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I wouldn’t know this because I was an angel (JUST KIDDING) but teenagers can be a little difficult. In all seriousness, I was really close with my parents and relatively well-behaved, as were my friends. And now that I’m older I have some friend who have kids and some approaching their teen years. I feel like being a teenager now is especially difficult with the onslaught of social media everywhere telling them how to look, where to shop, and how fast to grow up.

Finding the right presents for a teenage girl can be a real hassle. In most instances, they will pretend to feel less than thrilled with anything you purchase because you’re “old and uncool.” Still, some gifts always go down well, and you’ll find some fantastic suggestions on this page.  Now is the time to consider her newfound maturity and ensure you don’t make the mistake of buying something childish for their special occasion.

Of course, you don’t have to choose any of the items mentioned in this article. They are just here to offer some inspiration and point you in the right direction.

Sweet 16 Cupcake Toppers

Buy some theater tickets

If she loves the arts, it might make sense for you to purchase some tickets to see a show at the theater. Some of the best Broadway theatre productions at the moment include:

  • The Book of Mormon
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Hamilton
  • Hello Dolly!
  • Anastasia

However, there are lots more shows you might like to consider, and nothing is wrong with choosing a production by a local theater company. Sometimes that’s easier as you don’t have to make travel arrangements.

Book a weekend city break

Taking her away for the weekend is a fantastic move if you want to treat her for her birthday. You could stay in the US or brave a trip to Europe if you have enough cash to spend and you don’t mind traveling on a plane. Some of the most popular cities for breaks in the US include:

If you want to travel further afield, you might consider some of the following locations on the European continent:

  • London
  • Berlin
  • Milan
  • Barcelona

The decision is up to you, but people who visit those places tend to have an excellent time as there are lots of sights and attractions. Just be sure to make the arrangements a couple of months in advance or at the last minute for the best prices.

Get some luxury jewelry

Lots of teenagers want to look like adults, and that’s why you’ve probably spent a lot of money on designer clothing labels during the last couple of years. While some parents don’t want their kids to wear makeup until they’re older, most people have no issues when it comes to jewelry. So, take a look online and check out some of the most popular suppliers and specialists. Maybe she would like a thick gold choker or something with a little more bling? Perhaps she would enjoy something a little more elegant like a diamond ankle bracelet? Just shop around and see what you can find! Also, if you buy from mainstream jewelry companies, be sure to search for discount deals and coupons because sometimes they help you to save a fortune on the purchase price.

Give her a makeover

By the time most girls reach the age of thirteen, they have the minds of young adults. That often means that she will start to wear makeup long before they learn how to apply it correctly. If you’ve spent many mornings lecturing your bundle of joy about the state of her eyebrows, maybe she would benefit from a professional makeover? Specialists who undertake procedures of that nature will know how to make her look as beautiful as possible. If you want to find the best experts in your local area, just:

  • Search Google
  • Ask for recommendations on social media
  • Speak to any friends who recently got married

The latter suggestion is handy because most brides-to-be will spend a long time searching for the best makeup artist in the area. So, you could save yourself a lot of time if you know someone who’s just started their married life.

Invest in a new outfit

Buying clothing for a teen girl is somewhat of a minefield, and for that reason, you should always involve her in the process. However, you don’t want to remove the element of surprise from your birthday gift. So, visit stores in your hometown or search online for the best fashion brands. Ask your loved one to pick out a few different outfits she likes so you can choose from her shortlist. Failure to do that could mean you have an unhappy teenager on your hands when the big day arrives. Some of the best-selling fashion brands at the moment include:

  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Burberry
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dolce and Gabbana

Purchase some concert tickets

Does she love one music artist more than any other? Is her bedroom covered from wall to wall in Justin Bieber posters? Then it stands to reason that your not so little girl is going to love some concert tickets. Here are some of the most significant artists and bands performing live in the US this year:

  • Pink
  • Lauren Hill
  • Lady Gaga
  • Blink 182
  • Green Day

Pay for a driving experience

One of the most critical milestones in a person’s life is when they pass their driving test and get their license. Maybe you could give her a taste of what she can expect when she starts the learning process? There are many gift packages available that feature driving experiences and most of them are not going to break the bank. The best thing about that idea is that she will get to spend time in a luxurious vehicle and benefit from the guidance of an expert. With a bit of luck, the process will encourage her to pass that test as quickly as possible when the time comes. Just be sure to:

  • Check age limits and restrictions
  • Select a vehicle she will enjoy
  • Ride in the back and try not to have a panic attack

Consider a spa day

Sometimes everyone likes to relax at a spa. Spa resorts are excellent because they help people to unwind and feel rejuvenated. So, conduct some online research until you identify the most suitable establishment in your city. Read some reviews by other customers to ensure the company offers the services you require. Some spas even offer overnight accommodation, and so it’s possible to turn the expedition into a weekend adventure if that idea appeals to you both.


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Our best friends are there for us when we need them the most. They’re there for the good times and the bad times. Even if they’re not with you all the time, you know you can always rely on them. Whether you want to say thank you for some help they’ve given you or just to show that you care – a special gift and unexpected gift makes a lovely surprise. Here are some great picks for thoughtful gifts to give to your best friend.

Day at the Spa soy candle

A spa day

Between busy work and family lives, it can be difficult for you to spend quality time with your best friend. Buying you both a gift certificate to a spa offers an excellent opportunity for you to relax and take some time to get away from it all. A friend who’s been going through a tough time can benefit from a de-stress and a spa day is a gift that will always be appreciated. If the spa isn’t her thing, do some research on best friend dates to find an activity you’ll both enjoy. You might even find a new hobby you can take up together!

Personalized Name Jewelry

A name necklace

Personalized jewelry is a thoughtful gift that shows that you really care for the recipient. If your friend is a fashionista, she’ll appreciate a Sex and the City-style ‘Carrie’ necklace – a simple but stylish piece that goes with everything. For beautiful and chic personalized name necklaces – Soufeel is a great retailer that offers them in different styles and colors. Get one for yourself too for a cute reminder of the special friendship you both share.

Anti-Ageing Facial Serum

Some luxury skincare

It’s important that we look after our skin, and if you’ve been raving about a new skincare product recently – why not give one as a gift to a friend? Being able to say, ‘I thought you might like this,” shows that you think about your friend and that you know about her likes and dislikes. There are some amazing skincare products available at the moment, including skincare made from natural ingredients that make an excellent gift that she’ll love to keep on her dresser.

Blonde Brunette Frame

A framed photograph

This might be considered a bit of a retro gift, but how many of us take the time to print photographs anymore? With phones and Facebook to share photos on there’s a very real possibility that you don’t have any photos up in your home of the two of you together. Pick a stylish frame or fill an album with some of your favorite memories for a gesture she’ll really appreciate.

Treating your best friend is a wonderful way to lift her spirits or show her how much she means to you. If you struggle to think of ideas, look back at some of your favorite memories and let the inspiration hit you – an inside joke might be all that’s needed to spark an idea. Sometimes it’s the smaller gifts that we appreciate the most, and in the end – it’s always the thought that counts.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!

Good skin care should be at the heart of all beauty routines. After all, it’s the biggest organ of the human body and is also the part of the body that is on show to people as well as the elements. Unfortunately, keeping it in the best possible condition can often feel very challenging indeed.

Whether it’s dry skin, spots, or other blemishes doesn’t matter. Those imperfections can drain confidence to restrict your daily happiness, which is why perfect skin should be a priority on a 24/7 basis. Here’s how to achieve it.

Dream Catchers

#1. Change Your Lifestyle

Before worrying too much about ideas specifically aimed at improving the skin, you should analyze your life. Daily activities and routines can have a telling impact on the appearance and health of all body parts, and the skin is certainly no different.

The skin will react to your choices. Therefore, employing a healthier sleeping pattern should be one of the first things on your agenda. Meanwhile, you should always aim to stay hydrated with regular water intake.

In truth, the benefits gained from those improved habits will extend themselves far beyond the skin. They will improve teeth, hair and other body features. Above all else, though, it’ll give your skin the glow it deserves.

Spa Gift Box

#2. Treat It Well

Following positive general routines will give you a solid platform. However, those aspects alone won’t keep your skin in great health. The daily care routines are essentials.

In addition to cleaning with suitable and gentle products, you should find the best moisturizers for your skin too. Use the Total Beauty guide to face moisturizers to find the perfect solution for you. When added to the hydration of drinking water, you’ll be sure to maintain that healthy glow throughout.

Meanwhile, a weekly pampering session will work wonders too. This could involve home treatments or a trip to the local spa. Either way, your skin will be eternally grateful.

Exfoliating & Moisturising Sugar Scrub

#3. Don’t Forget The Body

Great skincare routines shouldn’t focus only the face. The body is just as vital for gaining the desired appearance, and it should not escape your thoughts.

There are many elements to keeping the body’s skin in good health, but that maintenance can be a pain. Hollywood Skin permanent hair removal treatments can make life a lot easier by getting rid of arguably the most stressful task. Moreover, you’ll probably save money in the long run too.

You must also appreciate the need for sun lotions, moisturizers, and other items that may keep your skin in better health. Essentially, anything you’d do for the face should be incorporated here too.

Kaleidoscope Makeup brushes

#4. Choose Makeup Wisely

Even when you take the time and effort to perfect your natural glow, there will be times where makeup is considered essential. Even if you don’t intend to wear it on a daily basis, having the right products is key.

First and foremost, you should be aware of the latest trends surrounding this aspect. Following outdated fashions will instantly make you feel more conscious. Nonetheless, it’s even more crucial that the selected products suit both the tone and sensitivity of your skin.

The right makeup, on top of a great canvas, is sure to make the right impression time and time again.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves once in awhile, but it can be hard mustering up the courage to go and do something to indulge yourself. After all, we have bills to pay, we have work to do and friends to meet. But it’s not like you can’t take friends and family with you wherever you go, and it’s a good idea to treat yourself now and then.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to go off to a spa, a weekend break, or even just a fancy dinner on Friday night, here are a couple of reasons why you should pamper yourself this weekend.

Lavender Mint Soap

Improve your image and improve your confidence

Much of our confidence is driven by our physical appearance. Regardless of how much you weigh, your age or even your shape, people who pamper themselves are more likely to feel confident about their image and thus, have a better outlook on life. It could be a visit to local spas to rejuvenate your skin, it could be a lovely home-cooked meal that makes you feel ten times healthier, or it could even be a pedicure at your local beauty salon—whatever makes you feel younger, healthier and more confident.

Reduce stress and boost your immunity

Scientific studies have shown that people who are more comfortable and less stressed out are at a reduced risk of developing diseases and body wide inflammation. This ultimately leads to a better immune system and you’ll get fewer colds and headaches during your daily life. Pampering yourself is a fantastic way to reduce stress and wipe away the troubles of a working life. It helps you regain focus and it makes you feel more comfortable with your situation. So instead of trapping yourself at home and making yourself miserable, go out and treat yourself.

Optimism is the key to life

We’ve all seen those co-workers who come back to work with a holiday glow. They work better, they’re more productive, and they’re much happier than usual. This is because they’re feeling optimistic about life in general, empowering them with a sense of happiness that allows them to remove negative thoughts. If you want to experience that holiday glow on regular basis, then make it a routine to treat yourself every weekend before you go back to work on a Monday. You’ll experience far less stress, you’re more likely to enjoy your working week, and your optimism will be infectious to those around you.

Live life to the fullest

One of the most frustrating things about life is that we spend so much time working and, as a result, we have very little time to ourselves. This makes it almost impossible to live our lives to the fullest and experience wonderful things at every turn. However, learning to pamper yourself on a regular basis, be it a shopping spree for new clothes or just a visit to a local luxury, can help you experience more of life’s offerings. Being stuck at home trying to find something to do or worrying about the next working week is not how we should be spending our lives. Instead, we should be focusing on experiencing as much of the world as possible to live a fulfilling life, not one trapped in a cage!

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You may have had a long week at work, it might be your birthday, or you could just feel that you deserve it! Whatever the reason, we all wish we could be whisked away for a spa weekend every now and then. Unfortunately, it can often take time to travel to a spa. They’re usually set within beautiful grounds somewhere deep in the countryside. The time it takes to get there, coupled with the expense, is enough to put anyone off a massage! What if you didn’t have to travel anywhere for the ultimate spa experience, and what if it was a fraction of the price, would you do it…

Sage Candle

Setting the Scene

There are some essential things you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere for your home spa. Let’s face it, children’s toys in the bath isn’t going to make for a very relaxing experience. The best way to transform your bathroom on a budget is to accessorize it. Buy items that will help turn the room into a tranquil spa, but can also be stored for everyday use.

Candles are a great first step. Buy scented candles to give a relaxing aroma. The key to any great spa is engaging all of the senses. Candles will help you to have dimmer lighting but also provide the key aspect of smell to help you relax and be transported. To create a really indulgent home spa, invest in some larger candles too. Little tea lights in jars are nice but some larger lanterns will really help to pull the look together. Make sure you have a good book, a stack of magazines, or a stereo outside the door. Whatever helps you to relax. Or you may just want to enjoy the silence.

Bath Bombs

The Perfect Products

Once you’ve set the perfect spa scene you’ll need to turn your attention to the products you’ll need. First and foremost make sure you buy a soap bubble bath. Choose a scented bath bomb or a simple bubble bath for you to relax and soak in. If you have any skin allergies or are worried about irritating your skin be sure to choose a hypoallergenic formula.

Next concentrate on the products you’ll need for your body. A body scrub is a good way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. You only really need to exfoliate your body once a week, so incorporate this into your spa session. The next must-have product for the perfect home spa is essential oils. If you’ve been to a spa before you’ll know that these are everywhere. Used to perform relaxing massages and soften skin, essential oils have amazing benefits. After using these oils, which are extracted from plants and flowers, your skin should look restored and fresh.

Cotton Velour Robe

Finishing Touches

The great thing about a shower is the feeling of relaxation that washed over you and lasts even after the massages have stopped. What you don’t want is to undo all the stress releasing and unwinding that happened in your home spa. Make sure that when you step outside the door the feeling of calm can come with you! Invest in a great bathrobe. Richard Haworth have some which are worthy of any home spa. You’ll want one which is luxurious, absorbent, and comfortable. Similarly, make sure you’ve laid your pajamas and a pair of slipper out ready too. You don’t want to have to start searching for nightwear after your spa session.

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