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Travel can be a comfortable experience, when you do everything in style and perhaps spend your time on a beach. However, it’s also the perfect time to push yourself and give yourself a challenge. In fact, you could make a distinction between going on vacation and going traveling. Vacations might take you somewhere new, but you’re unlikely to make yourself feel uncomfortable or scared. But traveling gives you a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone and maybe learn something new. If you want to challenge yourself on your travels, have a look at some of the ways you can do it.

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Go It Alone

Traveling alone is one of the best things you can do if you’re a slave to wanderlust. There are so many benefits to it, and yet many people never do it. If you’re nervous about traveling alone, that could be a sign that you should do it. You’ll be able to push yourself to try new things, and you won’t have anyone else to either hold you back or to do anything for you. You’ll have to do it all yourself, so you’ll have no choice but to do the things that scare you. And traveling alone doesn’t mean being lonely. You’ll meet people along the way too.

Take a Course

Learning something new is almost inevitable when you travel, even if you don’t set out intending to learn anything. However, if you really want to give yourself a challenge, you can seek out a learning experience. There are all kinds of things you could learn on your travels, from practical skills to creative arts. In fact, you can base your whole trip around it. Consider looking at full ski instructor courses to turn your love for skiing into a professional qualification. Or perhaps choose a language school to attend, some of which will provide accommodation for you.

Refuse to Speak English

Speaking of languages, learning new ones can be tough. When you travel, you can often get away with speaking English, especially in some countries where English levels are high. However, you can find that you get more out of a trip if you make an effort with the local language. And even if you struggle with it, you can practice other forms of communication. If you challenge yourself not to rely on speaking English as you travel, you might be surprised by how much you can learn.

Do Something Scary

Scaring yourself on purpose might seem strange to some people. But a huge part of traveling is often pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If there are things that scare you but that you’re interested in doing, don’t let being scared stop you from doing them. Just be careful about knowing how hard you can push yourself. Don’t make yourself do something you don’t want to purely to get over the fear of it.

You can challenge yourself in many ways when you travel. If you’re willing to push yourself, you’ll get more out of your travels.


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