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Planning how you will look when you walk down the aisle is always going to be an arduous task. It’s fair to say that any bride wants to feel the best she has ever felt on her big day, and the outfit is a large part of that. Most brides spend hours agonizing over their dress, deliberating over their shoes, and testing out makeup artists — but what about the hair?

It would be false to claim brides don’t think about their hair. Most weddings these days will involve the bride taking a trip to see a hairdresser, or being visited at home to have her style perfected by a pro. One thing that is true is that brides tend to have a firm idea of how they want their hair to be — almost to the exclusion of even considering other options.

You wouldn’t choose your dress without trying on a few others, so perhaps it’s worth thinking about hairstyles in the same way. Below are details on three of the most popular bridal styles; why not talk to your hair stylist about trying them? You never know, you might surprise yourself…

Pearl Bridal Hair Wreath

1) The Fairytale Look

Wearing your hair loose on your wedding day helps to create a contemporary feel. We’ve all got so used to brides wearing their hair up that, even as loose styles become more popular, it’s still somewhat surprising to see bridal hair down over the shoulders. As a result, this is the perfect style if you want a modern and relaxed feel to your look.

If you don’t have the hair length required, then you can fake it for the day with tape in hair extensions, and add in a few clasps and jewels for an extra-special feel. Loose bridal hairstyles tend to work best with strapless dresses, as the hair is able to flow freely without detracting from the dress itself.

Bridal pearl headband

2) The Classic Updo

For most women, when they think of bridal hair, it’s a classic updo that tends to be the first thing that springs to mind. Carefully arranged curls, a clean neckline, and a few pieces of hair jewelry just to finish the entire look off. It’s simple, elegant, and sophisticated.

This type of hairstyle works particularly well if your gown has sleeves or an intricate neckline. Lifting the hair off the shoulders gives the dress a chance to shine, without competing for attention with loose tendrils of hair. The bridal updo is a classic for a reason, and you might find this style works incredibly well with the rest of your look.

Bridal Headpiece

3) The Artful Tangles

If you didn’t know better, you could think the way the bride’s hair is arranged in this photo is a complete accident. This kind of style is the perfect compromise between the conventional updo and just leaving your hair completely loose. It looks relaxed and simple, but clearly a lot of work has gone into creating it.

Often called princess hairstyles, this type of style can look wonderful when paired with dresses with lace, sleeves, or high necklines.

So — do you think you might have been tempted to a different hairstyle, or are you going to opt for the one you’d already chosen?


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