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In a country where winter is present almost every day, you would think that Christmas would hold a little less excitement than in some countries. But in fact, Canada does Christmas just like the rest of us, and you’ll be able to celebrate with markets, mulled wine and plenty of festive fun wherever you go.

Canada Christmas Ornament

Québec City

Starting off with one of the most festive places in the country, Old Québec in the winter becomes transformed into a festive village straight out of a Dickensian novel. They hold a German market every year, which allows you to hold a warming mug of mulled wine as you travel from stall to stall- tasting various meats, cheeses and alcohol.


Montreal does Christmas very similar to Paris, and focusses on French cuisine and treats. praline-chocolate pinecones are amongst the winter treats you’ll be able to pick at throughout the city. Activities include ice skating in the city center, busy markets, craft fairs and dazzling light displays.


The capital of Canada holds an illumination ceremony every year and sets the tone for the entire country throughout the festive season. During the festivities, you’ll be able to enjoy firework displays and carol singers around the city. The lighting of the Christmas tree is an event in itself, and you will also be able to go ice skating throughout December.

Niagara Falls

Not only is Niagara falls one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, but it is also a unique place to spend your Christmas. Every year, you will be able to visit the falls and witness a magical fireworks display, and also celebrate the festive of lights. Take a wintery walk along the 8km route of the Niagara Parks and enjoy a taste of nature this festive season.


Canada’s largest city, Toronto goes large on its Christmas celebrations too. In Nathan Phillips square, you’ll get your first taste of festivities with the lighting of the enormous tree which rests there. You’ll be able to also enjoy a spot of ice skating in the square with your loved ones. At the Hudson’s Bay store, you will be treated to a wonderful Christmas display- which they put in their windows every single year and has become a tradition in this city. The Toronto Christmas market is arguably the most impressive of them all, and is set in a Victorian district of the city known as the Distillery Historic District. Sip on mulled wine and take a look at unique crafts, gifts and lots of food.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick holds a month-long event during the winter, known as the festival of lights. It runs through December to January. Book a stay at Days Inn and Conference Centre Dalhousie and enjoy the holiday music which plays throughout St Andrews, and enjoy the Firemen’s Candlelight Parade as you listen. The whole area becomes illuminated with beautiful lights which set the tone for a festive Christmas. Enjoy the Christmas markets as you walk through the snowy streets.


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