National Brand Acrylic Painting Set For Beginners

Get Educated

There’s no better way to feel good about yourself than knowing that you’re interesting. If there’s something that you’ve always been interested in, then it’s time to extend that interest and turn it into a passion. If you love art, join a painting class. If you love theater, subscribe to your local arts center’s mailing list so you can check out all the cool shows that are on there. There’s nothing more attractive than an informed person who has opinions, interest, and curiosity.

This Girl is a Total Boss / black and white coffee mug

Use Positive Language

Make sure that you stop putting yourself down. If someone compliments you, smile and thank them rather than denying it. Be open about your accomplishments and achievements, and make sure that you emphasize the things you like about yourself rather than worrying about the things you aren’t so keen on. Remember that no one is perfect and no one has it together as much as they pretend they do. You’re not alone – just remember that if you pretend to be confident, you’ll soon feel that way too!


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