I can’t believe June is halfway gone- where has this entire year been going!? Kendall will be home within 48 hours and I cannot wait until we are back in our little routine! Speaking of- so sorry my TGIFs have naht been happening. I’m the craziest I think I have ever been at work and my energy is zapped. I’ll try to be better because I love sharing links with you!

June 2017 Calendar Printable

This week on The CaroLøve

Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there! I’ll be going home to see mine on Sunday, but next year, I’m hoping that Brunch on the Baselines happens again because I would LOVE to take Daddy D! Thanks to Angelica for sharing!

Didya hear the news?!? Bubbles & Bloggers is now on Twitter! Check us out and connect with us there! We’ll be sharing member posts + fun updates!

If you’ve been following me since Little Bitty City One, you may remember that I had a couple of roommates and a catmate who I absolutely adored. Meghann is now taking in fosters and you can follow their adventures on kittersofgeorgetown!

Sophie of Rosé Media weighed in on First Lady Melania Trump’s Instagram- why it’s so bad and how to avoid the same mistakes.

On a serious note, you may have already heard about the local woman who was bitten by a snake in her own home. Christie is actually my manager for my yoga studio job, and not that anyone deserves to be bitten by a snake in their own home, but she really didn’t. Please keep her in your thoughts as she recovers.

Have a wonderful weekend! Have fun and make good choices!


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