Happy Friday! I am SO excited for this weekend! Our Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie Brunch is finally here! I actually got to help Dani plan this one and with the help of Kati over at Hawthorne + decor from Fox Fete I think it’s going to be super cute!

Barbie Print

Speaking of Hawthorne, I’ll be celebrating my birthday with a v low-key HH at Mission for their birthday. Apparently I just have a thing for Fritz Brogan restaurants. Anyway, DC pals, come hang on March 16th!

This week on The CaroLøve:

Another thing I’ll be doing this weekend is some major closet cleanup/ clean out. I just discovered a wonderful tool to help me: eBay Valet. I love this because it’ll basically tell you if your stuff is worth selling. (Things they don’t want to sell, I’ll donate with Give Back Box.) Then, you ship it off, and they do all the work for you for a fee, of course. Whatever doesn’t sell after 60 days, they send it back to you. Well, you already know you were going to get rid of it so it’s time to donate again! I personally love the idea of having the valet do the leg work. I feel like something is better than nothing and this means no dealing with annoying Poshmark hagglers or judgey thrift store cashiers.

In wedding planning this week, I would love to get an opinion! Of course it’s customary to give favors to guests, correct? But what about donating to a cause of your choice in honor of the guests instead and giving your guests something to let them know what you did? I feel like the world of weddings is evolving, but are guest favors a tradition can’t/ shouldn’t be dropped? Related: I’m totally addicted to The Knot.

This relates to nothing but here’s a (probably) haunted McDonald’s.

What’s better than a rose garden? A rosé garden, of course! Coming to Navy Yard this summer!

Have a great weekend!

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