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Did you know that the wedding blues are a thing? Some people call them a “wedding hangover.” They occur in the weeks and months after your wedding. Once the stress of planning a wedding has lifted, some couples don’t feel a relief. Instead, they feel that they are at a bit of a loss as they just don’t know what to do with themselves now that they don’t have anything to plan. Plus, you might have a very literal hangover from your wedding party that you need to deal with (but at least that shouldn’t last longer than a day!).

the carolove The Best Wedding Hangover Cures

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Don’t Delay With Your Honeymoon

Some couples wait for a while until they go on honeymoon. In fact, I’ve known some couples who have waited for a year or so to take their big vacation together! More often than not, this is down to financial reasons. But if you can afford to go right away, why wait? That way, you won’t have to sit around at home feeling sad that you no longer have a wedding to look forward to. Instead, you can sun yourself on a tropical beach with a fruity cocktail in hand!

Kendall and I are actually waiting on ours since he has to figure out his drill schedule and get a passport, but we’re at least going to take a mini-moon… maybe to OCMD or something like that. Just so we can get away and relax the week after our wedding.

Host A Party

If you want to keep the celebrations coming, you could always plan a party. If you were lucky to wed in a venue that hosts weddings and other functions, like Aqua Reception Hall, you might want to host a party at your wedding anniversary to mark your two-month anniversary. This may not be an official anniversary that most couples celebrate, but you can make it special and unique to the two of you. Anything to keep those blues away!

Do Couple Things

Now that you are a couple, why not start doing couple-y things together? You could take up a new hobby as a couple, such as playing tennis or going off on long hikes. Of course, your coupley things don’t have to always be active – you could simply enjoy more date nights in the cinema together! As long as you have a packed schedule, you won’t have time to worry about your wedding hangover.

Organize Your New Life Together

Of course, your new life together won’t always be fun. There will be quite a bit of admin that you will need to do, but at least this gives you something to keep you preoccupied with so that you can forget about your blues. You need to make your name change official if you are taking your husband’s surname. Once that is all done, you then need to let your bank and any other organizations know.

Think About Kids

You could always cure your wedding hangover by thinking about kids. After all, it’s usually the next step after getting married. So, why wait? You won’t feel too blue when you are trying to make a baby!


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