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We all have those days that just feel like the world is against you. Where nothing has gone right, you’ve been treated like dirt, or you’ve made mistake after mistake and just frustrated yourself to tears. These times can be the worst and can make you feel like it has set you up for a few miserable days (or years) to come.

But, it doesn’t have to. There are some really great techniques that you can do that can wipe the slate clean and make tomorrow a new day.

Chamomile Lavender Bath Soak


Whether you come home to someone, or you call them, get someone you love on the phone and just rant about the whole situation. You will get angry, and probably cry as you relive the day from hell, but the physical act of retelling the story rather than keeping it bottled up, and having someone on your side really does help to relieve some of the day’s tension. If you’re with your ventee, then go for a cuddle – as simple as it seems a cuddle can reduce your stress levels enormously. And if you need to cry then let it out and ugly cry – you’ll feel so much better once you’re done.


Now it’s time to stop thinking about it. Pick up your favorite book, turn on your current binge-worthy program, or lose yourself in the pages of the latest vogue. Whatever you love to do in your spare time, even if it’s something high-intensity like going for a run or doing an hour of yoga, then do it. Get involved and engross yourself in something that has nothing to do with the day you’ve just had. By getting out of your head for an hour, you allow your emotions to settle down, which will calm the adrenaline the anger and crying will have brought on.


Run a bath, or turn on the shower if you prefer, make it nice and hot and add the personal touch of your favorite bubble bath or salts. Stick on a chilled out playlist and soak your troubles away. Aromatherapy is seriously at play here, the scents and warm air relax the mind as the hot water relaxes those tight muscles. If you have been crying, place a warm, damp washcloth over your eyes to really freshen up the tightness around your eyes – it will help to reduce the redness too.


Now is the best bit – climb into bed and sleep. Set your alarms and put your phone down – don’t check Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, just put the screen down. Staring at a screen before you go to bed distracts the mind and tricks your eyes into thinking it’s time to work. So while you’re in such a relaxed state, just turn it off and slip into a nice deep slumber, and tomorrow really will feel like a new day.


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