Good morning and happy Friday! I’m settling into my new position so please be patient with me as I get into a routine and figure out where blogging fits in now. This week was also big in that Kendall’s mom was up from Mississippi and we got to show her our reception venue. I swear, the Mayflower is not only gorgeous but they have an amazing staff who bent over backwards to take care of us.

Light pink and gold floral crown

Lately on the The CaroLøve:

Wedding things have been kicking into high gear and I’m getting more and more excited every day. I’m considering doing a post on all the vendors I’ve come across that have made life easier, but in the meantime, ~*gold star*~ of the week goes to Minted for their address assistant. Seeing addresses from my friends roll in has been SO MUCH FUN! Our save the dates are custom from a local woman, but our invites will also be from Minted.

Big props to my girl Alyssa of Naturally Me for accomplishing a huge personal/ career goal. Go check it out for yourself!

We The Kings released a new version of their song Stay Young with a very special guest vocalist. And tell me if I’m crazy but does Travis sound like Michael Jackson a bit?

I’m super into energy and cultivating the type of energy you want to surround yourself with. We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but maybe a little 2/3 of the way done with summer refresh will be good for you and your home. via Town & Country

I have been exploring more of the south since meeting my Mississippi man, especially falling in love with Savannah + New Orleans. I have to try to visit these 20 Places Every Southerner Should See Before They Die. via Town & Country

Chicken is the first thing I learned to cook for myself… well maybe besides eggs. But this Everything Bagel Chicken takes it to the next level. via Kitchn

I’m partial top OPI gel manicures in shades of light pink, but I am LOVING this back to school Crayola mani. via Smart School House

There is such a thing as Arsen Cat and I love him. (Doesn’t hurt that he looks SO MUCH like my former Catmate, Puck.)

Last but definitely not least (I wanted to end on this and separate it a little bit from my other links + sales) -I don’t think anyone is ever prepared to find out that they have cancer, but one young woman I know is facing it head on and with such a positive outlook. I am truly inspired by Rachel, and I urge you to check out her blog~ especially the I Want to Help link.

Have a great weekend!




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